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The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival kicks off tonight

The opening night screening is the SNL doc Live from New York
Apr 15
The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival kicks off tonight here in New York City (aka the city that rarely sleeps and only does so with the assistance of illegally obtained medication). This year's festival opens with the world premier... read

Tribeca Film Festival tickets go on sale March 31st

The New York City festival will feature appearances by George Lucas, Monty Python, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Mary J. Blige, Christopher Nolan, and maybe movies
Mar 27
The Tribeca Film Festival will run from April 15th-26th here in New York City. American Express holders can order festival tickets on March 31st, and the general public can order tickets starting April 6th. The festival will ... read
Kung Fu Fest NYC photo
Kung Fu Fest NYC

NYC's Old School Kung Fu Fest 2015 has so many ninjas

You don't even know
Mar 24
The folks over at Subway Cinema head up the annual New York Asian Film Festival, my favorite of all the year's festivals, and I'm always excited to see what else they cook up. Last month, we brought news of their efforts to f... read

Help fund The Old School Kung Fu Fest 2015 in NYC

There will be ninjas this year--NINJAS!
Feb 24
We here at Flixist love the people at Subway Cinema. Not only do they put on the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) and the New York Korean Film Festival, they also hold a great showcase of classic martial arts movies here ... read
SAIFF 2014 photo
SAIFF 2014

Here comes the South Asian International Film Festival

November 18-23 at the SVA theater
Nov 14
As is often the case, it's a festival of festivals here in New York. And if you're particularly fond of Indian and/or Pakistani films, this is probably the one you've been waiting for. The South Asian International Film Festi... read
NYKFF Returns photo
NYKFF Returns

Here comes the 12th Annual New York Korean Film Festival

Runs from November 20-23 at BAM
Nov 11
When February came and went with no mention of the New York Korean Film Festival, I was disheartened. With all of the far-less-deserving festivals in this fine city, I couldn't accept that this one had gone away. Fortunately,... read
Japan Society Screenings photo
Japan Society Screenings

Dark Side of the Sun film series playing at New York's Japan Society

Monthly series running from October to February
Oct 08
New York's Japan Society is awesome. I love the annual Japan Cuts film festival, and while it's definitely their biggest film-related event, there's a lot of other cool film-related (and not film-related) stuff that goes on t... read
NYFF 52 photo
It starts tonight!
Hello everyone. It's festival time again! The 52nd New York Film Festival kicks off tonight with the world premiere of David Fincher's Gone Girl, and continues through October 12th, closing with Alejandro González I&nt... read feature

Nick Cave in NYC photo
Nick Cave in NYC

Nick Cave performing in NYC for special screening on 20,000 Days on Earth

Also featuring a conversation with the film's directors
Sep 03
Are you a Nick Cave fan? Do you live in or around New York City? Then you need to mark September 20th on your calendar, because whatever you might have been doing that day is less important than what you will be doing now. To... read

Check it out: new poster art company FAMP Art to release City of God posters

Aug 20
Perhaps riding on Mondo's coattails, a new poster company based out of New York will be debuting next month. FAMP Art claims it wants to "bridge the gap between pop culture art and art-house cinema, focusing on films that don... read
Japan Cuts 2014 photo
It never ends
With our NYAFF coverage still running strong, it seems an appropriate time to let you know that there's much, much more where that came from. Starting this Thursday, July 10th, the Japan Society kicks off their NYAFF crossove... read feature

Go See Han Gong-Ju photo
This is not a review
Han Gong-Ju is incredible. It's easily the best film I've seen at the New York Asian Film Festival thus far and among the best I've seen in a long time. It's also extremely depressing, to the point where I'm not sure I can re... read feature

NYAFF 2014 photo
My favorite fest of the year returns
It's that time again. Summer is here, which means that New York City residents have retreated to their air conditioned apartments, offices, and movie theaters. For the next few weeks, that theater of choice should be the Film... read feature

