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Flixist Staff & Contributing Editors

Managing Editors

Matthew Razak

Matthew Razak is the Editor-in-Chief here at Flixist meaning he get to take credit for all this awesome even though its really the rest of the amazing staff that gets it done. He started as a com...

Spectre teaser trailer brings Bond back

Alec Kubas-Meyer
Reviews & Features Editor

Alec Kubas-Meyer signed up for Flixist in May of 2011 as a news writer, and he never intended to write a single review. Funny, then, that he is now the site's Reviews (and Features) Editor. After...

NYC's Old School Kung Fu Fest 2015 has so many ninjas

Nick Valdez
News Editor

Nick Valdez likes musicals. He once wrote a 15 page thesis on the training montage's effect on the hero's journey in . His favorite film is or . If he could mix the two and create , he would in ...

Review: Get Hard

Associate Editors & Contributors

Chad Concelmo
Guest Editor

My 10 favorite movies of the year as told by pictures of puppies

Ciaran McGarry

Bloke wot write about film all good.

New trailer for Maps to the Stars, Cronenberg's latest, looks... ominous

Flixist Staff

We are the editors of Flixist.

FlixList: Six abandoned movies that Kickstarter could have saved

Hubert Vigilla

Hubert Vigilla is a writer living in Brooklyn, which makes him completely indistinguishable from 4/5 of people who live in Brooklyn. He writes about film, television, books, music, politics, cu...

Tribeca Film Festival tickets go on sale March 31st

Jackson Tyler

Jackson Tyler doesn't like Back To The Future. This is a movie site so it's for the best best that we get that out of the way first, and soon you can learn to love his often weird but always hear...

Paramount building a Transformers writers room

John-Charles Holmes

John-Charles is a guy who loves to watch and talk about movies and culture. He'll watch just about anything and love to discuss it, even if he hates it. Though in particular he does have favori...

Aardman art and sets on display at art gallery in France

Julia Alexander

Cinephile, television addict, and editor at Flixist.

Bryan Singer debuts X-Men: Apocalypse concept art

Matt Liparota

Steven Spielberg to direct Ready Player One

Megan Porch

I'm a comic artist and writer who happens to really love movies.

Review: Seventh Son

Per Morten Mjolkeraaen

Born and based in Norway, I'm the only person on the Flixist staff with an ordinary surname. I've written about movies, music and video games for the past four years, and still can't decide why ...

Ben Mendelsohn could join the cast for Star Wars: Rogue One

Sean Walsh
Associate Editor

Sean Walsh has been a fan of movies ever since he can remember. His father assures him that he wept when Optimus Prime died in the original movie, but seeing as how Sean was less than a year old...

International trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Engineering Team

James Sanders

Founder & Publisher

Howdy, I handle web development stuff for Flixist. My Netflix queue is bigger and more miserable than most. I like Kurosawa and movies where Vin Diesel plays a housewife.

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