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Sony planning a console wars movie, not biased at all

4:00 PM on 08.29.2012 // Xander Markham

Sony are reportedly planning a movie based around the video game console wars, which have mostly consisted of one multinational corporation shouting "My grafiks is bettar than ur grafiks lol" at one another across six year intervals. Thrilling. Various domain names have been registered, including, and, and the story is being described as 'a Social Network of video games'.

This sounds like a pretty stupid idea in my opinion, as unlike Social Network, there's no central figure à la Zuckerberg to focus on. It could chart Kaz Hirai's descent from the glory of PS2 to taking massive damage with the overpriced, underplayed PS3, but somehow I doubt Sony would present their console in anything other than the most flattering light. While Microsoft and Sony have made huge impacts on the industry, their stories aren't nearly as interesting as that of Nintendo, which saved in the industry in '85, battled with SEGA in the '90s, was hit hard by the arrival of the PlayStation, then returned to power in a spectacular way with the Wii. I'd much rather see a Shigsy Miyamoto biopic (banjo 'n' all) than a 'console wars' story unlikely to focus on any history prior to Sony joining the scene.

[via /Film]

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