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3:00 PM on 02.20.2015

Settlers of Catan rights for film and TV acquired

If there's one thing The LEGO Movie has proven to audiences and, most importantly, producers, is that there's a good movie hidden inside every property, including toys.  Which is why I'm not really sure how to react when...

John-Charles Holmes

2:00 PM on 10.21.2014

Saw producers are ready for more Saw

How many Saw films were there? It seems like twenty were crammed into the franchise's six year run (2004-2010), but now producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules feel like a four-six year break is long enough for people to want mor...

Nick Valdez

3:00 PM on 03.11.2014

Lauren Shuler Donner talks Deadpool script

So it turns out that our favorite merc with a mouth (who had his mouth surgically shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has a script out there and Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says its "really good." Here is why you sh...

Michael Jordan

1:00 PM on 09.13.2013

Bruckheimer producing Beverly Hi... BAD BOYS 3!?

In some kind of boring news Variety is reporting that Jerry Bruckheimer will be returning to the Beverly Hills Cop franchise that got new legs earlier this year. The mega-blockbuster producer actually produced the first ...

Matthew Razak

Flixclusive Interview: Jason Blum (producer of The Purge) photo
Flixclusive Interview: Jason Blum (producer of The Purge)
by Sean Walsh

This job has a lot of perks. One of those perks is getting to interview some really awesome people. Case in point, I had the privledge of getting to talk with founder of Blumhouse Productions; producer of the Paranormal Activity franchise, Insidious, Sinister, and most recently The Purge (along with many, many others); and all-around awesome dude Jason Blum.

We talk about The Purge, what producers do and what led to his becoming one, the nature of found footage, how awesome Ethan Hawke is in real life (spoiler alert: as awesome as you think!), Blumhouse's forthcoming movies, what it's like working with a comedian on a horror film, and lots more.

Check out the interview below!

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Interview: Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert (Evil Dead) photo
Interview: Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert (Evil Dead)
by Geoff Henao

[This interview was originally posted as part of our South by Southwest 2013 coverage. It has been reposted to coincide with the theatrical release of Evil Dead.]

Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert: Two of the three masterminds behind everything Evil Dead. I had the amazing chance to talk to them about the new Evil Dead film, as well as the franchise as a whole. Of course, in typical Geoff fashion, I started off the roundtable interview with an aside about Campbell's suit handkerchief.

Spoilers are abound!

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11:00 AM on 02.20.2013

ABCs of Death directors answer YOUR questions on Reddit

Did you see The ABCs of Death? Do you have burning questions that you'd like answers? Do you go on Reddit? Well, then do I have news for you! Starting today at 11:00 PST - 2:00 PST, fifteen of the twenty-six directors and two of the producers of The ABCs of Death will be doing an AMA on Reddit! Check out the list of directors and producers below!

Sean Walsh

6:00 PM on 02.14.2013

A game of tag to turn into a movie

Have you and your friends ever played a game of tag? Have you and those same friends been playing it for 23 years? There is this group of friends from the state of Washington that have kept up a game of tag for that long. Bas...

Logan Otremba

2:00 PM on 02.05.2013

Del Toro to produce Secret Garden adaptation

Deadline is reporting that Guillermo Del Toro is set up to produce a version of The Secret Garden by Beasts of the Southern Wild writer Lucy Alibar. Universal snapped up the pitch amiss a battle of four studios...

Matthew Razak

8:00 AM on 01.15.2013

Trey Parker and Matt Stone found studio

Those wacky guys from South Park are at it again. Well, they've really just be at it for a while now, but now all of Trey Parker and Matt Stones work will be made under their new studio, Important Studios. One assumes th...

Matthew Razak

6:00 PM on 12.06.2012

Casey Affleck starring in Boston Strangler thriller

It looks like Casey Affleck and screenwriter Chuck Maclean have sold Warner Bros. on a pitch about making a thriller based on the infamous Boston Strangler murders that took place during the 1960's. Affleck is looking to star...

Thor Latham

8:00 PM on 11.28.2012

Plans for expansion of the Star Wars universe hinted at

Although details are a little hazy at the moment, sources for THR have purportedly shed a little more light on Lawrence Kasdan's and Simon Kinberg's involvement with the Star Wars universe. It turns out they may not be tied t...

Thor Latham

4:00 PM on 10.30.2012

Justin Lin to helm sci-fi comedy Subdivision

Justin Lin actually made a Fast & Furious movie enjoyable so he is clearly a miracle worker and needs to be given  more awesome projects. Universal agrees and has greenlit his next project Subdivision, a sci-fi ...

Matthew Razak

10:00 AM on 10.30.2012

Warner Bros. picks up Somacell, produced by David Goyer

In what can be described as just barely news, Warner Bros. has just picked up a spec script from first time screenwriter Ashleigh Powell titled Somacell. The story "chronicles a female prison guard in the near ...

