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Mind Game

PSA: Mind Game and other STUDIO4℃ classics heading to Netflix next week

2:45 PM on 08.24.2015 // John-Charles Holmes

For the love of god, watch Mind Game

The Japanese animation company STUDIO4℃ recently announced that they're going to be bringing an entire slew of animated movies and anime series to Netflix starting next week. The highlight of the update includes director and animator Masaaki Yuasa's arguable masterpiece, Mind Game.

This animated tour de force that follows the life of a loser criminal when he's given a second chance at life to be cool. If you're really into animation, this is certainly one to check out as the film is CONSTANTLY shifting in animation style and tone with incredible fluidity. I'm happy to see Mind Game and other STUDIO4℃ productions going up on Netflix so more people can watch without resorting to... less legal venues to check them out.

The full list of shows and movies STUDIO4℃ is going to have available on Netflix in regions such as the US, Canada, and Japan is as follows:

September 2

  • Mind Game
  • Princess Arete
  • Genius Party
  • Genius Party Beyond

September 15

  • Teeny Witches

To get you prepped (or initiated) in time for Mind Game's Netflix debut, check out a trailer for this insane movie.

John-Charles Holmes, Editor
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