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Olivia Munn naked in Magic Mike?

10:00 AM on 06.25.2012 // Sean Walsh

According to Nudography (which I totally don't have open as a tab nigh-constantly on Chrome...), Magic Mike will feature the two main reasons Olivia Munn is famous: her breasts. The site found a rather telling snippet from a review of the film, out this coming Friday, on IMDb:  

"I mean you can clearly see Olivia Munn's face..and her boobs.." In other words, you see not just a close up of her boobs, you see her and her whole body, face and all. No full frontal obviously, just topless.

On top of that, she supposedly shows them not once, but three times. Now, I don't care much for Olivia Munn, but I do love to see celebrities naked AND am so pumped to see Magic Mike. It will be interesting to see if Steven Soderbergh was able to get her to do what even Playboy could not. Stay tuned for my review on Friday and I will confirm or deny the purported appearance of Olivia Munn's sweater-puppies.

No word yet on the presence of Channing Tatum's penis. Fingers crossed.

[Via Nudography]

Sean Walsh, Associate Editor
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