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There's a Bumblebee Transformers spinoff ... and 13 more spinoffs

Oh what the $%&^
Jul 15
// Rick Lash
It's no secret that the ancient order of Stone Masons [Flixist editors] are not what some would call loyal apostolates [and some would call fans] of the Holy Father Michael Bay--may he live forever [please no]--and his sacram...
Box Office Numbers photo
Box Office Numbers

Box Office Numbers: China's probably going to save the Transformers franchise...again

Wow, china that big
Jun 26
// Nick Valdez
Tranformers: The Last Knight is, well, a mess. Poor writing, poor pacing, poor Marky Mark, and is basically par for the course for the Transformers series. Yet, these things still make a ton of money. You ...

Review: Transformers: The Last Knight

Jun 21 // Matthew Razak
[embed]221624:43613:0[/embed] Transformers: The Last KnightDirector: Michael BayRated: PG-13Release Date: June 21, 2017 Transformers: The Last Knight doesn't so much have a plot as it has a bunch of action sequences attached together by people saying words that make no sense. If you recall from the end of the last film, Optimus Prime launched himself into space to find the Autobots' creator. In his absence more Transformers have come crashing to earth and humanity has started to be dicks to them and rounding them up. Cade Yaeger (Mark Wahlberg) is hanging out with the Autobots from the last film, including Bumble Bee, as an outlaw who is trying to protect as many of his robot friends as his can. Then... I don't know... some things happen in no logical order. Anthony Hopkins shows up along with Laura Haddock, and everyone stands around spewing incoherent exposition until the next action sequence is cued up. My ongoing complaint with these movies has always been that these Transformer films aren't about the Transformers, and The Last Knight is the culmination of this. The first three quarters of this movie is almost entirely "human" interaction. I put human in quotes because no actual humans interact like the characters in this movie, unless I've missed some universal memo where we're all supposed to speak as if we're delivering important one-liners every other sentence. There is so much illogical plot in this film and none of it involves the Transformers we're coming to see. I'm not sure who thought that Cade Yaeger (god, could that name be any douchier) was an interesting character, but he's not and none of the other characters are either, and I CAME TO A TRANSFORMERS MOVIE TO SEE TRANSFORMERS! The saving grace of the previous films was always Optimus Prime, voiced as wonderfully as ever by Peter Cullen. Cullen somehow made stilted dialog into into epic speeches, and Prime's constant Saturday morning cartoon proselytizing somehow made the idiocy of the films more palatable. So what does The Last Knight do? Removes him from the plot until the third act! Any hope that the end of the last film signaled that we'd get a Transformers-focused film for once are instantly dashed in the opening scene as Prime is basically tied up and not mentioned again for the next hour and half. When he does return the movie instantly moves from "stab me in the eyes for the love of god kill me now" to "OK, just put me in a coma," but that's not much of an improvement, obviously. I will say that the action is actually better than the last film in terms of execution. Age of Extinction was a directorial mess in this department for a variety of reasons, but Bay seems to have put his brains back in his head this time around, and edited together some crisp sequences. The last battle actually pulls you to the edge of your seat, and you can follow what's going on instead of being lost in a blur of cuts. However, being better than the last film in terms of action wasn't a high bar to jump, and this one barely clears it. Action sequence aren't put together to be complete scenes, but instead more of a series of ideas that Bay clearly thought would be cool. At one point there's a time freezing gun, and at another gravity just randomly disappears. Sure it makes for some cool shots, but the action itself becomes illogically incoherent -- a series of camera swoops mushed together into explosion porn. Another not-actually-impressive feat is that the film somehow goes on (and on and on and on) for two-and-half hours. I know these films make a lot of money, but could someone please reign Bay in just a little bit? Even a tiny modicum of restraint in terms of action sequences, slow motion pans over a woman's body, or hapless exposition could have saved trillions of theater goer's brain cells. As it stands Bay and the screenwriters are basically allowed to do whatever the hell pops into their head. Entire characters are introduced and then ignored for most of the running time of the film, and most of them aren't even needed in the first place. At one point a WWI tank Transformer just sort of rolls up, makes a random explosion and then is never seen again. It's like Star Magic Jackson Jr. walked into a room of 4-year-olds and green lit whatever the hell they wanted.  It's also hard to honestly express just how many plot holes are in this film. Plot hole is too light a term. Plot black hole? Plot hell hole? Using the word plot anywhere near The Last Knight just seems wrong. There are literally moments in the movie where they just make a joke about not caring about a coherent plot. I suppose they hoped poking fun at their inability to develop logical reasons for the characters to progress from one point to another would distract us from that very fact, but none of the humor is that funny either. Everything comes straight out of action movie screenplay 101, and it couldn't feel more contrived. Romance. Check. Family. Check. Old guy saying a bad word. Check. It's all so pandering that I can't believe that audiences can't see what they're doing. We can't be this stupid to eat this up and laugh at tired jokes. There is always a defense of films like this that we're just supposed to shut our brain down and enjoy the ride. But this isn't a ride, it's a death trap. Yes, there are films that are great for just enjoying. Michael Bay himself has directed many of them, but Transformers: The Last Knight should not be enjoyed. Giving this movie money is re-enforcing everything wrong with the industry, and possibly everything wrong with the world. It is a mountain of turgid garbage. It is elephant vomit expelled into a pile of rotting corpses. If it was a person it would be going to a very special circle of hell. It is, for lack of a better word, bad.  You got us, Kaufman. You got us good. 
I'm running out of synonyms for bad
Transformers: The Last Knight is proof that Andy Kaufman is alive. When the first film arrived it was a classic Michael Bay film. Yes, it was dumb, and full of stupid, but it had awesome action, and Optimus Prime, and it...

