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4:00 PM on 02.26.2014

Review: Winter's Tale

The poster for Winter’s Tale proudly declares that the film is not a true story. And brother, they couldn’t be more right. Of all the words one could use to describe Winter’s Tale, “true” is ...

Mike Cosimano

10:30 PM on 02.17.2014

Movie Monday for February 17, 2014

Welcome to an extremely late version of Movie Monday, but it was Presidents day so I knew you would have a super hangover. Be sure to check the links below.

Michael Jordan

What is the worst date movie? photo
What is the worst date movie?
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Some of you are watching this video because you have nothing else to do today, and others are terrified that they're going to show their significant other the wrong thing and end their nights on a sour note.

If you're that latter person, we've got your back. Well, most of us. Liz totally didn't answer the question, but she's adorable so whatever.

Once you've heard our thoughts, let us know about your choices for the worst (and they can be stories or movies that you just know won't work out). Then like the video on YouTube and subscribe to our channel. That'd make all of us feel loved, which is what today is supposed to be about. Probably.

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10 Movie Valentines for 2014 photo
10 Movie Valentines for 2014
by Michael Jordan

Lets face it, Valentine's Day has become so compressed with corporate Hallmark cards, that no company has the chance to make Valentines with the reckless abandon that we used to see back in the late 80's and early 90's. 

And that is where we come in with the blatant disregard for any relation to sense, to give you Valentines themed after the movies we know you love as much as your significant other. So make sure to copy these and send them to your sweet heart so he or she really knows that you care, because nothing says love more than movie references.


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8:00 AM on 02.15.2013

Flixistentialism 08 - Butt Fries

Oh boy. So on this episode ...we celebrate being single on Valentine's Day by getting drunk and talking movies. Also, Nick sings a sweet rendition of Sisqo's "The Thong Song. I'm a little drunk as I write this and I'm not quite sure what happened... so I appologize in advance. Rate us, suscribe us, love us.  

Andres Bolivar

How to use movies to cure your Valentine's Day blues photo
How to use movies to cure your Valentine's Day blues
by Liz Rugg

Whether you're happily or unhappily single, if you're single at all, Valentine's day will probably make you sick to your stomach. The important thing to realize today is that you're not alone in this. As someone who's freshly and unhappily single, I've been watching a lot more movies lately, and I've discovered a few things to help me lick my emotional wounds that I think most people can relate to.

Click through to see my (patent-pending) step-by-step process for how to use movies to feel better on Valentine's day.

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Die Hard Valentine's Day cards photo
Die Hard Valentine's Day cards
by Hubert Vigilla

Valentine's Day is an odd release date for A Good Day to Die Hard. Maybe Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th was too early. Regardless, we think the makers of A Good Day to Die Hard should have totally owned today's date with special promotions, tie-ins, and merchandise.

Like Die Hard-themed Valentine's Day cards.

If you haven't gotten your Valentine anything yet, don't worry. The Flixist editors have created these 13 Die Hard Valentine's Day cards that elegantly capture the beauty, romance, desperation, and crass commercialism of this special time of year. We've even set them up in sheets just like the cards you gave out in elementary school.

Check out the Valentine's Day cards in the gallery. For higher-res versions of the Valentine card sheets, click here for sheet 1, click here for sheet 2, and click here for sheet 2.1 (ultra-rare variant and obvious collector's item). Feel free to create your own Die Hard Valentines and share them in the comments.

A very special yippee ki-yay goes to my friend Jake Thomas, who helped inspire this feature and these cards during a Die Hard-related exchange on Facebook yesterday.

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Some Like It Hot: Mary Elizabeth Winstead photo
Some Like It Hot: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
by Sean Walsh

[Some Like It Hot shines a light on the men and women of film who have captured our hearts, and oftentimes, our libidos. It celebrates the cinematic sirens and strongmen of the silver screen that give us the vapors, tug on our heartstrings, and leave us hungry for more. Also, they're really effing hot.]

It's Valentine's Day! What better day to resurrect Flixist's sexiest feature? And what actress better to help usher the return than the Die Hard franchise's sexiest alum, Mary Elizabeth Winstead?

I won't bore you all with a lengthy introductory ramble. We all know what we're here to do. Let's just jump right in to the only girl worth sitting through a PG-13 Die Hard for!

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Top 5 Studio Ghibli Romances photo
Top 5 Studio Ghibli Romances
by Liz Rugg

[All this week, Flixist is holding Ghibli Week by bringing you all sorts of Studio Ghibli related posts to celebrate the U.S. release of Ghibli's newest movie, The Secret World of Arrietty, on Friday, February 17th! Check back throughout the week for lots of Ghibli-related goodness!]

The romance is a bit of a staple in Studio Ghibli movies. That said, sometimes they've done it better than other times. Since it's both Valentine's Day and Studio Ghibli week, I put together this list of the five best Studio Ghibli romances! 

And when I say romances, I mean romances within movie's storyline, not like Miyazaki's hot fling with Totoro a few years back... we're not going to go there. But there will probably be spoilers.

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