Ana Maria Review photo
She livin' a life just like a movie star
It's been a tough time for Latino representation in pop culture. While television has made great strides in casting Latino actors in non-traditional roles to show off a greater range of characterization beyond "gang banger" a... read feature


Sharknado 3 has a title

Third movie in SyFy straight-to-TV franchise will air July 22
Mar 18
You'd think two movies about weather-related shark attacks would be more than enough to last the human race until our surely-impending end, but sometimes the world is a funny place. Despite all logic, a third Sharknado f... read
Birdman  photo

Check out this awesome Birdman toy commercial

Feb 25
There's not really much to say other than this is a neat little ditty promoting Birdman's victory lap through some theaters after taking home the Best Picture Oscar. But it's just really, really neat. If you haven't yet, you should watch Big Birdman too.  "Smells like balls." read
Big Birdman photo
Big Birdman

Flix for Short: Big Birdman

(Or The Unexpected Virtue of Orange Pants)
Feb 20
We've featured Sesame Street parodies on the site before, but they've never been as mindblowing as this. Featuring Caroll Spinney and Big Bird, this is just all kinds of perfect.  "How did we get here? How did we get to Sesame Street?" read

Taken 4 trailer is here

Not really, but really
Jan 16
With the success of Taken 3 (do not listen to Sean it is a terrible movie and a waste of your money) we all have to ask why the hell we keep seeing really bad movies. We also have to expect that despite the third film c... read
Dumb and Dumber To photo
Dumb and Dumber To

These Dumb and Dumber To posters parody Lucy

Aug 18
Although I've never seen Lucy (as I still regret seeing Hercules over it), I've heard lots of good things and it's apparently popular enough to warrant a parody. Specifically, a parody of the "use 10% of the brain" premise.&n... read
Intramural Trailer photo
Intramural Trailer

First trailer for Intramural, a sports parody featuring SNL cast members

Apr 15
I'm not the biggest fan of sports movies as they all tend to look the same. But every once in a while, something new comes along and manages to rock the sports genre with its uniqueness. Intramural might make it close to tha... read

Muppets Most Wanted spoofs action movie posters

Mar 07
The Muppets Most Wanted promotional campaign has been as delightful as expected from the franchise, though with these new parody posters, The Muppets have upped their game yet again. Each poster parody's a famous action movie... read
The Simpsons photo
The Simpsons

The Simpsons pay tribute to Studio Ghibli films

Skinner as a Box Kite!
Jan 10
This Sunday on The Simpsons, Comic Book Buy is getting married in "Married to the Blob." Sure, Comic Book Guy (or Jeffrey Albertson) has been in romantic relationships before, but now that he's apparently romancing a manga a... read
Bound 3 photo
Bound 3

Rogen and Franco recreated Kanye West's "Bound 2"

Nov 25
On the set of Seth Rogen's directorial follow up to This is the End, The Interview (featuring Rogen and James Franco as a TV personality and producer who are roped into helping assassinate the prime minister of North Korea), James Franco and Seth Rogen did a shot for shot remake of Kanye West's weird music video for "Bound 2." Ye...yeah it's pretty sexy.  [via Twitter] read
A Haunted House 2 photo
A Haunted House 2

First teaser trailer for A Haunted House 2...exists

That's right, there's a second one.
Nov 22
I finally saw the first A Haunted House on Netflix a few months ago with some cool buddies of mine. We all walked away thinking terrible things about it. It not only had one, but three Saints Row: The Third posters hang... read
22 Jump Splits photo
22 Jump Splits

Channing Tatum does a split for 22 Jump Street

Van dayum!
Nov 20
Jean Claude Van Damme once did an ad for Volvo which featured him doing an "epic split" like the mad god he is. On the sett of 22 Jump Street, releasing June 2014, Channing Tatum decided to do a parody of that ad for some re... read
FFS: Catching Fur photo
FFS: Catching Fur

Flix for Short: Sesame Street's The Hungry Games

"Being strong heroine of entire franchise hard work."
Nov 19
With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire setting fire to theaters in a few days, it's time for everyone to get in on the hype. And that includes the Sesame Street gang. In The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, Cookie Monster stars as ... read
Best Night Ever trailer photo
Best Night Ever trailer

First trailer for Best Night Ever is not the best ever

Nov 18
Best Night Ever seeks to parody the likes of party films such as Spring Breakers and every bacholerette party movie ever. What Best Night Ever fails to do, however, is make any of it funny. Although it's most likely too earl... read

SNL's Wes Anderson parody is pure brilliance

The worst thing about this is that it's only a parody
Oct 29
The only thing wrong with this brilliant Wes Anderson parody is its lack of Bill Murray. Other than that, it looks exactly like an Anderson film. The music is perfect, the shots are perfect, Edward Norton's Owen Wilson is perfect...ahhhh, it's perfect! [via YouTube] read

Check out American Psycho with Huey Lewis and Weird Al

Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?
Apr 04
So I would totally be down for a full-length parody of American Psycho starring Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News and Weird Al Yankovic, but that may be just me personally. Regardless, Funny or Die released a video that i... read

Watch Disney Princesses go wild in Spring Breakers parody

Mar 22
Going to see Spring Breakers this weekend? Maybe you should watch this hilarious parody video first (then read our review!). It takes one of the core draws of Breakers (watching former Disney starlets do crazy stuff for mone... read

Flix for Short: Garlan Hulse: Where Potential Lives

Mar 08
In the same vein as the cool retro marketing Wreck-It Ralph had done for its fictional Fix-It Felix Jr. game, Rich Moore has made a short "documentary" to celebrate WIR's release on home video this past week. Garlan Hul... read