Transformers 5 photo
Transformers 5

New Transformers: The Last Knight trailer is incomprehensible yet mesmerizing nonsense

A Michael Bay fever dream
Apr 12
// Hubert Vigilla
The trailers for Transformers: The Last Knight have been absolutely daft. It's like Michael Bay has turned over his toy box and made big battles out of whatever action figures fell out. Now, this sounds great in theory--it's ...


Shia LaBeouf's latest film, Man Down, sells one ticket in UK premiere

Blame it on Brexit?
Apr 05
// Rick Lash
You remember Shia LaBeouf, the boy who cried giant, alien, metal, transforming robots from space, back in ... oh the Mesozoic era (2007), right? Well, that fast-talking pre-hipster who made out with Megan Fox at the height of...
Trans-five-mers photo
Wahlburger with cheese
The first Transformers: The Last Knight trailer was a complete mess. Those hoping new footage would somehow make sense of it (me) are going to be gravely disappointed. The Super Bowl spot clears up one thing, Optimus is clear...

Trans-five-mers photo
I'm so confused, man
Well, that was certainly something. Not content to leave the series as he claimed, Michael Bay has returned to direct Transformers: The Last Knight, a movie featuring a very serious plot about very serious things. But will al...

Transformers photo

So King Arthur will be in Transformers: The Last Knight

Just when you had hope
Aug 30
// Matthew Razak
Transformers: The Last Knight dropped an incredible looking poster a little while ago and it actually made me think that Michael Bay and company were possibly maybe doing something interesting. What a fool I am. With jus...
The Last Knight photo
The Last Knight

The first poster for Transformers: The Last Knight actually gives me hope

Wait, this looks kind of cool
Aug 01
// Matthew Razak
OK, I know we've all been burned before about four times over, and that teasers this early on almost never reflect the final outcome of a movie, but this first poster/banner for Transformers: The Last Knight actually loo...
Tran5formers  photo

Transformers 5 gets an official title and teaser image

Sadly not Tran5formers or Transformer5
May 17
// Nick Valdez
Because the Transformers films still make more money than the GDP of many small countries put together (and with Age of Extinction holding strong as China's biggest box office opening ever). work on the next film in the franc...
Transformers photo

Michael Bay confirms he is back for Transformers 5

Rumors of 50 dump trucks full of money
Jan 05
// Matthew Razak
Michael Bay has made progressively worse Transfomers  movies since the original film was released and they have made progressively more money. Despite the fact that he's constantly talking about leaving the franchise he ...
Tran5mers photo

Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg probably returning for Transformers 5

Sep 18
// Nick Valdez
Along with news of an animated Transformers spin-off, some other news sprouted out of Paramount's weird writer's workshop which Paramount paid somewhere along seven figures to construct. The writers included (Zak Penn (T...
Transformers  photo

Transformers is getting an animated yeah

Sep 18
// Nick Valdez
Remember when we told you about Paramount's Transformers think tank of writers (which included the likes of Robert Kirkman, Akiva Goldsman, and Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway among several others)? Well, here's...

Transformers Origin film on the way, Ant-Man writers now involved

Ant-Man, Car-Man, what's the difference?
May 28
// Jackson Tyler
"Yeah, but where did Optimus Prime come from," I hear you ask. It's a fantastic question, the answer of which I'm sure shall be filled with pathos and beauty, a story for the ages of one car man fighting the other car man on ...
Transformers photo

Transformers sequels have found their writers, including Robert Kirkman

More than writes the eye
May 21
// Nick Valdez
Remember that weird sounding "writers room" Paramount was trying to set up for Transformers sequels and spin-offs Jackson wrote about some time ago? To make the whole thing weirder, we now know who's a part of it. Seemingly f...

