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Fifty Shades Darker

Review: Fifty Shades Darker

2:29 PM on 02.13.2017 // Rick Lash


Yeah, none of us here at Flixist actually saw it (so far, and Nick, I'm looking at you) ...

Fifty Shades Darker
Director: James Foley
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Rating: R 

So, I'm going to pretend I did! Wait. This is too difficult. I just can't.

The truth is that I was forbidden to see Fifty Shades Darker with my lady friend. She refused to allow me to come, for fear that my snickering would mar the otherwise beautiful experience. I do snicker both obnoxiously and with volume--I can hardly blame her. In point of fact, I wouldn't dare blame her. I'm sure I was done a favor.

Once upon a time, long long ago, in this very same galaxy, I ridiculed Twilight (both book and movie) without remorse. However, I'd never read the book or seen the movie, and thought perhaps, I was a hypocrite. This premise established, I read Twilight, at approximately 3 times the speed (average reading velocity) of Atlas Shrugged (which I was reading at the same time).

If anything, I'd been being generous in my earlier critiques. It was worse than expected. I won't make the same mistake  here. My relentless mockery of Fifty Shades and all its friends will continue, unfounded, without research, for all eternity, and my conscience shall remain clear.


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