Toy Story 4 plot details are worrisome

Gotta have faith
Aug 14
// Matthew Razak
After Toy Story 3 landed I promised I would never doubt Pixar again unless it involved automobiles, but they are making it hard. Good Morning America revealed our first plot details for Toy Story 4 and they seem a b...
GD photo

New Good Dinosaur trailer almost drowns a good dinosaur

Heart strings will be played
Jul 21
// Matthew Razak
Our first peak at The Good Dinosaur didn't give us much to go on, but it definitely wet our whistle for something that looks drastically different from previous Pixar films. Now, with this new trailer, we know it looks d...

New Pixar Short Brings Us Superpowered Hindu Heroes

You'll laugh AND you'll learn
Jul 06
// John-Charles Holmes
One of the best parts of any new Pixar film (or most animated films these days) is the little short films before the feature. Usually these will showcase unsung animators, student works, or something the new guy was tasked to...

Review: Inside Out

Jun 19 // Matthew Razak
[embed]219580:42445:0[/embed] Inside OutDirectors: Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen Rated: PGRelease Date: June 19, 2015 The plot of inside out is easy, and it's been tackled before. The movie is the story of the emotions who reside inside a girl named Riley's (Kaitlyn Dias) head. There's Joy (Amy Poheler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling). Everything is going pretty swimmingly for Riley and her emotions until one day the family has to move triggering a flood of sadness in what was a perpetually happy girl. Joy, panicking after a particularly sad moment becomes a key memory, gets herself and sadness sucked out of headquarters and into the nether regions of Riley's brain. The two must find their way back with the help of Riley's old imaginary friend, Bing Bong (Richard Kind), as Anger, Fear and Disgust attempt to hold the fort down with disastrous consequences. If there is a limit to Pixar's wonderful imagination they haven't found it yet. Just when you thought the studio was going to sit back and rest on its laurels an entirely original and creative movie like Inside Out gets made. They deliver a film that has the emotional impact of the beginning of Up and yet somehow still make it fun and enjoyable. They've taken universal emotions and turned them into a children's film that somehow delivers a commentary on sadness that's more powerful than most overwrought dramas. The film is a lesson in how to address serious subjects while still having fun. The screenplay is brilliant and honed to a fine point. Inside Out's story could be an overly complex and melodramatic mess, but it's crafted to a fine point. Reigning in the chaos of two separate worlds, a plethora of characters and a bunch of complex ideas the film masterfully weaves its story. The juxtaposition of the comical Anger, Fear and Disgust at the helm of a young girl's brain with the real world reactions to that is powerful. It delivers a film that tackles depression and loss in ways that never get melodramatic or cheesy. Somehow in a children's film we find some true heart. That heart is going to make you cry. I don't care how much of a tough guy you are Pixar is going to worm its way into your heart and then play those strings like a classical guitar. Part of this is because they're just so damn good at it, but another aspect is the fact that Inside Out's themes are so universal. We've all been right where Riley is at some point in our life and Pixar has put that on the big screen in a way that is not only relatable, but enjoyable. Often films involving sadness only involve that, but the entire point of Inside Out is that our emotions are all mixed together. Sadness and happiness aren't competing forces, they lead to each other. For a film directed at children this is some of the most adult dealings with emotion I've seen. The movie may also be Pixar's most stunning visually. It's definitely a departure from their usual style, though not entirely removed. It simply looks brilliant and is constantly getting more and more creative with its visuals throughout. Joy is especially well designed as her body constantly shines with happiness. Meanwhile Sadness somehow seems to drip with the emotion. At one point the characters are reduced to abstract thoughts in a brilliant and clever animation sequence that just highlights what Pixar can do.  My only concern with the film is that it over simplifies things. Depression and emotional issues are immensely complex medical issues. Inside Out by its very nature doesn't delve into that as much as it could and it may leave some who have been through these things shaking their heads. That being said it's still an incredibly accessible doorway to talk about emotions and change. Humanity as a whole is often remiss in discussing what we're feeling and Inside Out gives us a chance to say, "Yea, I've felt like that before." It does this not by being overbearing in its message, but by inviting you in to enjoy it. So there are some words on Inside Out. They're OK. I still don't think I got it right. I guess the only words I really need to write are: see this movie. 
Inside Out Review photo
Pixar's best?
I'm having a lot of trouble writing this review, and it's not because my computer crashed and deleted the almost finished product at one point. No, I'd already been through a few drafts before that and nothing was working. Us...