Thor Latham

Flixclusive Interview: Bond producer Barbara Broccoli photo
Flixclusive Interview: Bond producer Barbara Broccoli
by Matthew Razak

As you probably guessed from my rampant writing on the subject, I'm a very, very big Bond fan. Like to a stupid degree. This past week I've basically been doing nothing but watch Bond movies back to back. It's been amazing. So you can imagine my excitement when I got the chance to sit down with Barbara Broccoli, daughter of Cubby Broccoli (one of Bond's original producers) and current producer of the Bond films. 

Broccoli is promoting the 50th anniversary of Bond on the big screen, and a documentary called Everything or Nothing: The Untold James Bond Story. It's screening on EPIX and premiered last Friday. You'll be able to catch it again on Oct. 20. If you're a Bond fan it's well worth your time as it has a lot of interviews that reveal a lot about the behind the scenes history of Bond.

Of course, after I had stopped not being able to speak from excitement, I promptly directed questions away from the documentary and to a very interesting discussion on the history of Bond.

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Metal Gear Solid movie confirmed, Avi Arad producing photo
Metal Gear Solid movie confirmed, Avi Arad producing
by Geoff Henao

The often rumored Metal Gear Solid film adaptation has been confirmed by the wolf himself, Hideo Kojima, at last night's Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary party in Japan. Kojima, the franchise's creator, spoke at length about his intentions for the film, including name dropping some specific actors and directors he'd like to have involved. Some of the names include Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Christopher Nolan, and Hugh Jackman.

More importantly, Avi Arad, who was instrumental in establishing the Marvel film franchise and last produced The Amazing Spider-Man, was announced as the adaptation's producer. John Ricciardi, a former EGM editor and co-founder of English localization company 8-4, live-tweeted the event and was able to share some choice quotes from Arad:

For a property to survive for 25 years, it's a phenomenon. [...] For many years, I fought to bring comics to theaters - and video games are the comics of today. [...] We will take our time and tell the story with all the nuances, ideology, cautionary tales needed. [...] [There are] So many people in Hollywood who would love to play these roles. Actors [are] always looking for emotional, challenging characters. [...] We'll tell these actors and directors who you want, and maybe they'll do it for nothing.

The film will be produced by Columbia Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Sony. While no other news was announced, it's good to see that Arad will be heading the adaptation. He very obviously cares a lot about the franchise, and given his pedigree with the first generation of Marvel films, he has a knack for adapting larger-than-life characters to the big screen. All I ask is David Hayter has some sort of role, whether it's behind the scenes as a screenwriter or in some sort of acting capacity. The circus of rumors officially begins now.

[Destructoid, via John Ricciardi's Twitter

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11:00 AM on 08.28.2012

Attractive men making movie against poaching

Attention! Attractive men do not like poaching. This point is proven by the new movie being produced to Warner Bros. The film is being put together by Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Tom Hardy according to THR. No word o...

Matthew Razak

Comment or tweet to enter to win Savages swag! photo
Comment or tweet to enter to win Savages swag!
by Liz Rugg

*Congratulations to our winner - Lonemoose!* Stay tuned for more contests soon!

Hey there fine readers! This time we're bringing you the opportunity to win a bunch of stuff for Universal's upcoming Savages! If you win, you'll receive an official Savages t-shirt in your choice of size, an official Savages Day of the Dead bracelet, as well as copies of Scarface and Born on the Fourth of July on DVD!

All you have to do to enter is comment below with your favorite Oliver Stone movie - can be produced by, directed by or written by - or retweet this tweet that just went live! If you do both, then you'll be entered twice! The contest is continental U.S. only and will end Sunday, August 8th, so get on it!

Then go see Savages when it comes out on July 6th and let us know what you think about it! You can also check out Savages' Twitter, Facebook and website.

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8:00 AM on 09.22.2011

New details on Elton John biopic Rocketman

Rocketman, the in-progress biopic about singer/songwriter Elton John, is shaping up to be as unconventional as the man himself. John is acting as executive producer on the project, so it's sort of more of an auto-biopic. One ...

Liz Rugg

10:00 AM on 07.26.2011

Chilean miners sell script to Black Swan producer Medavoy

It's hard to believe it's been almost a full year since the 33 Chilean miners were tragically trapped underground. Mike Medavoy (Black Swan, Shutter Island) has successfully reached an agreement with the representatives of th...

Tom Fronczak

11:00 AM on 07.01.2011

Drew Barrymore to direct & produce Heist Society

Warner Brothers won the rights to the Ally Carter book adaptation last year, and now the budget ball is finally rolling as Drew Barrymore joins Denise Di Novi (Edward Scissorhands, A Walk to Remember, dozens more in all genre...

Tom Fronczak

11:00 AM on 06.16.2011

Spielberg and Protosevich discussing Jurassic Park IV

If there's one thing in this world that we humans can't get enough of it's dinosaurs. They're seriously awesome. They've got those big ass claws and teeth and they do cool things. With this in mind its easy to explain why Jur...

Matthew Razak