Academy might return to five Best Picture nominees

Ten can be as bad as five, but the loneliest...
Mar 05
Once upon a time, The Dark Knight was released, and when it didn't get an Oscar nod for Best Picture, the people were upset. "We have failed you," said the Oscars, "from now on, there shall be not five, but ten nominatio... read
Academy Award Winners photo
Despite what some may say (and even more might want), the Academy Awards are a huge deal. It's a club for old white men, sure, but the choices they make absolutely affect what projects studios do and don't greenlight going fo... read feature

Oscar Hangout 2015 photo
Live-blogging is so 2014
Hello everyone. With the Academy Awards just an hour away, we're finalizing our plans (which were thrown out of whack by the crazy news that someone on the Flixist staff is about to be a dad holy shit!). Check it out. Unlike... read feature

Chad, puppies, movies photo
The Grand BARKapest Hotel or WhipLEASH?
I love making lists. Love it. At the end of every year, I genuinely look forward to putting together lists of the best movies I saw, best video games I played, best roller coasters I rode and best potato balls I devoured (#1 ... read feature

2015 Oscar Noms photo
Don't everyone get too excited
And we have them! The nominations are in with Birdman and Grand Budapest pulling in the lead with nomination count. A few snubs and a few surprises. How about Whiplash sneaking in for a Best Picture nominations? It... read feature


15 documentaries advance for Academy Awards

You probably haven't seen any
Dec 02
Documentary film is awesome, but most people don't rush out to watch it or even have the ability to do that if they wanted. You usually get sucked into a documentary by accident and then you remember how great they can be. So... read

Flix for Short: The Missing Scarf

Oct 10
The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy was my favorite short from this past year's Oscar nominated animated short films - and I'm excited to say everybody can finally watch it online! Narrated by George Takei, The Missing Scarf fol... read

Check out these cool, unused official poster designs for Gravity

Mar 21
I may not be the biggest Gravity fan on the Flixist staff, but I do respect the film's cinematography and visual aesthetics. With most of the film's setting being the utter vastness of empty space, it would make sense that ca... read
2014 Oscar Winners photo
12 Years a Slave wins big, American Hustle shut out
The Academy Awards have once again come and gone. Considering they ran about 30 minutes late it's quite possible you fell asleep before they were over, and since Flixist is your only source of movie news (right?) we thought i... read feature

Oscar Hangout photo
You, the Flixist editors and a lovely night of awards lovin'
Update: We're live! Toss questions at us in the comments or, you know make fun of us or whatever. Thanks for watching! If you'd like to join us for the Hangout  on camera just send your Google+ account email to matthew@... read feature

Red Carpet photo
So Bad its Good
Welcome one and all to one of the most well known and respected awards ceremonies for actors, directors, and everyone else vaguely related to this crazy world of show business. With such a prestigious ceremony, you know that... read feature

Oscar Red Carpet photo
Oscar Red Carpet

Have some pictures from the Oscar Red Carpet!

What an excellent decision Flixist made!
Mar 02
Today, fellow Associate Editor Michael Jordan swung by my place of residence and spirited me away for a spectacular adventure! We hit up the Oscar Red Carpet as it was essentially being put together and shot a pretty decent amount of video. That should be up very soon, but for now, enjoy these tantalizing shots! read
Oscar Predictions photo
We don't get things wrong. The Academy does.
Looking back over the years at our Oscar predictions its almost scary how often we're right. In fact we're right all the time. Some times the Academy might make the wrong choice, but feel safe in knowing that our Oscar predic... read feature


Community: What are your thoughts on this year's Oscars?

Feb 26
Hello gentle readers of Flixist! Did you know that the 2014 Academy Awards is this weekend!? I sure forgot. What do you guys and girls think? Are you surprised by some of the nominees? (*cough cough* Lone Ranger *cough*) Are ... read

Let It Go will be at the Oscars

I'm 'Happy' about this.
Feb 13
So I wasn't the only person who thought Frozen got robbed at the Golden Globes, right? Look, U2 is fine, I like a couple of their songs, but they have to be the least interesting popular band out there. Even Nickelback is int... read

Check out this trailer for Oscar nominated short Feral

Feb 12
This brief trailer for Daniel Sousa's short film Feral gives us a glimpse into the world and story of the Oscar nominated animated short film. Feral follows the story of a young boy who is raised by a pack of wolves in the w... read

Watch the adorable trailer for Ernest & Celestine

Feb 06
Ernest & Celestine tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a young mouse and a big bear, in a world where inter-species friendships are highly discouraged, due to like eating each other and stuff. The movie is ... read
2014 Oscar nominations photo
Watch it live or just read what we wrote afterward
And here they are. The real contenders for the real awards... that just don't matter anymore. In all honesty the Oscars are a great bit of fun, but we aren't expecting too many surprises this year. I don't think American Hus... read feature

Oscar Season 2014 photo
Oscar Season 2014

19 animated films were submitted for Oscar consideration

Some big names, and some not so big.
Nov 06
It's that time of year again, folks. It's the time of year where the bigwig films are all vying for an Academy Award nomination. It's going to be an interesting year given the amount of spectacular films that debuted this yea... read