Soft in the Head Review photo
Sometimes you have to wonder...
Every once in a while, I see a movie that feels truly unique, and when that happens I tend to obsess over the process instead of the result. For better or worse, some films are just different, and while I definitely appreciate that difference, sometimes I really just have to wonder why. Soft in the Head is different, and I spent much of the film wondering. I never found an answer. read feature


New Ghostbusters 30th anniversary art revealed

Apr 17
As we previously reported, the Los Angeles based pop culture art gallery Gallery 1988 will be putting on a Ghostbusters 30th anniversary traveling art show over the next few months with four stops: LA, NY, Chicago and the San... read
Tribeca Film Fest 2014 photo
And our coverage is about to be
The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival was one of the first festivals Flixist ever covered. That was back before my time, but I was part of our coverage of the 2012 and 2013 fests, and I'm excited to be a part of it again. This year,... read feature


Gallery 1988 to bring traveling Ghostbusters art show to NY, LA, Chicago and SDCC

Apr 04
As fans still reel at the loss of actor and writer Harold Ramis, here's something for Ghostbusters fans to look forward to -- in celebration of the movie's 30th anniversary, LA based pop culture art gallery Gallery 1988 is or... read
Child's Pose Review photo
Class warfare by way of parental overprotection
At first glance, Child's Pose is making a political statement about the class divide present in modern day Romania. The narrative of a wealthy family trying to skirt its responsibilities to a poor family is heavily charg... read feature

Korean Movie Night NY photo
Korean Movie Night NY

Next Korean Movie Night NY is wild, wild, wild... and sad

I will see Juvenile Offender this time...
Jan 07
New year, new Korean Movie Night series in New York City. This first series, entitled "Wild Days," is about coming of age, with four films that deal with teenagers doing wild things as teenagers are wont to do (especially in ... read
SAIFF 2013 photo
SAIFF 2013

Here is the 2013 South Asian International Film Festival

Dec 02
Film festivals, man. There are so many of them. Especially in the wonderful world of New York City. Case in point: the 2013 South Asian International Film Festival, which begins tomorrow, December 3rd, and runs through Sunday... read
It's Me It's Me Review photo
Me me me me me me me me
Doppelgangers are the stuff of horror and of comedy. It would be uncanny to see yourself as a stranger -- the self's own reflection as the Other -- and yet being able to step outside yourself might provide you with some persp... read feature

So Young Review photo
Pretty, silly, and ultimately entertaining
I'm still young. Young enough that I can understand and generally relate to the characters in So Young, but also old enough to see just how silly they actually are. It's an odd place to be, and it leaves me wishing I was a fe... read feature

NYCFF photo
And (probably) our coverage of it!
[Just a reminder that this is going on! I was hoping to have my review of So Young up by now to act as a reminder, but I have been at the AMC Empire all day and it's made writing kind of hard. Am still there, actually, a... read feature

NYFF 2013 Awards/Recap photo
We came, we saw, we conquered
Can you believe that it's all over? I can't. For much of the past month, the New York Film Festival has consumed my life. And now it's over. But we're finishing it off with a bang. The video above is Hubert and my final thou... read feature

NYFF < or = 30 Seconds photo
It's happened! (Finally...)
So, it took a while to get to this, but we have finally compiled the rest of our NYFF In 30 Seconds or Less videos. If you missed part 1, make sure to check it out here, and come back tomorrow for our final roundup of the fe... read feature

Korean Movie Night NY photo
301, 302; Green Chair; and B.E.D.
[Just a reminder that this continues tomorrow, October 15th, with the 2005 film Green Chair. If you live in New York, make sure you're there! This is a great (and super rare) opportunity to see a great movie on the big screen... read feature

And of course it's because it's too damn expensive in New York
Good news for New Yorkers who like bad news: plans for a proposed Alamo Drafthouse in the Upper West Side have been scrapped. Kaput. Finito. Not pining for the fjords. Has ceased to be. The sad news was posted on the Drathous... read feature


