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Red Band Trailer: This is 40

7:00 PM on 11.19.2012 // Thor Latham

It's actually more of a featurette. At least that's what the rest of the internet is calling it

First off, this is just barely a red-band video. It actually doesn't even have the red 'rated R' warning that the term 'red-band' is derived from, so maybe it's not even official. Either way, there's a curse word or two and Megan Fox's boobs are jiggled by Leslie Mann, so it's definitely not for all ages. Now that I've ranted about that enough, let's actually discuss the trailer.

It looks cute, I guess, but I've long since felt that Judd Apatow has been beyond his prime for a while now, so I kind of feel like his films are hit or miss. Actually, now that I think about it, the same can be said of Paul Rudd. I also kind of feel like their selling out by throwing Megan Fox's boobs in there. They're like a safety net for ticket sells.

Well, If watching two grown adults go through their mid-life crises is your idea of holiday festivities, This is 40 releases  December 21. At least it has Albert Brooks and John Lithgow! Actually, I would love to see a movie with just those two. Why hasn't that been done yet?

[Yahoo! Movies via /Film]

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