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Seagalogy 101: Commercials and guest spots

4:30 PM on 04.05.2012 // Hubert Vigilla

[This week we'll be looking at a few bits from Seagology: A Study of the Ass-Kicking Films of Steven Seagal by Vern (Titan Books). Recently released, the expanded and updated book tracks Steven Seagal's career from the big screen to the small screen. It also includes some of Seagal's side ventures. Look for our spotlight on the book tomorrow.]

Continuing today's inadvertently long session of Seagalogy, we'll take a look at some other Seagal clips outside of his own feature film work. Above is a trailer for a fictional Seagal film from The Onion Movie. This is a film that needs to happen.

In the book's appendices, Vern includes a list of commercials that Seagal has done as well as several Seagal guest appearances. For example, there's mention of a Seagal appearance in an episode of Roseanne and, inexplicably, the Bruce Vilanch documentary Get Bruce. One video that I wish I could find online is How to Blow Up a Helicopter (Ayako's Story), a short documentary by Michel Gondry about Steven Seagal and his daughter Ayako Fujitani.

Follow me after the cut for the rest of this Seagalogy class, which features various takes on Steven Seagal's screen persona.

Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock from Celebrity Guide to Wine

Vern points out that this 1990 VHS/laser disc release hosted by former Spago maitre d' Bernard Erpicum also features appearances by Robert Loggia, Peter Weller, Whoopi Goldberg, Herbie Hancock, and Dudley Moore.

Steven Seagal's Mountain Dew commercial

Steven Seagal's Orange Mobile commercial

Steven Seagal's Daloc commercial


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Tomorrow, a look at Seagalogy and advanced Seagalogy...

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