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Pacific Rim blueprints, viral video show off giant things

8:30 AM on 11.30.2012

Thor Latham

Associate Editor

And they are giant indeed

[UPDATE: For your viewing pleasure, two more Jaeger blueprints have been added to the gallery]

As a sort of companion post to yesterday's reveal of the Pacific Rim viral site going live, today I share with you a couple of the blueprints of the giant robots known as 'Jaegers'. What better defense is there against giant Kaiju than robots of equally massive stature? Exactly, there isn't one. Seriously though, if you look at the bottom of the blueprints you'll see a teeny tiny little person thrown in there for scale. The f**kin' things are huge!

Being the fan that I am of Guillermo Del Toro, my anticipation is already reaching unbearable levels, and we're hardly a day into the viral campaign! At this point, I think I need to admit to myself that half of the reason I want to go see The Hobbit is to see the Pacific Rim trailer that is supposed to show before the movie. I may have a problem.

You can also check out the new viral video down below. Seriously you guys, I'm chomping at the bit here. I need this movie in my life right now!

[via IndieWire]

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Thor Latham

Associate Editor
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