See On the Road early and free

Matthew Razak


2:00 PM on 01.09.2013

Washington DC screening

We have 30 passes for two to an early screening of On the Road. The adaptation of Jack Kerouac's seminal novel is set to hit screens on March 29 (in the DC area at least), but you've got a chance to see it really, really early. As in next week early. You'll be able to let everyone know if they've managed to pull off what many claim is impossible by turning the book into a film.

The screening is Monday, Jan. 14 and we're emailing out the passes this time around. If you'd like to see the film get in touch with us on Facebook or over Twitter (make sure you Like or Follow us) and we'll send a pass over. You can also comment below or email at The full screening details are below.

Monday, January 14th
7:00 p.m.
Landmark E Street Cinema
555 11th St. NW
Washington, DC 


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