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5:30 PM on 02.03.2014

Movie Monday for February 03, 2014

Hey movie fans, Super Bowl has come and gone, and we got all the trailers and movie info that might have gotten buried while you were drinking the big game away.

Michael Jordan


Mistwalker's mobile-RPG Terra Battle has surpassed 1.5 million downloads worldwide

Unlock new "adventurers" from iconic Final Fantasy character designer Yoshitaka Amano and a new scenario from Yasumi Matsuno, designer of Final Fantasy XII. Also, Terra Battle received the highly anticipated online co-op mode update that allows players to work together to clear stages and adds summons to the battlefield. More Info.

4:00 PM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for 3 Days to Kill

In this Super Bowl spot for 3 Days to Kill, Kevin Costner somehow crams talking about football into another movie. As he puts on his best Liam Neeson face (although Neeson has proven he could still be a badass at his age), K...

Nick Valdez

3:00 PM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for Pompeii

Thanks to that cool band, Bastille, I automatically think of that extremely good "Pompeii" single when I read the word. When I was suddenly reminded Pompeii is a movie that exists during the Super Bowl, I was sadde...

Nick Valdez

2:00 PM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for The Monuments Men

Releasing later this week (since it was delayed from its intended release last December) is George Clooney's The Monuments Men, and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's filled to the brim with an amazing cast, hearkens ...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for Noah

Darren Aronofsky's upcoming Noah is going to look absolutely stunning. It may not be the best movie, or even the best representation of a biblical property, but it's going to look wonderful. This Super Bowl spot further ceme...

Nick Valdez

11:30 AM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets Most Wanted has so much to live up to as the first film helped revitalize The Muppets and the way we see them. Now that it's missing Jason Segel, does it have a chance? By the looks of this spot ran during the S...

Nick Valdez

Second trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier photo
Second trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier
by Nick Valdez

Captain America: The First Avenger was my favorite pre-Avengers Marvel movie, and by the looks of this second trailer for its follow up, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the sequel is going to be as good or better than the first. The second trailer has quite a bit of new footage mixed in with some old, but it has more of Anthony Mackie's Falcon so it's a winner in my book. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this second trailer possibly spoils a few of the film's big scenes. 

If you want to see less footage, but still want to be impressed by what you see, the Super Bowl spot is under the jump. And in the gallery you'll find a load of posters and images we weren't able to get to. Captain America: The Winter Solder waves the Star Spangled Banner April 4th. 

[via Marvel UK]

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10:00 AM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for Draft Day

Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, isn't a movie made for me, but I can see why it's going to be a big deal. Backed by the NFL as it morphs a sitting room into a stirring drama, Draft Day takes the most important day in a lo...

Nick Valdez

9:00 AM on 02.03.2014

Super Bowl TV spot for Need for Speed

This certainly looks like a movie based on a videogame based on cars driving really fast. The upcoming Need for Speed movie debuted a spot during the Super Bowl that completely lacks the fervor of last year's Fast & Furi...

Nick Valdez

Super Bowl TV spot for Transformers: Age of Extinction photo
Super Bowl TV spot for Transformers: Age of Extinction
by Nick Valdez

Folks, this might be the Transformers movie we've all been waiting for. While this official Super Bowl spot is short, it gives us more information than we can handle. In fact, this looks like a completely different series. Gone are the Labeoufs, random hot girl poses, and military action, and here in its place is the lovable (and more action oriented) Mark Wahlberg, a girl who plays his daughter instead of love interest, oh and DINOBOTS. 

Yes the dinosaur robots rumored and teased for the better half of a year have finally been revealed. AND OPTIMUS PRIME RIDES A TYRANNOSAURUS REX. It all looks so good, I'm willing to forgive the other films and look at this from a positive angle from now on. It just looks fun. Transformers: Age of Extinction rolls out June 27th. 

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8:30 AM on 02.05.2013

UPDATE: Super Bowl TV spot for Star Trek Into Darkness

[UPDATE: In addition to getting tix to early screenings of Star Trek Into Darkness, downloading the Star Trek App will also give users an exclusive look at an extended cut of this Super Bowl spot. A little more information a...

Hubert Vigilla

10:30 AM on 02.04.2013

Super Bowl TV spot for Oz the Great and Powerful

During the Super Bowl a new trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful landed. You might be forgiven for thinking it was actually not a new trailer since we've seen so many trailers for this film that we've probably seen the...

Matthew Razak

Super Bowl TV spot for Fast and Furious 6 photo
Super Bowl TV spot for Fast and Furious 6
by Nick Valdez

Let the hypest of hype trains continue. How can a few words do justice to the sublime nature of the Super Bowl spot for Fastest and Furiousest Fast and Furious 6 (it's unfortunate official title)? So badass. There's everything I could ever want since the synopsis released. Cars, manliness, an awesome sight/not-surprise at the end. Just do yourself a favor and watch arguably the most entertaining spot of the entire game last night. Then buy me the awesome teaser poster for the film (which you can peep in the gallery). 

Seriously, super hyped for Memorial Day. 

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9:30 AM on 02.04.2013

Super Bowl TV spot for The Lone Ranger

Now if memory serves, this TV spot for The Lone Ranger marked the transition from normal commercials to Super Bowl commercials. It was a long spot, essentially a trailer for people watching on TV, and you know what? It doesn...

Hubert Vigilla

8:00 AM on 02.04.2013

Extended Super Bowl TV spot for Iron Man 3

If you were watching the game yesterday expecting to see a one-minute Iron Man 3 commercial, it didn't quite work out that way. After the lights went down at the Superdome, you got a 30-second tease of the Iron Man 3 spot yo...

Hubert Vigilla

4:00 PM on 02.01.2013

Super Bowl TV spot for Snitch

Here's another one of those Super Bowl TV spots cropping up early, but a bit of an unannounced surpise. This time it's Snitch starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Kenneth Williams. Like the World W...

Hubert Vigilla

8:00 AM on 02.01.2013

Super Bowl TV spot for World War Z

A few of those Super Bowl XLVII movie ads we mentioned the other day are popping up ahead of the big game. Case in point, this 30-second TV spot for the troubled adaptation of World War Z starring Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, and...

Hubert Vigilla

9:00 AM on 01.30.2013

List of film propaganda broadcasting during Super Bowl

This Sunday, February 3rd, there will be many balls kicked in America's annual celebration of the Wounded Knee Massacre; the glorious Super Bowl. Paramount, Universal and Disney have all announced their plans to broadcas...

Nathan Hardisty

Ferris Bueller 2 is really a Super Bowl ad for Honda photo
Ferris Bueller 2 is really a Super Bowl ad for Honda
by Hubert Vigilla

Remember yesterday when we got your hopes up with a potential teaser for Ferris Bueller 2: The Secret of the Ooze? Well, it's really a teaser for a Honda commercial during the Super Bowl. Because for some reason they didn't want to surprise us with nostalgia during the actual game.

Sources with Jalopnik say the Honda ad will likely recreate some scenes from the original film, making us long for a sequel all the more. So let me welcome you to Disappointmentville. Population: all of us. Enjoy your stay. (Fact: I'm the Sausage King of Disappointmentville.)

Chick... Chicka-chicakahhh!

[Via Jalopnik]

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12:01 PM on 02.07.2011

Trailer Round-up: Super Bowl Edition

I, like you, was busy last night getting drunk and watching the Super Bowl. I, unlike you, missed alot of the commercials because I kept switching back and fourth between the game and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I couldn't help it, I just have an affinity for puppies. Still, I gathered all the Super Bowl movie trailers for rapid fire judgment. More after the coin toss.

Andres Bolivar