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Robocop sizzle reel contains new details

1:00 PM on 11.19.2012 // Maxwell Roahrig

Welcome to Spoilersville. Population: You

This past week has seen some exciting news for the highly anticipated (by me) remake of Robocop. Not only was a new version of the Robocop armor leaked, but a sizzle reel was somehow obtained and distributed on YouTube. Naturally, the video was taken down. But that didn't stop the good folks over at /Film to write up a nice little summary of the action.

Naturally, there are a ton of spoilers, so I'll hide the summary and my reaction to it all below the break. Just know that I'm a little more excited to see how this remake will set itself apart from the source material.

Now, the sizzle reel didn't include any test footage or actual production footage, but was all about the concept art. Imagine the design of the Total Recall remake blended with a bit of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The reel goes into the role OmniCorp will play in the universe. As opposed to OCP, OmniCorp seems more devoted to military and law enforcement applications of technology such as drones, robotics, and cybernetic enhancements. And with these breakthroughs in technology, one of the biggest characteristics of Robocop has been completely changed.

He's fast. Like, faster than any human. Basically, Robocop is the Master Chief from Halo. While most folks won't welcome that change, I'm cautiously alright with it. There's several winks and nods to the original film, such as Robocop having a silver variant of the armor more akin to the original, and his gun looks very similar. But I'm glad this film has taken the source material, and ran with original ideas. Sure, the story is mostly the same. But as opposed to being a Western, this looks to be a straight-up sci-fi action film. And that's a-okay with me.

Also, one of the producers said something about "'Call of Duty'-style shoot-outs and battles". Whatever that means.

What do you guys think? Are you on board the fast Robocop train? Or are you a stickler for tradition?

[via /Film]

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