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Hollywood sucks photo
Hollywood sucks

Simon Pegg says Start Trek 3 script scrapped for being too Star Trek-y

Because philosophy doesn't sell
May 20
You'd think that a franchise like Star Trek would have some pretty clear sailing after two successful films released, but the third movie is proving to be troublesome. Originally Robert Orci was going to direct, but Para... read
Idris Elba: ST3 photo
Idris Elba: ST3

Star Trek 3's villainy said to be provided by Idris Elba

These are just going to be Bond Movies now
Mar 25
What's this? Two Idris Elba stories in a many day? These times we live in are bountiful, and we must be grateful for as long as they last. Such fortune flows rarely to these shores. The last two Star Trek movies are two of my... read
RIP Leonard Nimoy photo
RIP Leonard Nimoy

RIP Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

A great actor, and a kind and gentle man. Leonard Nimoy will be missed.
Feb 27
Earlier today, news broke that Leonard Nimoy had passed away at the age of 83.  It's hard to put into words the personal importance of Nimoy's work. Star Trek wasn't just the show I watched as a child, it was my ins... read
Star Trek Into Greatness photo
Star Trek Into Greatness

The Star Trek films have a lot of lens flares

Yet not enough
Jan 23
According to these videos from editor Dylan Browne, there are quite a few lens flares in the first two Star Trek films. Around 1500 of them apparently. In other Star Trek news, Simon Pegg is co-writing the third film with Doug Jung (Dark Blue) with Justin Lin still signed on to direct. Only good can come of this, right?  Or at the very least, more lens flares!  [via /Film] read
Star Trek Into Greatness photo
Star Trek Into Greatness

Justin Lin to direct Star Trek 3

Star Trek Into Greatness
Dec 23
If you're one of many people, like myself and the rest of the Flixist staff, then you're anxiously awaiting the next installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7. That's all thanks to the work of Justin Lin, and... read

William Shatner has a role in Star Trek 3 if he wants it

No. No. No. No. NO!
Sep 23
Rumors are coming in that screenplay for the third Star Trek film may have a crucial part for William Shatner that will reteam him with Leonard Nemoy. Evidently the part is a pretty integral part of the film and thus won... read
Paramount 2016 Releases photo
Paramount 2016 Releases

Paramount announces 2016 release slate, includes Transformers 5 and Star Trek 3

Jun 19
While we've been looking to 2015's already bloated film schedule (thanks to loads and loads of comic book properties and sequels), and 2014 is only half way through, Paramount Pictures wants to remind everyone that 2016 is a ... read

Bob Orci to direct Star Trek 3

Quick! Somebody check Gene Roddenberry's grave!
May 14
Roberto Orci, known for both his work on the Star Trek and Transformers film franchises and his numerous offensive conspiracy theories, will direct the next Star Trek movie. Deadline initially reported on the rumor, before Pa... read

Kurtzman & Orci are breaking up; Orci wants to direct Trek 3

Who gets Sleepy Hollow?
Apr 23
If you're not familiar with the Alex Kurtzman/Roberto Orci team, you probably haven't been paying attention; the duo have their fingers in many a pot, including Xena: Warrior Princess, Fringe, Mission: Impossible III, and the... read

Joe Cornish Not Directing Star Trek 3; writers confirmed

Attack the Qo'noS?
Dec 10
After weeks of rumors, Paramount has put to rest the idea of Attack the Block director (and co-mastermind behind the best James Bond theme) Joe Cornish directing the next entry in the rebooted Star Trek film franchi... read

J.J. Abrams regrets keeping Khan in the Mystery Box

Dec 03
In a recent interview with MTV News, J.J. Abrams talked about why he felt keeping the identity of Star Trek Into Darkness' villain a secret was a bad idea; something I realized as soon as Kirk punched Khan in the face and he ... read
Star Trek Into Greatness photo
Star Trek Into Greatness

