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RIP Daniel Craft (1971-2013)

8:00 AM on 01.07.2013 // Hubert Vigilla

The NYAFF programmer who saw Star Trek Into Darkness early has passed away

We're sad to report that Daniel Craft, the terminally ill cancer patient who got to see Star Trek Into Darkness early, passed away on January 4th. He was 41 years old.

Craft was a programmer for the New York Asian Film Festival and a member of Subway Cinema since 2004. The following was posted on the NYAFF Facebook page:

Last night around 10:15pm, Dan Craft, who has been a member of Subway Cinema since 2004, passed away. His wife and brother were with him when he went, and he wasn't in any pain. He'd been a bit loopy for a few days as his liver failed and toxins built up in his blood, and on Thursday his wife asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom. "I'm going..." he proclaimed, "Into the future."

See you there, Dan.

Dan Craft: 1971 - 2013

We miss you.

Our own Alec Kubas-Meyer, who spoke to Dan numerous times at the NYAFF, has a personal note about his passing after the cut. Flixist extends our condolences to Daniel's family and friends.

[Via NYAFF Facebook page, Digital Spy]

Alec Kubas-Meyer:

For the better part of three weeks this summer, I spent some part of each day at the Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center, doing something related to the New York Asian Film Festival. Many of those days, I arrived unnecessarily early and occasionally stayed unnecessarily late. A big part of the reason I did that was to talk to other people. When I was waiting out in the lobby of the Walter Reade, I was either talking to other members of the press or, more likely, the organizers. And if I was talking to one of the organizers, it was probably Daniel Craft.

I didn't realize until after the news of his passing that the terminally-ill Star Trek fan who got to see the film early was the same guy I had spent all that time talking to (none of the stories had pictures of him, always images from the film). I wish I had known earlier, so I could have sent a personal goodbye. I really enjoyed my discussions with him, and I was looking forward to continuing them at NYAFF 2013.

Over the course of our conversations, he gave me two particular film recommendations (Asian, of course): Fish Story by Yoshihiro Nakamura; and Exodus by Pang Ho-Cheung.

I will be watching Exodus tonight in his honor. Rest in peace, Dan.

Hubert Vigilla, Editor-at-Large
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