Paramount building a Transformers writers room

More than meets the I, Robot
Mar 27
// Jackson Tyler
Paramount are bringing in Akiva Goldsman to head up a writers room developing future Transformers movies, including multi-part sequels, and spin offs. The last one was terrible, the next one will be too, but the fas...

Michael Bay may not return for Transformers 5

Can I get that in writing?
Aug 12
// Mike Cosimano
Ahh, the Transformers movie cycle persists unabated. For those of you who don't follow the production of these movies, the cycle goes like this. A bad Transformers movie is released. Critics savage it. The people involved pus...

Transformers 4 becomes the highest grossing movie in China ever

Film pulls in over $1.39 billion beating Avatar
Jul 09
// Matthew Razak
Damn it, China. What happened to you? You used to be cool. This is why we can't have nice things.  [via Variety]

The Breaking of Optimus Prime

Jul 03
// Fengor
[Flixist community member Fengor wrote up an awesome piece examining the characterization of Optimus Prime in Transformers: Age of Extinction, check it out! Did you see the new Transformers? What did you think? If you want yo...
Trans4mers Art photo
Trans4mers Art

Check out this cool Transformers: Age of Extinction Dinobot art

Jul 01
// Nick Valdez
As bad as Transformers: Age of Extinction is, it has a few saving graces. One of them is the cuddly, yet super spiky looking Dinobots. Since the first trailer, the film had been hyping up the appearance of these fan favorite ...

Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Jun 27 // Matthew Razak
Transformers: Age of ExtinctionDirector: Michael BayRated: PG-13Release Date: June 26, 2014 [embed]217947:41634:0[/embed] I'm not even sure I should credit this rambling train wreck with a plot synopsis since it completely lacks coherence. Jumping from scene to scene and making little sense for most of the film Age of Extinction is substandard in story even for a Michael Bay film. Characters are tossed around like nothing, plot points pop up and then disappear and action sequences are tied together by logic so loose duct tape couldn't even save it. By the time we were rolling into the second hour (it's 2 hours and 45 minutes long) I began to wonder if the screenwriters were actually challenging themselves to make the most incoherent mess they could just to see if people would still pay for it (Answer: they will).   The thing they try to call a plot starts out in Texas long after the events of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. We find Cade Yeagar (Mark Wahlberg) living with his daughter Tessa (Nicola Peltz) in Texas. The Autobots have gone into hiding after the U.S. government has started hunting for them thanks to the evil leadership of Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer). He's working with inventor Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci) to steal the Autobots technology and do something evil with it. They're also being helped by some sort of Transformer bounty hunter who wants to capture Optimus Prime. Also there are three new Autobots we've never heard of and we're supposed to care about them. Anyway, Cade finds Optimus Prime broken down and without knowing it revives him and then explosions start happening.  In reality that's all I really want from a Transformers movie. That plot seems pretty dumb, but we can work with it, right? Not really. Nothing holds together well in the film. The screenplay is easily the most banal of the entire trilogy (though I still think this is better than the horrendous Transformers 2). It treats the audience like they can't see what's going on on screen and tosses out one-liners with no meaning at all. John Goodman voices the Autobot Hound whose only job is to spit out nonsensical one-liners that have no context. Good one-liners are supposed to be a given in a movie where you aren't expecting much else out of the screenplay, but Age of Extinction can't even handle that.  Speaking of not being able to handle things, Michael Bay must have lost his sanity when putting this film together. The one consistently good thing you can say about the director is that he has an incredible talent for piecing together surprisingly coherent and well done action sequences. Not this time around. The action is miserably all over the place with scenes jumping around so much they make even less sense than the plot. I'm not sure what Bay was doing during the shoot, but it definitely wasn't getting the shots he needed to piece together some great action. This isn't to say there aren't still moments of brilliance. It's still Michael Bay and he still blows stuff up good here and there, but it is far from his standard quality of action. Aiding in this action downfall is the fact that Bay decided to shoot some of the film with IMAX cameras much like Christopher Nolan did with the The Dark Knight Rises. Except unlike Nolan, who shot entire scenes in IMAX, bay seems to randomly select which shots he did in IMAX. This means that in the middle of fast paced action sequences, full of quick cuts, you're constantly switching back and forth between IMAX and regular film and it might be the most jarring experience one can have without stopping the film outright. It's as if your television was constantly switching back and forth between HD and standard definition. The IMAX stuff actually looks incredible and it is stunning to see Optimus Prime pummel robots in that format, but it is ruined thanks to Bay's inability to use it consistently.  Talking about the actor's performances almost seems like a moot point since it is a well known fact that continuing to have human characters in these films is the series biggest downfall. When giant robots are fighting for the future of humanity do we really need to spend at least half the movie learning about family issues? The human/robot balance is actually one of the things the first Transformers got right and the rest simply failed at. Wahlberg by the way is horrendous. It may be the worst role he's ever picked up and it is definitely his worst performance. I can't really comment on Nicola Peltz's acting ability since most of her time on screen is spent with her ass facing the camera while glad in daisy dukes or panning up her legs slowly. I've never seen an actress in so many shots just so we're allowed to once again check out her body. Then again half this movie is needless. The extraordinary long running time is given for almost no reason and with a plethora of bad guys and "final" battles it gets impossible to tell when the movie will actually end. I thought at one point it was near over, but then I realized that the Dinobots hadn't even shown up yet. There's almost two movies here really. The producers were clearly demanding that half the film be made for the Chinese market so an American film takes places and then a Chinese one after that, the setting jumping from Chicago to Hong Kong. Suddenly they have an entirely new country to use product placement for and that means we evidently need a bunch of new plot that relates to the previous hour and half in no way whatsoever. Don't forget to feature as many cameos of Chinese movie stars as you can even if they say nothing and do nothing. I'm not begrudging the film appealing to a market that is quickly overtaking the U.S., but then just make your movie in China, don't just decide to stretch what should be a two hour film into a nearly three hour movie. I did state that there is some awesome in this movie. Optimus Prime voiced by Peter Cullen will always be awesome even if he's spewing the worst dialog he's had. The new, sleeker design of the Autobots is pretty cool too, though I can't say it is better than the previous ones. The less racist, though still stereotypical, new Autobots are also cool, with Drift (Ken Watanabe) being a Samurai and Crosshairs (John DiMaggio) being a sort of Dante from Devil May Cry rip off. Goodman's cigar chomping Hound is forced upon us as if we're supposed to instantly relate to him, but there's nothing really there. At least with Bumblebee we've got some emotional attachment from previous films, but Hound is just dumb.  When I came out of Dark of the Moon I had had fun despite its many flaws. When I came out of Age of Extinction all I could think about was how bored I was until the final battle. Bay lost a step with this one. The film is somehow both over-plotted and yet completely lacking in story and the action just too disjointed to work. The really surprising thing though is that I still want a sequel, and that's because Optimus Prime riding on a Dinobot is really freaking awesome.  
Transformers Review photo
Why do humans keep showing up in these movies?
I'm going to tear this movie apart. It's coming right below the jump. Just be ready for it. Because of that I want to open with this: Optimus Prime riding Grimlock into battle in Hong Kong is frickin' awesome. There's just no...

Enter to win Transformers: Age of Extinction toys and hats!

Jun 26 // Liz Rugg
Toy details: TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Robots In Disguise One-Step Changers - Kids will have a blast converting characters like OPTIMUS PRIME, GRIMLOCK, BUMBLEBEE, DRIFT, LOCKDOWN, each with their own unique method of converting inspired by the film—flip it, pop it, pull it and more! More at

Hello dear readers, today we've got a pretty cool contest opportunity for you! To coincide with the film's theatrical release this week, we have some awesome Transformers: Age of Extinction Hasbro toys to give away ...


See Transformers: Age of Extinction early and free

Washington DC screening
Jun 23
// Matthew Razak
Been wishing that you could see giant robots turn into dinosaurs, but were tired of having to see Shia LeBuffy in order to see any sort of action like that? Have we got the solution for you. Transformers: Age of Extinction is...
Paramount 2016 Releases photo
Paramount 2016 Releases

Paramount announces 2016 release slate, includes Transformers 5 and Star Trek 3

Jun 19
// Nick Valdez
While we've been looking to 2015's already bloated film schedule (thanks to loads and loads of comic book properties and sequels), and 2014 is only half way through, Paramount Pictures wants to remind everyone that 2016 is a ...
Trans4mers photo

Transformers: Age of Extinction gets adorable propaganda

May 28
// Nick Valdez
While a viral "propaganda" marketing campaign may not be the most original (Carrie, District 9 instantly come to mind as recent examples), I still like to see it. Three years after the events of the third film, Dark of the Mo...
Trans4mers Trailer photo
Trans4mers Trailer

Second Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer has explosions

May 15
// Nick Valdez
I'm a little more excited for Transformers: Age of Extinction thanks to this trailer because, much like the rest of the series, this looks like a whole lot of fun hooey. Giant snail ships, face cannons, fire breath, Stanley ...

