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Red Band Trailer: ABCs of Death

11:00 AM on 11.15.2012

Nick Valdez

News Editor

ABCs of Death is a horror anthology much like V/H/S and the Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons. Except this time, there are 26 directors involved with each of them being assigned a letter of the alphabet. Then they get free reign to do whatever they like as long as it involves death. If the trailer above is any indication of the film, there are going to be a few standout stories, a few weird ones, and a few flops. That claymation one looked particularly interesting. 

I'm sure like V/H/S, I'll see this in the terrified comfort of my own safety blanket rather than see it in theaters. If you're inclined to do so, ABCs of Death releases March 8th next year. Oh and I forgot to mention, if there's any trailer that is NSFW, it's this one. 

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15 out of 26 ain't bad

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