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NYCC: Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez talks changes

9:00 AM on 10.18.2012

Matthew Razak


Along with sitting down with Bruce Campbell at NYCC I also got the chance to talk with the director of the upcoming Evil Dead remake, Fede Alvarez. This is the guy who convince Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell that he could pull off a worthwhile remake of the film. Naturally, inquiring minds wanted to know if he was worried about making yet another horror remake.

"We're not really worried because -- and I know I'm promoting the movie so I could just be saying this, but it's true -- most of those movies in the 80s that were a hit are owned by a studio and they grab a list and say, 'What about this one?' A lot of opinions -- too many opinions some times -- come in. They've got all this input, and they're PG-13 sometimes. The difference with this one is that Evil Dead is still just controlled by Sam (Raimi), Bruce and Rob Tapert. When it came time to make this one it was just them and myself and my co-writer ... we just sat down and wrote the script form scratch. It's one vision ... Sam was always pushing me to go for it. It's such a completely different approach, a completely independent film."

Knowing that the guys behind the original were such big part assuaged my fears about the film a lot, and it sounds like they pretty much filmed the same way the did the original; they went out to a cabin in the woods and shot whatever the hell they wanted. 


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Matthew Razak
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