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Syfy might attempt a Waterworld TV series for some reason

10:00 AM on 11.29.2012 // Nick Valdez

Syfy (pronounced See Fee), the network home to such wonderful masterpieces of cinema as Alice Cooper getting stomped by Bigfoot and bad CG monsters, is looking to adapt the Kevin Costner starring flop Waterworld (otherwise known as the premise for Avatar 2) either into a television series or a full-blooded sequel because reruns of the film on the network pull in "consistently strong numbers."

...What? You know when you hear about something and in the back of your mind think, "that kind of makes sense"? That's the feeling I'm getting here. Syfy is a terrible network (other than that awesome make-up artist show, Face-Off) and Waterworld is a terrible film, so maybe they belong together. I'm just not getting how the film's premise could be stretched to a sequel when it was already so paper thin.

[Vulture, via Indiewire]

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