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Paranormal Activity 4 may tease 'Latino' version of PA

7:00 PM on 10.09.2012 // Nick Valdez

Otherwise known as Actividad Paranormal.

Ever since the news that Paramount is producing a new "Latino" version of Paranormal Activity broke (which I assume will be called Actividad Paranormal, you know because Spanish), I couldn't stop but think of what exactly a "Latino" version would bring to the franchise. Looks like I'll find out soon enough.

According to the good folks at Bloody Disgusting, the new "Latino" centric film will heavily feature Catholicism (briefly teased in the original) and a "Latino" cast. None of which will speak Spanish in order to "maximize the appeal" or in layman's terms appeal to the "Caucasian" folks, but will probably have heavily insulting Spanish accents. And maybe the demon this time will come out with a sombrero and take a siesta break. This new "cousin" (or primo for the "Latinos") to the PA franchise is also rumored to tease after the credits of Paranormal Activity 4 (which is already better with Kinect).

So I guess if you're looking forward to the fourth Paranormal, then you should stick around afterwards and see if this is true. Then you can tell me how horribly "Latino" the teaser is afterwards. My guess is someone is going to drink tequila and stand in front of a hardware store. You know, the things Hollywood still thinks "Latinos" do.

[Bloody Disgusting, via First Showing]

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