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Batman vs. Superman filming in Detroit in 2014

Aug 29
// Matthew Razak
Things are rolling right along for Batman vs. Superman. We've got casting (and not casting), a screenplay by David S. Goyer and now shooting plans. The massive picture will be heading to Detroit to do some filming and also gi...

20,000 Leagues to shoot in Australia

Feb 15
// Logan Otremba
David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo has been offered a tax incentive to film in Australia by its government. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Australian government is offering Disney a 30 ...

Movie Loverís Guide to the World: The IMDb 250 on a map

Nov 21 // Hubert Vigilla
[embed]213782:39168:0[/embed] You can also visit Travelex's site for a full-sized version of this interactive map.

Here something really cool from the foreign exchange company Travelex. It's an interactive world map that's focused on the IMDb top 250. Using the map, you can pinpoint all of the filming locations for each of the films. If y...


Bond returning to Istanbul, possibly without Felix Leiter

Sep 12
// Xander Markham
Two interesting stories popped up over the weekend for Bond 23 followers, the first being that the movie will reportedly be taking the not-so-secret agent back to Istanbul for his third visit, following past excursions in Fro...


Bond 23 stunt sequence derailed by Indian bureaucracy

Aug 23
// Xander Markham
Daniel Craig confirmed at the beginning of this month that Bond 23 will be heading to India, but reports are saying that the filming of a major stunt sequence, set on a freight train travelling between Ahmedabad ...

One of the best part of Bond films is that they function as an amazing travelog as well. Bond has been all over the world and shown us the finer (and seedier) sides of it. It seems the international man of mystery will be ret...

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