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First trailer for Sci-Fi drama I Origins looks interesting

Apr 10
I Origins is a new Sci-Fi movie from Another Earth director Mike Cahill. It follows the story of Ian Gray, (Michael Pitt) a scientist who meets and falls in love with a mysterious woman (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) with st... read
Don Jon Review photo
That's some good jerkin'
Our rabid consumption of media informs our lives and habits as much as our upbringing. For Jon, that media obsession is porn. When he isn't debating what number to rate a girl at the club, he is masturbating three times a day... read feature

Before Midnight Review photo
Part three of one of the most perfect trilogies in cinema
To follow up Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, two of the best character pieces ever made, was always going to be a challenge. Keeping that quality and that momentum going into a third film made another nine years later ... read feature


Trailer: Dirty Wars

Apr 23
Dirty Wars is a Sundance selected documentary by director Richard Rowley which seeks to shed light on the extremely covert operations of the United States government's Joint Special Operations Command. Dirty Wars follows inv... read

Trailer: Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes

Apr 19
Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes stars Kaya Scodelario as a troubled young girl who starts baby sitting for her new neighbor Linda (Jessica Biel) who bares a striking resemblance to her deceased mother.  The film has ... read
V/H/S/2 Review photo
A monster of a sequel
In the original V/H/S, numerous tapes littered the apartment of the film's depraved gang of psychos, leaving the viewer to wonder what else those cassettes contained and whether the viewer can stomach to watch any more. S-VHS... read feature

Before Midnight Review photo
From dawn to dusk
There is an ebb and flow to the laughter between the men and women of my theater, during Before Midnight. As Jesse makes a salient point about the manic nature of women, the men laugh. When Celine talks about the self-serv... read feature

Upstream Color Review photo
No math required
Part of me wants to wait until I fully understand every facet of Upstream Color before I review it, but a larger part of me suspects I never will. Might as well strike while the iron is hot. Upstream Color is mind-altering,... read feature

Stoker Review photo
[This review was originally posted as part of our 2013 Sundance Film Festival coverage. It has been reposted to coincide with the film's theatrical release.] Some time between being handed a Chinatown bootleg of Oldboy in 200... read feature

Top 5 films of Sundance photo
The best year yet?
Another Sundance, another 27 films reviewed. Though this is only my third year, Sundance 2013 is by far the greatest one I attended yet. Even bolder, I'll say that it may be the greatest in the festival's history. Looking bac... read feature

The Way, Way Back Review photo
Next stop Adventureland
The losers of high school dramas are cooler than me. Anthony Michael Hall and Jesse Eisenberg would be my high school's presidents, not wallflowers. It happens so often: the seemingly hopeless male protagonist, that we are su... read feature

A.C.O.D. Review photo
Arrested Development
No longer just an alternative, divorce is practically inevitable. A.C.O.D. is a feel-good comedy with a cynical stance on marriage. Writer-director Stuart Zicherman doesn't say anything profound in this debut, but a strong comedic cast prop up his limp material. read feature

Magic Magic photo
Some laugh at what scares them. This act can be perceived as obnoxious and puzzling to someone else in a theater, but it feels completely natural during Magic Magic: A hypnotizing balancing act between horror and comedy (but ... read feature

The Gatekeepers photo
Israel Confidential
In Israel's Shin Bet, I find an intelligence agency not so different from the CIA. In Israel's religious zealots, I find an extremist terrorist group not so different from the Taliban that our government tells us to fear. The... read feature

Lovelace Review photo
The dark side of porn
Pornography is a dirty business and I'm not strictly speaking about the clean-up crew. One doesn't have to deeply penetrate the industry to dig up tales of manipulation, abuse, and self-destruction. 1972 hit Deep Throat set t... read feature

The Spectacular Now photo
Sutter is the life of the party, and the joke of his high school. He is the embodiment of our YOLO teen culture. The one that turns Kendrick Lamar's lament on teenage alcoholism ("Swimming Pools") into a party anthem. With no... read feature

Very Good Girls Review photo
A mature Fanny
Dakota Fanning is now old enough to play the role of the older sister and it freaks me out. Witnessing a child actor, one much younger than me, mature into a young adult is a monumental event in life. It feels like a sign pos... read feature

Emanuel Review photo
Blank page
Throughout the entirety of Sundance, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes was the only movie I didn't take any notes on. I guess this is what is implied by "noteworthy," and Emanuel is not. For the life of me, I couldn't pick up my pencil and write anything of note, because something of note would have to exist in the first place. read feature

Charlie Countryman Review photo
Holiday in Romania
The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman is so forgettable a film that I started forgetting the plot while watching. Never to fear, all I had to do was recall the dozens of other films that cling to their genre tropes as tig... read feature

Sound City Review photo
An hour into Sound City, the film takes an unexpected detour, suddenly documenting a jam session between David Grohl and friends instead of documenting a notable music studio's history. It's in this transition that my initial suspicions becomes resoundingly clear: Sound City is basically a film Grohl made to justify his purchase of a really expensive soundboard. read feature


