Rated G: Justin White's Galllery 1988 show

7:00 PM on 11.14.2012

Today /Film landed an awesome exclusive from artist Justin White. His first solo art show, Rated G, opens at Gallery 1988 Melrose this Friday. The work turns some of your favorite movies and TV into benign, at times adorable, animation. Some of the movies that White depicts include Alien, Oldboy, Drive, Fargo, Fight Club, Troll 2, Community, and Twin Peaks.

All of White's pieces in the show are over at /Film right now. I picked 8 to share in our gallery, though I had to alter one with cartoon nudity so it's more G-rated. (We here at Flixist always think about the children.)

To view /Film's full gallery online, go here. For more info on Gallery 1988, go here. And to view more artwork by Justin White, visit jublin.com.

[Via /Film]

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