Shiloh Fernandez cast as lead in Evil Dead remake

Feb 03 // Matthew Razak    @MatthewRazak

Replacing Bruce Campbell in a film is pretty much an impossible task. No actor this generation has acted so poorly so well. It seems that the man put up to that very challenge will be Shiloh Fernandez (don't worry I don't know who he is either). Variety is reporting that the actor has landed the lead in the remake of The Evil Dead. While he won't be directly replacing Campbell as Ash doesn't make an appearance in the film, he will most likely be judged against him now.

The film should be swinging right along into production once producers Campbell, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert find a new female lead to replace Lily Collins. With that producing team, Diablo Cody penning the script, and Fede Alvarez directing it's easy to get your hopes up for the film. Of course you can spoil the entire thing for yourself by reading the full plot details that popped up a while back. I haven't done that yet, but I can say that I'm OK with them going a bit more straight horror. Yes, the best thing about the Evil Dead films was the goofs, but go back and watch the original. It's played pretty straight itself. Besides, the best remakes are the ones that go a different direction, not try to recreate the original's magic.

[Variety, via Collider]


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