The Good Dinosaur Trailer photo
Looks good?
The Good Dinosaur has had a troubling development for the last few years. Hit with delays, losing a director, and a major reworking, the film we have now no longer resembles the original idea. It's hard to tell how much of th...


New trailer, clip for Pixar's Inside Out show off mindful adventure

Get it? Mindful. It's a pun.
May 26
// Matt Liparota
Pixar plans to unleash it's newest adorably clever adventure Inside Out on the world next month, and over the long weekend two new clips were released – the first is an international trailer and the second is a short cl...

Brad Bird to disappoint us all by making The Incredibles 2

A Short Story, by Jackson Tyler
May 11
// Jackson Tyler
"How would you like to make an incredible amount of money?" Brad Bird finally looked up from his desk. He hadn't gone home in two days - editing on Tomorrowland had been gruelling, and he wasn't even sure if the two...

New Inside Out trailer shows ins and outs of Pixar's next film

I highly commend this trailer's use of "More Than a Feeling"
Mar 10
// John-Charles Holmes
  Surprisingly, it's been about two years since we've last had an actual Pixar movie in theaters, so it's pretty exciting to get our first solid new look at their next feature, Inside Out. All previous looks so far gave...

Toy Story 4 might be a romantic comedy separate from original trilogy

How could you possibly follow an act like that?
Mar 06
// John-Charles Holmes
In a recent interview with Disney Latino, Pixar's president, Jim Morris discussed some of the earliest details about the upcoming Toy Story 4. According to Morris, the sequel to the original trilogy won't continue the story, ...

New image and logo from Pixar's The Good Dinosaur

I always preferred bad dinosaurs myself
Dec 30
// Matthew Razak
For a Pixar film we've heard relatively little about The Good Dinosaur. That may be because it's run into so much trouble in production. It was delayed from a 2014 release to a November, 2015 release, but things seem to be ro...
Inside Out Trailer photo
Inside Out Trailer

Full trailer for Disney/Pixar's Inside Out is adorable

Dec 11
// Nick Valdez
I've been digging how Pixar has been marketing their upcoming animated project, Inside Out. This latest trailer, like the last, may not feature any of the story, but it's got enough substance to chew on. I will never kn...

UPDATE: First character clip and posters for Inside Out

Sadness they name is... Sadness
Nov 18
// Matthew Razak
UPDATE: The posters for Joy, Anger, Disgust, and Fear have been added to the gallery. I don't know whose idea it was to cast Lewis Black as Anger, but give them a medal. Original story below!  Pixar's Inside Out is...
Toy Story 4 photo
You've got a fourth in me
With the Toy Story series remaining a big marketing juggernaut long after the trilogy officially ended in 2010, it was almost inevitable that we'd get another film (especially seeing as how we're getting more and more TV spec...

Inside Out Trailer photo
A character for every emotion I'm feeling!
In a rather unexpected move, Pixar released their first teaser for the upcoming film Inside Out, scheduled to tug on our heartstrings next summer. The teaser trailer mentally prepares you for what you're about to see by quic...

The Wire invades Pixar photo
The Wire invades Pixar

The Wire's Idris Elba and Dominic West reunite, courtesy of...Finding Dory?

