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Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions

3:00 PM on 02.19.2013
Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo

Six new photos have been released of the Aaron Eckart new haircut vehicle Olympus Has Fallen (March 22) all depicting various bloodied testosterone filled stuff. You don't need me to describe the images other than SPEECHES, EXPLOSIONS, BLOODIED ROMANTIC SCENE, TIE HOLDING, CHEST HAIR and MAN POINTS OFF-SCREEN. You can see the lead star Mr Super Gerard Butler in the background of the first image, likely waiting impatiently to start shouting at nothing.

Quite frankly I am incredibly interested in this film. Not because it'll be good but because I would love to see how it compares to the exact same film, White House Down (June 28). This is one of those odd coincidences, such as The Prestige and The Illusionist released at the same time, but it's honestly refreshing to see something different. The very idea of attacking the White House seems to be something of an extreme-Republican wet dream at the minute and these photos show many wet men to appease all right-wingers. Myself included.

[via Coming Soon]

Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo
Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo
Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo
Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo
Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo
Olympus Has Fallen releases photos of explosions photo

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Olympus Has Fallen

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