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The Lone Ranger

Super Bowl TV spot for The Lone Ranger

9:30 AM on 02.04.2013 // Hubert Vigilla

It could be worse, kemo sabe

Now if memory serves, this TV spot for The Lone Ranger marked the transition from normal commercials to Super Bowl commercials. It was a long spot, essentially a trailer for people watching on TV, and you know what? It doesn't look half bad.

You might recall a report last summer that The Lone Ranger was over budget and behind schedule, much of it fueled by director Gore Verbinski's insistence on building his own trains for the film. Verbinski is readying an adaptation of Guy Delisle's graphic novel Pyongyang (very good read). It shouldn't be as much of a strain on the budget compared to The Lone Ranger... unless he insists on building his own North Korea.

The Lone Ranger mosies into theaters on July 3rd.

[Via First Showing]

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