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Photos from Spring Breakers show cornrows and bikinis

6:00 PM on 05.10.2012 // Matthew Razak

We've been ridiculously derelict in bringing you images of Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine in bikinis. They've been all over the web thanks to the four's upcoming film Spring Breakers. However, a bunch of "leaked" set photos for a movie no one is actually excited about seeing (in theaters, at least) isn't really what we call news even if boobs are present. However, you toss in James Franco with cornrows and you've got yourself a post.

Spring Breakers is a movie about four college girls who rob a store in order to pay for their spring break, but they get busted. Lucky for them James Franco shows up and says he'll help them out if they kill his nemesis. I believe this happens in the first ten minutes and then the rest of the film is the girls running around in bikinis. I want to pretend I'm above this, but here we are.

I've tossed some older photos in the gallery below because they've now been validated by cornrows. 

[Kinopoisk, via Collider]

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