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1:00 PM on 04.16.2014

Netflix Now: Anyone else watching American Idol? Edition

I've really been digging this season of American Idol. Despite the ridiculous amount of cuts to Jennifer Lopez during the performances, most of the contestants this year have been great. And the new judging panel isn't too ba...

Nick Valdez


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12:00 PM on 04.03.2014

Netflix Now: Whole Buncha Stuff Edition

Usually I like to use this space in Netflix Now to talk about the week's events, but there are far too many Instant additions to waste any time. Since it's the beginning of the month, we're in that flux of losing/gaining a bu...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 03.26.2014

Netflix Now: Hot in Herrrrrrrrrre Edition

Before the Malaysian Flight MH370 mystery came to an unfortunate conclusion, radio station Latino Hot 105.7 vowed to play Nelly's "Hot in Herre" until the plane was found. Well they kept that up for about a day, but what's mo...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 03.19.2014

Netflix Now: SXSW Recovery Edition

It's been a week since I've been back from this year's SXSW, and I'm finally recovering from it. My sleep schedule's back on track, my brain seems to be making words good now, and now I can finally start churning out the cove...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 03.05.2014

Netflix Now: Adele Dazeem Edition

During the Academy Awards, all I looked forward to was Idina Menzel's performance. I was actually more interested in what would win the Best Original Song Oscar more so than I cared about Best Picture. It was a weird night as...

Nick Valdez

Netflix Now: Blue is the Warmest Color Edition photo
Netflix Now: Blue is the Warmest Color Edition
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

So here's something I didn't expect: Blue is the Warmest Color is now available on Netflix Instant. Abdellatif Kechiche's spectacular three-hour romance is being released on Blu ray and DVD by the Criterion Collection, but while Hulu has that Criterion contract (which is a big part of why I subscribe to Hulu Plus), apparently Sundance Selects is running the digital distribution.

So... it's on Netflix Instant, and nothing else matters. It's the fourth best movie of last year, and if you haven't seen it (and you probably haven't), now is the time.

Seriously. Drop whatever you're doing and go watch it right now.

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12:00 PM on 02.14.2014

Netflix Now: Manatees Day Edition

What's Manatees Day? When I tried typing in "Manantine's Day" in my phone it auto corrected to "Manatees Day" thus making it the best idea ever. I figure I can call what I do every Valentine's Day (eat a bunch of junk food, w...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 02.05.2014

Netflix Now: Deboning the Pink Goo Edition

The Super Bowl happened last weekend as I was planning to talk about it here, but it was terribly boring all around. Kudos to the Seahawks, but watching a blowout coupled with a heap of subpar commercials doesn't make a good ...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 01.29.2014

Netflix Now: Vin Diesel is a National Treasure Edition

A few hours ago I wrote a story about how Vin Diesel said Universal wants another Riddick, what I didn't get into, however, was how he announced it. After a few minutes of dancing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and closing out ...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 01.22.2014

Netflix Now: FOOTBAWWWWWWW Edition

I like football probably not as much as the next guy (as I only jump in during playoff season like some cheap bandwagoner), but it's that time of the year where it's all I think about until the Soup Bowl. The NFC and AFC cham...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 01.15.2014

Netflix Now: Texting in Theaters Edition

On Monday, a man in Florida was shot and killed because he was texting in a theater. While it's easy for most of us to say "Texting in theaters is bad, don't do it" it's another thing for an altercation over it to lead to vio...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 01.08.2014

Netflix Now: New Year's Resolution Edition

Before Christmas hit last year I told you all I was going on a short break. You all then suggested I gather two weeks worth of Netflix Instant additions into one post, and I hesitantly agreed. If I had known that Netflix was ...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 12.18.2013

Netflix Now: 2013 Kicked Ass Edition

Given that the next two Wednesdays are major holidays, and I won't be bothered to write things other than my Nick's Flixmas posts during that time, New Releases and Netflix Now are going on a break.  Which means this is ...

Nick Valdez

8:00 AM on 12.11.2013

Netflix Now: Dig It Uh Oh OHHHH, Dig It Edition

Normally I'd use this space to talk about stuff going on this week, but I can't really think about anything other than Disney's Holes. It was added to Netflix Instant this week, and ever since I had found that out, all I've b...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 12.04.2013

Netflix Now: First Drones, Then Terminators Edition

This week Amazon announced their future plans for Amazon Prime Air, a drone delivery service that would arguably deliver your Blu-rays within thirty minutes. Although the future may be here, just think of how damn expensive i...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 11.27.2013

Netflix Now: Gobblety Gook Edition

Hey guys Thanksgiving is here in America tomorrow! Parades, food, football, food, family, food, sleeping, food, pooping, food, and we get to eat food! Are you gonna shop the day after? Not me. I'll be working and eating more ...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 11.20.2013

Netflix Now: Black Thanksgiving Edition

As you in America know, we folks love us some deals. Some of us love the thrill of a cheap deal so much, we're willing to strike each other and act our worst for them. Because most retailers opened at 10PM Thanksgiving to cas...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 11.13.2013

Netflix Now: I Love You, Lady Gaga Edition

This week saw the release of Lady Gaga's newest album, Artpop. To celebrate, Miss Ga Ga Gábor showed up to the album's release party in a flying contraption dress referred to as "Volantis." The flying machine lift...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 11.06.2013

Netflix Now: Ghostest With the Mostest Edition

Apparently the newest Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Ghosts, released yesterday. I haven't played one in full since Call of Duty 2: Electric Boogaloo, but I remember playing Black Ops for about ten minutes one time before I was ...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 10.31.2013

Netflix Now: De Muertos Edition

It's a spooky holiday today, Dia de Muertos! But that's even better tomorrow when All Saints Day kicks in. Whatever you decide to do tonight (get candy, pay respect to your dead ancestors, sit on your butt and watch Netflix),...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 10.23.2013

Netflix Now: Kim Kardashian's Yeezus Engagement Edition

True love does exist...as long as Kim Kardashian ain't messin' with no broke brokes. Rather than raise their child out of wedlock, Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian this week (inside of a stadium, yes a stadium, he reserv...

Nick Valdez

12:00 PM on 10.16.2013

Netflix Now: The Homestretch Edition

Our 2013 New York Film Festival (NYFF51) coverage is coming to a close at the end of the week, and it feels good to be unburdened. There's a big weight about to be lifted from my shoulders, and it opens up a whole lot of free...

Hubert Vigilla