Perhaps Elba will play a jellyfish named "Stinger" Bell?
Sep 11
// Sean Walsh
Everybody loves crime drama The Wire. Everybody also loves Pixar. Clearly somebody caught onto this, as The Wire vets Idris Elba and Dominic West have joined the voice cast of Finding Dory! Talking to ShortList, Dominic ...

What Up would be like if Michael Bay directed it

Aug 18
// Matthew Razak
At first glance I thought they totally missed the mark on this little edit of an Up trailer as it really feels like a Nolan film with all the drama and the WUuuuUUHHhUUHH music. Then the explosions start. Now that's some Michael Bay action.

First 'Inside Out' plot details revealed

Riley isn't the only one with conflicting emotions.
May 26
// Mike Cosimano
It's been over four years since Inside Out -- the next project from Pixar -- was revealed. Now we finally have some plot details, and they...sound like somebody at Pixar has been digging around in DreamWorks' garbage. From th...
Incredibles TWOOOOO photo
Although I'm normally not a fan of sequels, I am a fan of Disney/Pixar sequels. You can argue back and forth over whether or not some of their films deserve sequels, but I'm glad they're coming. I'm one of the few people who ...

Movie Monday for February 17, 2014

Feb 17 // Michael Jordan
Stories Expendabelles gets a plot description and director First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends What is the worst date movie? 10 Movie Valentines for 2014 Here are some Age of Ultron Vision costume details Transporter series getting rebooted with a new trilogy   Reviews Review: A Field in England Review: Robocop   Trailers First trailer for Drive Hard confirms driving... hard Check out this trailer for Oscar nominated short Feral First trailer for The Purge: Anarchy shows potential New trailer for 'Under the Skin' is still hot and strange New trailer for Brick Mansions featuring Paul Walker New trailer: Transcendence First full trailer for Planes: Fire and Rescue Trailer: Zombeavers
Movie Monday - 2/17/14 photo
A bit late, but you were hung over anyway
Welcome to an extremely late version of Movie Monday, but it was Presidents day so I knew you would have a super hangover. Be sure to check the links below.


Pixar short Party Central playing before Muppets

More Pixar = Never a bad thing
Jan 07
// Matthew Razak
We've got a long wait for new Pixar movies since they've delayed The Good Dinosaur to 2015 (thankfully Disney is picking up the slack), but that doesn't mean we'll be completely devoid of the ol' Pixar magic in 2014. In the g...

2014 just got sadder: No Pixar films to be released

Sep 18
// Matthew Razak
Well, it was a good run folks. Pixar was kicking out high quality animated movies on a yearly basis since 2006, but the fun has to come to a stop. We just can't have this many wonderfully human, touching and creative movies c...

Bob Peterson off Good Dinosaur, Pixar seeks replacement

The film is still slated to come out May 2014
Aug 27
// Hubert Vigilla
Pixar's The Good Dinosaur is still slated to come out on May 30, 2014, but hitting that target may be a bit difficult. According to Blue Sky Disney, co-director Bob Peterson was taken off the film and the studio is now trying...

There's already a Planes sequel in the works

Get ready for more milking of the Cars universe
Aug 09
// Jim Schweitzer
Big news out of Disney's D23 Expo not long ago: Planes, The MouseHaus-produced pseudo-sequel to Disney/Pixar's Cars franchise that is only just now making its way into theaters, has already had a theatrical fol...

Flixistentialism 21 - Turtle Goofy

Seriously ... he's the worst
Jul 04
// Andres Bolivar
On this patriotic episode of Flixistentialism... Dre starts a gang, Liz gets shot for being in a gang, Nicholas discusses his deep rooted hatred for Planes and his affinity for The Little Mermaid. We also discuss a bit of Man of Steel, Pixar vs. Laika and answer some questions. Also, this might be the most explicative explicit podcast ever because 'MURICA THATS WHY.

See Monsters University early and free

Washington DC screening
Jun 14
// Matthew Razak
All right time to get the kids, pack them up and bring them to grandma's because you're going to watch some Monsters University. Kid's movie? No frickin' way. You know you're going to enjoy it more, and anyway our passes are ...