Rumor: Joe Cornish could direct Star Trek 3

This could be the best thing.
Nov 04
If this rumor turns out to be true in some fashion, allow me to title the next Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Greatness (or maybe Star Trek Into Something Less Full of Bologna?). According to the good folks at Deadline, since... read

JJ sez Star Wars VII will be "emotional" and buzzword

Star Trekker to take on Wars with emotion
Sep 20
Our lord and savior JJ Abrams came out of the star-spangled closet to finally say some buzzwords about the Second Coming of Christ a.k.a Episode VII. The Into Darkness director said that he hopes that he will deliver an ... read

Star Trek: Into Darkness and World War Z double feature!

Aug 28
Did you think the days of the grindhouse double feature were long gone from our incorporated movie going experiences? Well, you're right unless you're lucky enough to live by an awesome independent theater. However, thanks to... read

Star Trek 3 grabbing new writers

To boldly go where many other writers have gone before
Jul 23
Rumors are popping up that two new writers have been brought on for the next Star Trek film as Kurtzman, Orci and Lindelof leave to go mess around with some other beloved franchise. Bad Robot, JJ Abrams production compan... read
Star Trek Ranked photo
Ranking the Treks from worst to best
That title is a bit of a misnomer since I'm listing all of the Star Trek films here so really it's about ranking them from best to worst, but if we consider the fact that all Star Trek movies are awesome simply by b... read feature

Star Trek II Review photo
Set phasers to Cumberbatch
I thoroughly enjoyed the first Abrams Star Trek with all of its timeline meshing, cute references and lens flares. Into Darkness has been on my radar for a good while, and with Abrams now in the chair for Star ... read feature


See Star Trek: Into Darkness for free

Washington DC screening
May 08
Bummed you missed out on those sold out Wednesday screenings for Star Trek: Into Darkness? Cheer up, because Flixist is here for you! We have admit-two passes to a screening of the next installment of the Star Trek franc... read

Star Trek: Into Darkness releasing earlier after sell out

May 08
So it appears that Star Trek: Into Darkness's special IMAX Wednesday screenings went kind of quickly and they're all sold out. That fact means that the studios can't make anymore money off of ticket sales for the opening week... read

Two new posters for Star Trek Into Darkness

May 01
Two new posters have emerged for J.J. Abrams' next Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. One is a regular poster, and the other will only be available through purchase of an IMAX ticket to Into Darkness. The first poster ... read

Check out new photos of the new USS Enterprise bridge

Apr 18
Everyone knows by now that J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek series is able to boldly go where no one has gone before. Since it has essentially rewritten how the Star Trek universe plays out, why not jazz up the looks of it as... read
Into Darkness Trailer photo
Into Darkness Trailer

Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Meh-ness
Apr 17
The 87000th, and final, trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness pulls out all the stops and if this doesn't get you at least a little bit curious toward the film, then you'll probably want to avoid the film. We get a heap of new... read

Check out high quality photos of Star Trek Into Darkness

Apr 08
Today Paramount Pictures has released higher-quality photos from Star Trek Into Darkness. These have appeared online and in magazines, but not in as high of quality as before. There are some older photos among the bunch, but ... read

New Star Trek Into Darkness pics have guns and things

How'd we wind up in Black Hawk Down? This a holodeck thing?
Mar 26
Star Trek Into Darkness is just a few weeks away, and some new pics from the film have dropped. They feature everything that made the original Star Trek series great, like savage life-and-death gunfights filmed in war-torn Mo... read

Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

Plus a new poster!
Mar 21
It's almost like we're getting teasers and trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness everyday. And each time I see footage (this new trailer gives us a bit more plot, so if you want to avoid it like JJ wants you to then don't see... read

Two new Star Trek Into Darkness pics are scrunchy faced

Angry McScowlerson
Mar 20
If you were one of the few folks that decided to download that Star Trek Into Darkness app from a few weeks back, you were treated to two very scrunchy exclusive photos. How scrunchy? So scrunchy it looks like Cumberbatch has... read

Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness (Teaser)

Mar 11
Well, here's the third teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. There's a few seconds of repeat footage, but this teaser is mostly new and potentially good stuff. And from the teaser we can figure out a couple of things: ... read

Check out motion poster for Star Trek Into Darkness

Feb 18
Paramount has just released a new motion poster for Star Trek Into Darkness which basically combines the narration from the teaser trailer with the imagery in the teaser poster. While it isn't anything that we haven't seen or... read

Check out new photos from Star Trek Into Darkness

Feb 07
So besides having been a trailer and a Super Bowl spot, they have released some more production photos from Star Trek Into Darkness. There is a behind-the-scenes photo, Spock and Kirk (Quinto and Pine) staring intensely off s... read

UPDATE: Super Bowl TV spot for Star Trek Into Darkness

Tickets for early screenings on sale if you download the Star Trek App
Feb 05
[UPDATE: In addition to getting tix to early screenings of Star Trek Into Darkness, downloading the Star Trek App will also give users an exclusive look at an extended cut of this Super Bowl spot. A little more information a... read

Video proves no one cares about Zachary Quinto's Spock

"That's not Spock..."
Feb 01
With all of this J.J Abrams Star Wars business, we've beginning forgetting about that one other Star franchise. And with that comes the unfortunate forgetting of Zachary Quinto's Spock. In Funny or Die's Billy On the Street,... read

Here's a new Star Trek behind the scenes featurette

It's not very 'behind the scenes'
Jan 30
In the spirit of full disclosure I feel like I need to tell you guys that this featurette is kind of lame. It doesn't really show anything new, it's just J.J. Abrams and a few of the actors (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Z... read

List of film propaganda broadcasting during Super Bowl

World speechless in awe of the Hollywood machine's restless rhetoric.
Jan 30
This Sunday, February 3rd, there will be many balls kicked in America's annual celebration of the Wounded Knee Massacre; the glorious Super Bowl. Paramount, Universal and Disney have all announced their plans to broadcas... read

First look at new Klingons in Abram's Star Trek

Jan 21
Spoiler Alert! If you don't want to know what the Klingons will look like, or know if they have any involvement in Star Trek into Darkness, then stop reading now. Final warning folks! Well it appears that will probably be Kli... read
The NYAFF programmer who saw Star Trek Into Darkness early has passed away
We're sad to report that Daniel Craft, the terminally ill cancer patient who got to see Star Trek Into Darkness early, passed away on January 4th. He was 41 years old. Craft was a programmer for the New York Asian Film Festiv... read feature

J.J. Abrams arranged for a screening of the full film
Earlier in the week we reported that a terminal cancer patient may get to see Star Trek Into Darkness early. Dan was given just weeks to live and would have been content with just seeing the nine-minute prologue. J.J. Abrams ... read feature


Cancer patient may see Star Trek Into Darkness early

J.J. Abrams is arranging for a terminal patient to receive his dying wish
Dec 31
A man who may not have much time left has been granted one of his wishes: to see the Star Trek Into Darkness prologue, or maybe even the whole film early. J.J. Abrams himself is arranging for this to happen. It began as ... read

New images from Star Trek Into Darkness

Dec 27
The Star Trek Into Darkness hype machine hasn't let up too much since we got our first look at the poster at the beginning of the month. The first teaser trailer showed up a few days after the poster, a new still popped up a ... read
The lens flair is back with vengeance!
Here's the extended trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness. It definitely has a bit of a somber tone, with some voice-over pointing out what everyone already knows: Kirk is awesome but he's also a bit of an egomani... read feature


New image from Star Trek Into Darkness

Another blockbuster, another villain who is intentionally captured
Dec 11
With so few day's left until The Hobbit is released, and subsequently the 9 minute preview of J.J. Abram's Star Trek Into Darkness, Paramount has released an image of our boys Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary... read

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