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Sin City 2 finally happening, according to Rodriguez

5:00 PM on 08.09.2011 // Sean Walsh

Back when the first Sin City came out, I was a senior in high school. I needed to see a film to dissect for my Film as Art class, so I of course went to see the movie with half-naked Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke in a prosthetic face, and Bruce Willis performing his own special brand of circumcisions (spoiler alert). Unlike most people, I brought my grandmother...and she loved it.

Naturally, the film's always held a special place in my heart because it was so ludicrously violent and she ate it up, but it was also just a good great spectacular film. I've been anxiously awaiting Sin City 2 since 2005, and finally, after years of dangling a carrot above my head, Robert Rodriguez makes it sound like it's finally happening.

He had this to say on the matter: "Sin City 2 is going good, we're just finishing the script for that, we already got the money. We have everything we need so we can just start shooting as soon as we get the pages. And it's the same thing for Machete 2. We've already got the budget, just waiting for the script. As soon as we're finished writing we get to start the shoot."

If what he said back at SDCC is true, they could start shooting as early as later this year. You hear that, Grandma? We've got something to look forward to next year!

[Via ComingSoon]

Sean Walsh, Associate Editor
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