Trailer: Monsters University

Bonus: new music from Swedish House Mafia
May 22
// Matthew Razak
You don't really put Disney, Pixar and dance music together too often, especially when discussing an animated film, but this new trailer for Monsters University is also debuting some new music from Swedish House Mafia.....

Body Snatchers: Threadless' Monsters Inc. t-shirts

May 16
// Liz Rugg
The awesome t-shirt and apparel distribution company Threadless recently held a contest for designers and artists to come up with some awesome t-shirt designs based around Pixar's Monsters Inc. With the movie's prequel, Monst...

Pixar to make "Toy Story of Terror," a TV Special

May 14
// Liz Rugg
Pixar has revealed that they will be debuting another Toy Story Toon short, in the tradition of Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry and Partysaurus Rex. This time, Toy Story of Terror will be broadcasted on ABC television on Hallowe...

Monsters University wishes you a Happy Mother's Day

May 09
// Liz Rugg
Mother's Day is fast approaching (this is your official Flixist reminder by the way) in the U.S. it's this Sunday, May 12th. Did you forget? Because Pixar certainly hasn't. To continue their tradition from last year when the...
Disney and them Mexicans photo
Disney and them Mexicans

Disney nearly trademarked a Mexican holiday

Before deciding offending an entire race and culture was a bad idea.
May 08
// Nick Valdez
For the two of you who aren't aware, I'm a 6'3 Spanish-Mexican-American Indian. I've been waiting forever for a Disney film to explore any part of that culture. I would've preferred a Spanish Disney Princess that isn't Sophia...

Brave's Merida to be crowned a Disney Princess

Apr 30
// Matthew Razak
Bet you didn't know that there was a whole coronation process to become a Disney Princess, but there is and on May 1 Merida will be crowned one. Joining (deep breathe) Snow White, Mulan, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, A...
M. University Trailer photo
M. University Trailer

Trailer: Monsters University

The inclusion of Andrew W.K.'s "Party Hard" certainly helps.
Apr 26
// Nick Valdez
While you wait for the review of Disney's other huge property releasing internationally today, maybe the final trailer for Monsters University will tide you over? Nathan Fillion (and others) were announced as part of the voi...

Nathan Fillion, others join Monsters University cast

Apr 16
// Liz Rugg
Pixar's Monsters University, the anticipated prequel to their classic Monsters, Inc. already had a solid cast of voice actors, from the returning John Goodman and Billy Crystal - both reprising their roles as Sulley and Mike ...
Finding Dory photo
Finding Dory

Finding Nemo 2 is now officially Finding Dory

[insert never before seen 'still swimming' joke here]
Apr 02
// Nick Valdez
Okay okay, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that Pixar should focus on original content rather than sequelize (and thus trivialize) their exiting properties. But it's not always a bad thing. A while ago I defended...

Monster University got in touch with me today

Had almost forgotten I was an alum
Apr 02
// Matthew Razak
It's not everyday you get word from your old alma mater, but today I came home and found myself with a newsletter, decal and letter from the dean of The School of Scaring at Monster University. Ahhh, I remember my days fondly...

Trailer: Monsters University (Japanese)

Tons of new footage!
Mar 08
// Thor Latham
You know what Pixar's Monsters University really needed to get us pumped up? A trailer in a foreign language. Japanese specifically. Obviously the trailer isn't intended for international audiences, but that doesn't mea...

Oblivion and Wall-E Trailer mash up

Mar 07
// Logan Otremba
So what would happen if you combined a science fiction film from Disney/Pixar and combined it with another science fiction film from Universal? Well you would have a mash up of Wall-E and Oblivion and their respective tr...

