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Schwarzenegger narrates Total Recall... literally

8:00 AM on 11.22.2011 // Matthew Razak

I don't listen to audio commentary that often because I end up wanting to actually watch the film instead of listen to people talk about. This means I've never had the honor of hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger do audio commentary over Total Recall. If I had listened I would have heard the greatest play-by-play of a film ever. I know people doing commentary often state what's going on onscreen, but this is seriously ridiculous.

It's like a football game announcer; Schwarzenegger is the John Madden of audio commentary. The best part is he has other people on the commentary backing him up like what he said was really interesting when actually he's just your annoying friend who likes to lean over and repeat whatever just happened on the screen.

[via The High Definite]

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