Spike Jonze's Her pushed back because Oscars

Aug 14
Looks like Warner Bros. is pretty confident in the quality of Her, as we all probably should be considering the trailer looked great. They've decided to bump the film's opening from November 20 to a limited release in Ne... read
Ellen the Oscars host photo
Ellen the Oscars host

Ellen DeGeneres hosting the 86th annual Academy Awards

Her second time as Oscars host
Aug 02
For awhile it seemed that The Academy just wanted Seth MacFarlane to host the 2014 Oscars (despite his use of anti-women jokes), but then he dropped out because he was too busy. Scrambling to find a host with the same amount ... read

Seth MacFarlane officially not hosting the 2014 Oscars

May 21
Feminism can breathe a collective sigh of relief, comedian, actor and director Seth MacFarlane will officially not be hosting the 2014 Oscars. But, it's not because the Academy has redacted their (probable) love of rape jokes... read

Seth MacFarlane asked to host the Oscars again

Apr 19
After a very controversial run as last year's Oscar host, The Academy has reportedly asked director and comedian Seth MacFarlane if he would like to host next year's show too. Now, what's important is that MacFarlane's Oscars... read

Mondo releases poster series for the 2013 Oscars

Immediately sells out
Feb 26
As we mentioned last week, the movie poster art mavens at Mondo commissioned and released a series of posters for various Oscar nominees this year. They showed us three posters before the Oscars were awarded, but now that the... read
Oscar Winners photo
People got a shiny statue!
They're over! We stayed up late and watched them all and now we have the winners. If you missed our Google Hangout of the show you can check it out here. You'll learn about statue polishing robot technique, our ability to get... read feature

Oscar Hangout photo
We promise everyone will have pants on... at first
Update: And we're live! All dressed up and ready for the Oscars! You can watch the Hangout right here and talk with us in the comments. If you want to join the hangout just let us know and we can invite you. You know wh... read feature

Oscar Predictions photo
What will win. What should win. What will piss us off
Last year we made the bold statement that our Oscar predictions were the best ever. Were we 100 percent right? No. But that doesn't mean we're going to back down from outlandish claims about our incredible ability to predict ... read feature


3 Mondo posters for the 2013 Oscars revealed

Feb 21
For the second year in a row, Mondo (the movie poster art powerhouse) has commissioned a set of posters for select Academy Award nominees. Three of the set have been officially announced, and others are going to debut during ... read

Puppies predict the 2013 Oscar winner for Best Picture

Feb 21
Another year, another round of puppies predicting Oscar winners. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon enlisted the help of an adorable and snazzily-dressed gang of puppies to predict the Best Picture winner for this year'... read

Gallery 1988 & Olly Moss create incredible Oscars poster

Feb 12
The Academy appears to be getting a little bit more hip this year! For their annual Oscars poster, the Academy actually approached the up and coming pop-culture gurus at Gallery 1988 to create an official "85th Anniversary" p... read

Adele to perform Skyfall for the first time at Oscars

Jan 23
Adele hasn't sung her Golden Globe winning, Oscar nominated song "Skyfall" live before. As with most Bond songs it came out and was a hit, but doesn't always jump into the artists actual repertoire of songs. She also hasn't b... read

Illustrated Moonrise Kingdom script available to download

Jan 23
Focus Features has released online an illustrated version of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola's Academy Award nominated script for their 2012 film, Moonrise Kingdom. You can click through the script on their website and downloa... read

PSA: How to pronounce Quvenzhane Wallis' name

Jan 17
In this adorable public service announcement from Mikey Glazer, Hollywood, the press and the rest of the world get straightened out about how to pronounce 2013 Academy Award Best Actress nominee Quvenzhane Wallis' name. Goodness, she's so freaking adorable. [via Youtube, image via Buzzfeed] read
Oscar noms photo
And the Oscar could go to...
They're here! The moment all of the world waits for every year despite that fact that the Oscars matter less and less every year. Despite that previous opinion we at Flixist still get excited about the Oscars if only to argue... read feature


Drafthouse releases award-season Miami Connection Ads

For Your Consideration: New Wave Taekwondo
Nov 06
Just when you thought that John Carter and Battleship had this year's awards season on lockdown, the dark-horse candidate emerges onto the foggy stage, shirtless, mustached and ready to blow you away with his heartfelt taekw... read

Whenever I watch the Oscars and the short films pop up I'm always upset with all the amazing looking films I haven't seen. This is especially true for the animated category where everything usually looks utterly charming and... read feature


Many of you probably didn't stay up last night to catch the Oscars. If you didn't you missed a pretty middle of the road show. Billy Crystal was Billy Crystal, though he did seem to be attempting to be a bit edgy and there we... read feature


Flixist's Oscar Live Chat kicks off at 7 p.m. EST

Feb 26
It's almost time again and we're almost ready to lend our completely professional, very serious, entirely legit commentary to the Oscars once again this year. We'll be talking serious stuff like drama, dresses and things that... read

UPDATE: Today is the last day to ask questions. Get 'em in, folks! So, there's this little event going down on Sunday, you may have heard of it. It's called the Academy Awards, and from what I can tell, it's kind of a thing. ... read feature


Sometimes, a short film can accomplish so much more than a full-length film. Given the truncated amount of time, it allows the filmmakers to expriment and explore what can be accomplished in such a short window. Have you ever... read feature

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