Trailer: Planes

The evolution of Pixar's and Disney's cash cow
Feb 27
// Thor Latham
Despite our feelings on the nature of Pixar sequels/spin-offs, there's no stopping the propagation of a franchise when it does nothing but make obscene amounts of money. From my understanding, that's essentially the only rea...

Here's a new international poster for Monsters University

Take a look at the class
Feb 26
// Thor Latham
Look at that motley crew of monsters! I have to admit there is a worrisome lack of pants among everyone, but who am I to judge another culture? Disney has released this new international poster capturing what I assume to be t...

Flixist Discusses: Should there be a Toy Story 4?

Feb 21 // Nick Valdez
Nick Valdez: Toy Story is my favorite Pixar series for a reason. I love the world, I love the characters, and the underlying themes of the trilogy still resonate with me. With that being said, a fourth entry is a great idea. Now I'm usually not the first to say " more movies using [insert precious childhood memory here]," (for reference, I originally rejected Fast and Furious, but that turned out splendidly) but I still think Toy Story has more of a "story" that deserves telling. And that's more than I could say about Pixar's other franchises. Matthew Razak: I'm not sure how you can call 3's ending open. There was a clear story arc here and it blatantly concluded in the third film. Not only did it blatantly conclude it perfectly concluded. Extending this out further ruins what was already a perfect ending. One of the wonderful things about most Pixar films is they never feel like they're being made just to be made. After the ending of the third Toy Story, this Toy Story automatically feels like it's just being made to be made.  Nick Valdez: I call it open ended for one reason: Bonnie. Toy Story has always been about accepting the future and the change it brings. The first film was about Woody accepting new friends (as Science Fiction "The Future" overtakes Westerns "The Past"), Toy Story 2 was about a desperate grab for nostalgia (Prospector literally wanted to be frozen in time), and the third film was about letting go of the past and respectably moving forward. While I'll agree that TS3's ending was sublime, it was even better at keeping hope alive. Thematically, Bonnie represents the new generation of children realizing how great Toy Story's characters are (In fact, TS3 is my five year old cousin's introduction to the franchise). As we watched Andy slowly grow up into adulthood, a lot of us grew up with him. Andy becomes a physical manifestation of ourselves, and when he passes on his toys to Bonnie, we pass on the characters, the Toy Story world, to a new generation of kids who deserve a TS film to call their own. Matthew Razak: Those kids have three amazing movies to grow up with already. If you want to tell a new story then tell a new story with new characters. It's not like Pixar is bad at doing this stuff. How many times are Buzz and Woody going to have issues or get lost or have to find their way home. This cast of characters is amazing, and I'd be fine with them showing up in fun shorts, but Pixar's attentions could be spent developing a whole new universe for this new generation to fall in love with. Sequels for the simple fact that the characters are popular, which this definitely feels like, aren't what Pixar needs to be doing. At some point a cast of characters needs to be set aside before they start to wear out their welcome. Nick Valdez: Now this is probably the "least legitimate" of my rebuttals, but I see Part 4 working as a reboot of sorts. I'd say introduce a new central character and conflict, while still allowing past characters to influence the story (but not take it over completely),  and naturally move forward as a new story that continues to flesh out TS's universe while gradually stepping away from past episodes. Just a suggestion, but maybe Pixar can expand on the feeling of loss that lingered in the third film. As toys becomes less and less relevant in our current world, it'd be interesting how a new toy would survive. Or something. Look, the good folks at Pixar are smarter than I am about that stuff, so I'm sure they could do better. The point is, I want to explore this universe even more as it seems there are stories left to be told. Playtime never ends, so neither should the series. Matthew Razak: Now we're talking spin-offs. I have amazing faith in Pixar (more so than any other studio), but spin-offs mean the death of anything. When they look back and discuss where it really started going downhill for anything it's always around the time that a franchise starts to focus on other characters. The idea of toys coming to life isn't new, it's the characters and story that make Toy Story work so well. Veering off into some other storyline is fine and all, but it hardly ever works. You may ask why they