NYC: See Vampire's Kiss w/ Nicolas Cage free on 9/20

A! B! C! D! E! F! G! H! I! J! K! L! M! N! O! P! Q! R! S! T! U! V! W! X! Y! Z!
Sep 16
There are many reasons to love Nicolas Cage, as our own Nathan Hardisty has noted. One of the most compelling cases for loving the man is the 1988 Robert Bierman film Vampire's Kiss. The movie features one of Cage's Cage-iest... read
Coen Brothers, Hayao Miyazaki, Spike Jonze, Ben Stiller, Jim Jarmusch, and more
Even though Alec and I talked about being a bit exhausted from film festival coverage, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming New York Film Festival. Yesterday they announced the main slate, which includes a lot of movies... read feature

Cutie & Boxer Interview photo
Zachary Heinzerling and artists Ushio & Noriko Shinohara talk about art and the spirit of New York
I might have missed Ushio and Noriko Shinohara's apartment if it wasn't for the doorbell and the little handwritten sign above it. Now it seems so obvious. Around their home there's a bridal shop, some nice places for lunch, ... read feature

Cutie and Boxer Review photo
The mighty roar of artists Ushio & Noriko Shinohara
A friend of mine who's a poet once told me that she'd never date another writer. If I remember the conversation right, it had a lot to do with sharing too many neuroses and concerns with someone, which would become intolerabl... read feature

Zipper Review photo
The disappearance of Coney Island's character; the people's paradise lost
When I was in grad school, a lot of my peers said that they wrote about place. By that they meant people's attachments to certain places, whether in personal terms (old houses, old hang outs) or in larger social terms (public... read feature


Trailer for CBGB looks like an awful made-for-TV movie

This ain't no party / This ain't no disco / This film ain't looking too good
Aug 08
Here's our first look at CBGB, a film chronicling the birth of the hallowed rock venue in the grimy New York of the the 1970s. Shuttered in 2006, CBGB helped give a home to the punk and post-punk scenesters living in the cit... read
Korea at MoMA photo
Korea at MoMA

"ContemporAsian: Focus on Korea" series playing at MoMA

Five films playing from August 5th through the 11th
Jul 26
During the second week of August, New York City's Museum of Modern Art, in association with The Korea Society, will be hosting a series of screenings of Korean films from the past few years. Titled "ContemporAsian: Focus on K... read
The show opens Friday, July 12th
A new art show kicks off this weekend at the Bottleneck Art Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This one's called Where is My Mind, and it features more than 60 artists from all over the world creating their favorite trippy mo... read feature


NYC: See Bending Steel at Coney Island for free on 7/8

Check out a great doc on the art of the old-time strongman
Jul 05
One of my favorite films from the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival was Bending Steel, a documentary on Chris Schoeck's quest to become an old-time strongman. At its core, Bending Steel is a remarkably moving film about a person fin... read
New York Asian Film Fest photo
And so does our super amazing coverage
Two years ago, the New York Asian Film Festival changed my life just a little bit. It was my first serious introduction into the world of Asian cinema, something I'd dabbled in over the years but never really considered. Fast... read feature

Check out some of Jackie Chan's best films 6/23 to 6/27
Jackie Chan was in New York last week, but there's a whole lot more Chan in store for the city. This weekend, the Jackie Chan Experience begins at the Walter Reade Theater. The largest Jackie Chan retrospective in North Amer... read feature


NYC: Breakup at a Wedding screening (ft. Zachary Quinto)

Jun 07
Free stuff is great. Free stuff where there are famous people who you can bother are even greater. This is that latter one. On Monday, June 17, at 7 PM, Oscilloscope will be screening their upcoming comedy Breakup at a Weddin... read
Much to do about Much Ado
Get on this, geeks! On Wednesday, May 29th, Joss Whedon will be at The Film Society of Lincoln Center for a special preview screening of Much Ado About Nothing followed by a discussion. Tix are $20 and on sale now. The film will open in New York on June 7th. For tickets and more information, visit After the cut is the official press release. read feature

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