New Transformers 4 images give us Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

Optimus gets all Shawshank on us
May 12
// Matthew Razak
Images from Transformers 4: Age of Extinction are all over the damn place, but we pretty much had to share this one because of the absolutely ridiculous yet awesome picture of Optimus Prime on his knees shouting at ...
Trans4mers plot stuff photo
Trans4mers plot stuff

Michael Bay drops some Trans4mers plot details

Maybe spoilers ahead?
Apr 14
// Mike Cosimano
Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Transformers: Age of Extinction director Michael Bay clarified some key aspects of the film's plot; specifically the character Lockdown. Lockdown is an interesting character. He travels the ...
Tran5formers photo

Transformers 5 probably happening in 2017

Is it Tran5formers or Transformer5?
Apr 07
// Nick Valdez
With Transformers: Age of Extinction looking to reboot the Transformers series, and with it most likely making lots of money, it's sadly natural that the follow up would already be discussed. According to some leaked toy docu...

New poster for Transformers: Age of Extinction looks surprisingly cool

Mar 28
// Liz Rugg
I'll be honest and admit that I've never really been into any of the Transformers movies. A lot of the past movies in the franchise have seemed like blundering, all flash, no substance action-y movies, and for the most part t...
Transformers 4 Trailer photo
Meet the new boss
As I sit here, ruminating on the first full trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction, I can't help but feel like I've done this before. Twice, in fact. Michael Bay's Transformers movies and I have a difficult relationship...

Trans4mers SB Spot photo
You've got dinosaurs in my robots! You've got robots in my dinosaurs!
Folks, this might be the Transformers movie we've all been waiting for. While this official Super Bowl spot is short, it gives us more information than we can handle. In fact, this looks like a completely different series. G...

Trans4mers photo

Michael Bay doesn't apologize for the Transformers movies

Also information on when we'll get our first Transf4mers footage.
Dec 06
// Nick Valdez
Remember Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Neither do I. But apparently Michael Bay does. It all started when Yahoo visited the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Michael Bay reportedly stated that the fourth film...
Trans4mers photo

These Transformers: Age of Extinction images are handsy

or claw-y. Whatever, Michael Bay puts his claw on a woman.
Dec 02
// Nick Valdez
Although Empire revealed our first look at the new and alien-fied Optimus Prime (since he's got a new truck, it does make sense that he has a new robot form), Paramount is still slowly teasing better looks at those dern machi...
Trans4mers photo

Optimus looks weird in Transformers: Age of Extinction

Optimus whas a happa to ya?
Nov 25
// Nick Valdez
Ever since Trans4mers officially became Transformers: Age of Extinction, we've been waiting for our first look at one of them fancy automatons. We've gotten images of the shiny new cars, shiny new cast, shiny new Michael Bay,...
Trans4mers Toys photo
Trans4mers Toys

Toy list names Transformers: Age of Extinction characters

The Dinobots and [spoiler redacted]!!!
Nov 06
// Nick Valdez
Thanks to Hasbro creating a new line of toy robots to release alongside each and every Transformers movie, it was only a matter of time before we'd get the skinny on which giant robots are punching other giant robots in the f...
Trans4mers photo

Toy reveals Optimus Prime's new Age of Extinction look

Oct 11
// Nick Valdez
While Michael Bay is content to show off pictures of himself and the human cast rather than the robots for the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction, Hasbro has jumped the gun a little and revealed one of those precious, p...
Trans4mers photo

Transformers: Age of Extinction photo has a funky bunch

But still no robots :(
Sep 30
// Nick Valdez
This newest photo from the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction may not be the most exciting follow up to the amazingly poignant photo of Michael Bay, but showing off Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch (fellow co-stars Nicola P...

New Transformers 4 image epitomizes Michael Bay

Sep 26
// Matthew Razak
If you were to take one picture and say it summarized Michael Bay's entire existence it would probably be this one. Bay shared the picture from the upcoming Transformers 4: Age of Extinction on his site and as you can se...
Trans4mers photo
Dinobots in disguise
Transfomers: Dark of the Moon may not have been the best thing since, uh, Dark Side of the Moon, but it performed well enough to justify a sequel. But what can Trans4mers, now officially titled Transformers: Age of Extinction...

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