Flix for Short: Movie: The Movie 2V

Feb 26
As part of Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar special, he revealed a parody trailer for the sequel last year's Movie: The Movie. 2V doesn't exactly reach the heights of the first one (how could he beat, "Once you go Black Hitler, you... read
You would also totally watch a Quentin Tarantino Biblical revenge movie
Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live did a great parody of Django Unchained and Quentin Tarantino movies in general. Behold Djesus Uncrossed, with Christoph Waltz as the Man (with No Name) of Galilee. I'm not going to give ... read feature


Trailer: Scary Movie 5

Dec 26
Here you go everyone, the moment almost no one has been waiting for. Ever since it was announced that a fifth Scary Movie was going to be made without Anna Faris, then Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were stunt casted for so... read

Trailer: A Haunted House (Red Band)

Dec 13
While the first trailer seemed to borderline entertaining, this new "VIBE exclusive" Red Band trailer seems to go for the kitchen sink...and subsequently loses me. There are sex "jokes" out the wazoo, Marlon's "motherf***ing... read

Trailer: A Haunted House

Marlon Wayans is trying to take back the horror parody.
Oct 19
I remember there was a time that I looked forward to movie parodies. When the first Scary Movie released, I laughed so hard I almost had an accident (I was also ten). When the sequel came out, that excitement tempered a bit.... read

First image of Scary Movie 5 confirms it will be terrible

Sep 21
You know how every Scary Movie is supposed to have a random celebrity cameo who has no business being in movies? Like how Scary Movie 3 had Pamela Anderson, Scary Movie 4 had Dr. "My PhD is For Realsies" Phil, or th... read

[The Cult Club is where Flixist's writers expound the virtues of their favourite underground classics, spanning all nations and genres. It is a monthly series of articles looking at what made those films stand out from the pa... read feature


Batman Maybe

Aug 09
This is brilliant. I usually hate popular song parodies, but this... This isn't the Carlie Rae Jepsen parody we need, this is the Carlie Rae Jepsen parody we deserve. Oh, and, uh, SPOILERS for the three of you who still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises. [Via Youtube] read

Joel McHale out-Fassbenders Fassbender in viral spoof

Jun 07
It's good to know that if Community goes down the toilet without Dan Harmon's hand on the wheel, we'll still be able to get that Jeff Winger flavor from Joel McHale over at The Soup. This video parodies Prometheus's&nbs... read

Flix for Short: The Wire: The Musical

Jun 05
If you still haven't seen The Wire yet, you're part of what's wrong with culture. This Funny or Die video, featuring a good deal of the original Wire cast, showcases a fabulous musical where the show's complex them... read

New Brave TV spots & bagpipe compilation CD parody

May 22
Man, I can't wait to see Pixar's Brave. It's the studio's first princess movie, and she looks like she's going to kick some serious butt. Here we have two new short TV commercials for the upcoming movie, as well as a longer ... read

Scary Movie guys to parody Hunger Games, nobody shocked

May 10
I love it when a horrible franchise puts very little effort into their movies, makes a ton of money, and continues on forever. Jason Friedburg and Aaron Seltzer, the directors of such timeless films as Scary Movie, Epic Movie... read

Trailer: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Apr 03
Aardman Animations has jumped on the pop-culture band-wagon with this new trailer for their newest claymation movie The Pirates! Band of Misfits - also known as, The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists. The new trailer ... read

Trailer for Movie: The Movie probably not a trailer

Feb 27
Uhhh... So, okay, Jimmy Kimmel Live is responsible for making "I'm f*cking Matt Damon!" a household phrase, and it looks like the show is about to reproduce that magic with Movie: The Movie, one of the silliest effing things... read

Kids reenact the Oscar nominees adorably, bitingly

Feb 24
The Academy Awards are irreparably upon us. There's the usual stable of Best Picture nominees that are a combination of films that genuinely deserving to be recognized as among the best films of the year, and ... read

Trailer mash-up of The Lion King/Dark Knight Rises

Jan 04
Just before Christmas we had a Sweded version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, which was a great, inventive, low-rent version of the actual trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Well, with the new year comes a new fake &n... read

Sweded version of The Dark Knight Rises trailer

Dec 23
In the great goofy tradition of Be Kind Rewind, here's a sweded version of the Dark Knight Rises trailer. It's essentially a shot for shot, line for line remake of the trailer. A triumphant job overall, especially given the ... read

Just in time for the Christmas weekend where plenty of people with enough money to buy one will be getting iPhone 4s in their stockings comes this trailer for Siri. See, the guys over at Rooster Teeth know what is actually u... read feature


Trailer: The Muppets's Final Parody

Oct 27
Well here it is. The final The Muppets parody trailer. It's been an awesome road and its sad to see one of the best marketing campaigns in a long while come to a close, but on the bright side it means we're that much closer ... read

Trailer: The Muppets: Pig With the Froggy Tattoo

Sep 15
With this trailer I believe that we have officially reached the point where the marketing campaign for The Muppets might actually be better than the film itself. I'm not saying the film is going to be bad. Far from it. I'm j... read

[The Cult Club is where Flixist's writers expound the virtues of their favorite underground classics, spanning all nations and genres. It is a monthly series of articles looking at what made those films stand out from the pac... read feature


The Onion thinks Green Lantern looks stupid. I agree.

Jun 16
It's fun to laugh at how hard Hollywood pushes their films with over the top advertising, but then movies like Green Lantern come along and show why it's often necessary or you run the risk of your film being dead on arrival... read

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