Catdance Film Festival: best cat-inspired film fest

Also is the cutest film festival known to man.
Jan 22
At this year's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Fresh Step brand cat litter hosted an event they called Catdance Film Festival 2013. They screened real short films - all about cats - which the internet is invited t... read
Big Sur Review photo
Jack's wild years
It was the public's idolization of Jack Kerouac that spurred him to move to a remote cabin and write Big Sur. It's funny then that this biopic of the same name subjects Kerouac to a similar treatment of worship and tribute th... read feature

Sundance Day 3 & 4 Recap photo
Steve Coogan is watching
This guy is yanking his wiener. Next to me. In the restroom. And on the other side of me is an old guy that keeps farting. And then, right behind me, someone sneaks in and ransacks my Sundance water bottle. True story. Boring computer nerds, a post-Potter winner, and a horror film with slightly more gore than too much. This is Sundance and these are the reviews for day three and four. read feature

Dick Chaney Review photo
The lonely life of being a Dick
Dick Cheney's influence on America over the past decade is unparalleled. With each successive year of living with bossy TSA guards, unwarranted surveillance, and drones over the Middle East, his efforts as the vice president ... read feature

We Are What We Are Review photo
Keeping tradition alive, and little girls dead
I can't even pretend to imagine what I'd do or how I'd feel if my father was a serial killer. We Are What We Are does it for me, and though I may not like what I see, the film is compelling because of it. read feature

The Look of Love Review photo
Boogie Nights in the UK
I can forgive The Look of Love for operating within cliches and stereotypes of the '70s, because porn mogul Paul Raymond is one of the few that set the tone of the decade. Raymond is a man of excess, pushing the moral standar... read feature

Kill Your Darlings Review photo
Kill Your Potters
I'm always grateful when a film reminds me of that unmistakable feeling of being attached to a seat cushion, physically changed by the film's end. My gut sinks, my vision narrows, and I lose myself in thought, while the audie... read feature

Computer Chess Review photo
Wasted potential
I share Computer Chess director Andrew Bujalski`s fetish for early electronics: the computer towers that rise to your waist, the cumbersome consumer cameras, and the analog synths with more knobs and switches than keys. Like me, Bujalski doesn't know how to translate this adornment into a cohesive film that puts its audience before its pretensions. read feature

Sundance Day 1 & 2 Recap photo
teabagging ha ha ha
Videogame soldiers teabagging each other, Micheal Cera on drugs, and crazy, homeless McConaughey. This is Sundance and these are the reviews for day one and two. read feature

Virtually Heroes Review photo
Lulz or GTFO, n00bz
There was once a time when videogame enthusiasts were happy to see the presence of games represented on the big screen, anyway they could have it. Yes, the Super Mario Bros. film is terrible but -- shit man, it`s Mario! Maybe in those halcyon years there would be some small sect of people that would embrace Virtually Heroes' crass and obvious parodies of videogame tropes. read feature

Mud Review photo
A clean break
Jeff Nichols' films pay homage to a part of the south rarely represented in film. The small towns of Arkansas and Mississippi, where oysters are still delivered door-to-door daily and the local supermarket is called The Piggl... read feature

Dayani Cristal Review photo
The invisible man
Black Adidas, beige khakis, and a Spanish prayer in pocket. Another immigrant lays dead in the Sonora Desert -- the 20 minute drive turned deadly walk that separates Arizona from the southern border. Who is Dayani Cristal? un... read feature

Mister & Pete Review photo
No hope kids
In the extended cut of The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, the film ends with a sack of puppies being beaten by a baseball bat and then set aflame. Director George Tillman, Jr. (Men of Honor, Notorious) doesn't exactly display a great amount of subtlety or kindness to his characters throughout the film's two hours of misery. read feature

Crystal Fairy Review photo
This is Michael Cera on drugs
Micheal Cera starring in two Sundance films by Chilean director Sebastian Silva strikes me as pretty random. It then makes perfect sense that Crystal Fairy is a film prone to random flights of fancy (Silva's other film being ... read feature

Most Anticipated Sundance photo
Can't hardly wait
Going through the catalog of Sundance films feels a bit like Christmas. Discovering the latest actor-turned-director debut, long awaited sophomore effort, and film description too bizarre to pass up almost makes scheduling th... read feature


Sundance 2013: We're here and freezing

Here we go
Jan 17
One year, one poorly packed suitcase, and one regretful purchase of one $200 coat at American Apparel later, Sundance is here again and here I am in it, freezing and happy. 2012 was my first year as honest-to-goodness press... read

Teaser: S-VHS

Jan 16
I will be the first to admit that this series has flown way under my radar. If you are like me and have never seen the first film, V/H/S, then head on over to Netflix and watch it. I’ll be doing so myself so I can be e... read

Trailer: Upstream Color

Jan 15
This full trailer for Upstream Color - the anticipated, forthcoming film from director Shane Carruth - seems to give the film a broad sense of transience and fluidity, with hints of violence and unease. A lot of people, incl... read
Shane Carruth's sophomore film will debut at Sundance
Shane Carruth's Primer remains a great example of limitless creativity despite a limited budget ($7,000). It's a wonderfully intelligent mindbender that I still revisit every now and then, which is part of why I'm excited for... read feature


Trailer: Goats

Jul 10
In Goats, Graham Phillips stars as Ellis, a young boy who was raised by his eccentric, new age mother in rural Arizona with her live-in boyfriend Goat Man (David Duchovny) - who is in fact a goat shepherd. Ellis' world gets ... read

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