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Samantha Barks will be Tom Hooper's Eponine, fantastic

5:00 PM on 02.02.2012 // Alec Kubas-Meyer

We never reported on the rumors a while back that Taylor Swift would be playing Eponine in Tom Hooper's upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables because we wanted some confirmation either way. Glad we waited, because there is good news this time! Samantha Barks, who is a person who was on some talent TV at one point in the United Kingdom and has also been in actual stage productions of Les Mis (including the 25th Anniversary Concert), will be taking on this role as her first in a feature. So good for her.

I have problems with the way the character of Eponine is portrayed in a lot of productions of Les Mis, because she is really a tragic character. Really tragic. Unfortunately, she is often played by singers with some of the most obnoxious voices I have ever heard. So when things go poorly for her, no one cares. In fact, people might be happy. Which is terrible.

Fortunately, Miss Barks's voice is far from grating, and she's proven that she can do the role already while eliciting some actual sympathy. Hit the jump for a video of her performing "On My Own" from the 25th Anniversary Concert. It's amazing, and my excitement for this film has just jumped up another level. Really looking forward to this one.

[Via Cinema Blend]

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