shouldn't just try, and I bring you back to the fact that the story already concluded too perfectly. All your doing now is hammering nails in a coffin that was already buried. The question also becomes where do you stop. I'm sure Disney would have them make 50 more, and pushing to a fourth (especially with new characters) signals that they're totally willing to do that. I was wary about Pixar making so many sequels already and I think Cars 2 proved that everything they touch isn't gold. They're so good at crafting original stories that it seems a waste to churn out a fourth in the Toy Story series. Nick Valdez: I can see your point, but that wariness has been around since Toy Story 2 was announced. Toy Story itself was so beautifully told that felt like it ended also. When Toy Story 2 was announced (with brand new characters I might add) that doubt initially faded when TS2 turned out great. And when TS3 was announced? There was an even greater fallout, but that eventually subsided when we realized we can put our faith in Pixar. The same thing is happening here. We all know TS4 is going to be great because the material is there. Cars 2 flopped because it tried to make something out of nothing. And Planes? F**k Planes. Now to figure out where it should stop. I most certainly think it should end after a fourth as even I have limits. And it's not liking working on 4 is going to take away from their originals. Look at Monsters University, it's branching off a story they've told already but they still have time to work on The Good Dinosaur, that Dia de Los Muertos film, and that one about the mind. With their invigorates production schedule (and money), why not squeeze in another Toy Story? I mean, they're making Planes! Matthew Razak: Defending a bad idea by pointing to a worse idea doesn't actually make the bad idea any better. Yes, they're making Planes, but they shouldn't be. Just because you have the money doesn't mean you should use it on things that seem pretty geared towards simply making more. It's hard to point Pixar as an evil movie studio just gong for a quick buck, because they aren't, but a fourth installment is really just about that for the simple fact that it doesn't need to be made. Let's say the fourth one turns out good, that still doesn't mean it should have been made. There's something to be said for knowing when to end a story and the perfect endings is when you should end a story. Toy Story has had that perfect ending and adding to it, even if you add something good, cheapens that ending. With a fourth film we're taking something that has been made whole already and making it more whole. You can't do that. You're basically just handing someone a nice full glass of water and then pouring more water in. That waters not useful, it's just making a mess of your glass of water as it spills all over the place. Why have more of something that doesn't need more in it? Nick Valdez: Damn it Matt, your analogy was way too good. I honestly want to keep arguing that they should make more, but as the logic sinks in, I can predict my arguments will devolve more and more into blind fandom (until I eventually put my fingers in my ears and scream "LA LA LA NOT LISTENING LA LA LA LA"). I'm just going to concede on my end with one final push. I honestly just want more Toy Stor(ies) because I love them. Sure 3's ending was great (but I still argue that the open ending and passing the torch left me personally wanting), but we all know we're getting more of them whether we want them or not. Given Pixar's recent property mining, we could do a looooot worse (Up sequel? Didn't think so. That's an even better example of a perfect ending that shouldn't be ruined). This argument may seem tonally defensive (and even less legitimate than the previous one) but even if the fourth releases, it doesn't necessarily mean that the other three are going anywhere. TS has never been a franchise hinged on continuity restraint and it's broad themes lend themselves to an even wider range of stories, so it's not like another venture would ruin the franchise or the original trilogy's ending. In closing, why don't we enjoy playtime one more time? I have at least or more in me (and still have a snake in my boots) and I'm sure Pixar does too. And that's all, folks! Did you enjoy our little argument? Don't worry about Matt and I though. Like Woody and Buzz, we're the best of friends now! Disagree with Matt or myself and have an opinion of your own? Why don't you share it below in the comments or wage war in the forums!
Toy Story 4? photo
Matt and Nick debate the very idea of a Toy Story sequel
When a rumor of a Colombian Toy Story 4 confirmation went up a few days ago, there was an odd amount of division between the Flixist editors. Some editors (me) were in favor of a Toy Story sequel, while other editors (Matthew...

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