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Plans for expansion of the Star Wars universe hinted at

8:00 PM on 11.28.2012 // Thor Latham

Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg working on the mythos

Although details are a little hazy at the moment, sources for THR have purportedly shed a little more light on Lawrence Kasdan's and Simon Kinberg's involvement with the Star Wars universe. It turns out they may not be tied to the next numbered sequels, as was previously believed, but may instead be simply working on films based in the universe as spin-offs. So while the possibility is still present that they may end up writing and producing Epidsodes VIII and IX, it looks like there is just as good of a chance that they'll be working on something wholly separate that could end up tying into the legitimate sequels at a later date.

Considering the success of Marvel's strategy of introducing its heroes with their own films and then having them assemble for the titan that was The Avengers, it seems more than plausible that Disney would try to replicate that formula for Star Wars. The real question is, with both Marvel and LucasFilm securely under Disney's financial umbrella, what the hell are they going to do with all of the world's money?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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