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Flixist Staff & Contributing Editors

Managing Editors

Matthew Razak

Matthew Razak is the Editor-in-Chief here at Flixist meaning he get to take credit for all this awesome even though its really the rest of the amazing staff that gets it done. He started as a com...

Review: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Liz Rugg
Community Manager

Liz Rugg loves animals, beer, video games, movies, media and the Internet. She lives in Chicago, Illinois where she works at an emergency vet clinic in between writing about movies and playing cu...

Flixgiving: Five Movies Liz Is Thankful For

Alec Kubas-Meyer
Reviews & Features Editor

Alec Kubas-Meyer signed up for Flixist in May of 2011 as a news writer, and he never intended to write a single review. Funny, then, that he is now the site's Reviews (and Features) Editor. After...

Why did it have to be The Interview?

Nick Valdez
News Editor

Nick Valdez likes chick flicks, kid flicks, dick flicks, and skin flicks. Also musicals (!). One time, he wrote a 15 page thesis on the training montage's effect on the hero's journey in . His fa...

Netflix Now: Year End, Rear End Edition

Associate Editors & Contributors

Flixist Staff

We are the editors of Flixist.

Flixist's Fall/Winter movie preview that's better than all of everything

Geoff Henao
That Guy

Geoff Henao lives in Chicago. He is into coming-of-age films, dark comedies, and animation. Non-film interests include indie graphic novels, Sonic the Hedgehog, cute girls, and the Chicago Bulls.

CIFF Review: Burn it Up Djassa

Isabelle Magliari
Associate Editor

A young writer from the means streets of New York, just trying to keep up with the hustle. Come fly with me on twitter @IzzyMagliari and read more of my inane ramblings at MisanthropicTendecie...

Keira Knightley and Chloe Moretz slack off in 'Laggies' trailer

Jonathan Wray

Gore Verbinski's Pyongyang canceled after Sony hack

Megan Porch

I'm a comic artist and writer who happens to really love movies.

Flixgiving: Five Movies Megan is Thankful for

Sean Walsh
Associate Editor

Sean Walsh has been a fan of movies ever since he can remember. His father assures him that he wept when Optimus Prime died in the original movie, but seeing as how Sean was less than a year old...

Review: After the Fall

Engineering Team

James Sanders

Founder & Publisher

Howdy, I handle web development stuff for Flixist. My Netflix queue is bigger and more miserable than most. I like Kurosawa and movies where Vin Diesel plays a housewife.

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