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Vince Vaughn


Red Band Trailer for Unfinished Business starring Vince Vaughn

Dec 01
// Nick Valdez
Unfinished Business (formerly titled Business Trip) stars Vince Vaughn as some kind of business man who starts his own company (with partners Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson) after getting fired. Then they travel to Europe in ...

See Delivery Man early and free

Washington DC and Baltimore screening
Nov 19
// Matthew Razak
Sorry for the late warning on this, but we've got passes to a screening TONIGHT for Delivery Man. Could Vince Vaughn finally be in a truly funny movie again or is it just more of the same from the actor (and the same is getti...

Review: The Internship

Jun 07 // Matthew Razak
The InternshipDirector: Shawn LevyRated: PG-13Release Date: June 7, 2013  [embed]215810:40199:0[/embed] Here's the nearly unbelievably set up of The Internship: two sales guys, Billy Mcmahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson), who have been hocking fancy watches and not learning about computers, find themselves out of jobs so they turn to a Google internship program. Somehow they get in and then are put into a team of misfits to compete for jobs at Google through a series of tests (one of which is inexplicably a game of quidditch). This is most likely not how Google really does things, but it is how movies do things. Despite the fact that there are a plethora of teams only their team and the evil team, led by preppy English genius Graham Hawtrey (Max Mingella), end up actually winning anything. Thus the two take their underdog team and their extreme lack of knowledge about any technology and start learning life lessons, cracking wise and teaching those darn kids how to live a little. Also, Nick falls in love with the sexy, smart and attractive Google manager Dana (Rose Byrne). You could really take this plot and replace Google internship with any competitive activity. In fact the plot has probably been done a hundred times over with almost every other competitive activity already. There is almost nothing special about The Internship, and yet it wallows in its own cliche so well that you can't help but get caught up in it. Like the best of the 80s films, The Internship wears its heart blatantly on its sleeve and reaffirms that being yourself is always the best. It desperately shouts that we can all just get along (especially if we have an awesome workplaces like Google HQ). There's nothing deep or original here, but it feels good enough that you get caught up in it, and that is actually something that is an impressive feat in the jaded youth culture that the film so obviously wants to tear down. The comedy in the film is much the same. Almost entirely inoffensive, unlike a certain apocalyptic movie coming out next week, the raunchiness of Wedding Crashers has been replaced with jokes at the expense of 40-somethings who somehow can't use a webcam. While that specific example doe sound awful -- and really it should be -- it's all done in such a way that it instead comes of as endearing. The film is constantly letting you know that it knows exactly what it is through nods to classic 80s films, and as such it gets away with a lot. Its comedy isn't anything that's going to roll you on the floor as you desperately try to get air, but it's honest enough to still be funny. While much of it may feel a bit dated, it impressively never comes off as crass.  Wilson and Vaughn are also surprisingly restrained in the film. Vaughn, whose arrogant shtick ran out of gas a few years ago, is actually humorous. Ditching the bawdy humor for stuff that's a bit more laid back makes his style feel fresh instead of desperate. Wilson is really still Wilson, straight man to the best of em', but that guy fits wonderfully into an 80s film. The rest of the cast is a bunch of youthful folk who play into their cookie cutter roles just fine as they learn important life lessons about looking up from their cell phones and taking risks. They aren't the most challenging of roles, but every stereotype is good for a laugh or two and none of it feels like they're being mean spirited.   The downside to The Internship is that nothing really stands out. You may come away from it with your heart warmed and your feel-good comedy spot hit, but you won't come away from it remembering anything. It's hard to remember a truly solid punchline or joke from the film, and really the most memorable moment is seeing Jessica Szohr in lingerie. The biggest compliment you can give The Internship is that it works. When the obligatory mass celebration and public triumph comes around you're right there with it in the moment. It's just that the moment after that you've basically forgotten it. 
The Internship Review photo
Reaffirming the fact that you want to work at Google
You may have seen The Onion skewering of The Internship as a fantastic film for 2005. It's pretty funny, but the truth of the matter is this isn't a 2005 film. It isn't a 2013 film either. This is an 80s movie and it's d...

The Internship Trailer photo
The Internship Trailer

Trailer: The Internship

"They're in the computeeer?"
Apr 19
// Nick Valdez
The newest trailer for The Internship (starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) is admittedly cut a lot better than the first one. There's a bit of new footage mixed in with footage from the first trailer, and the new footage ...


Trailer: The Internship

As if Google needed the product placement
Feb 14
// Nick Valdez
If you're not a fan of "fish out of water" comedies, then don't expect to The Internship to change your mind. As Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn lose their jobs and get an internship position at Google, they realize through som...

Aasif Mandvi joins cast for The Internship

Jul 30
// Jason Savior
I've always liked Daily Show heartthrob Aasif Mandvi, who has signed onto upcoming Shawn Levy comedy The Internship. While, in my opinion, his talents for comedy are significant, he's also been quite endearing as both a ...

Review: The Watch

Jul 27 // Sean Walsh
[embed]210051:38206[/embed] The WatchDirector: Akiva SchafferRating: RRelease Date: July 27, 2012 The Watch follows a very community-minded guy named Evan who, after the security guard at the Costco Evan is manager of is horrifically murdered, forms a neighborhood watch. The three men who show up to join his ranks are family man Bob (Vince Vaughn), quietly psychotic Franklin (Jonah Hill), and Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade), who would very much like an Asian housewife to suck on his balls. During their first patrol, they discover aliens walk among them, and as such, set out to stop them. One problem I've had lately is that I've finally learned to watch movies objectively. I laughed a lot during this movie. However, that doesn't mean it was a good movie. When nine out of every ten jokes is a dick joke (and the tenth a joke about the Nick Teen Choice Awards), it starts to wear on a guy. Again, it's a funny movie, and I laughed, but I left the theater feeling kind of blah about it. It's all very confusing for me, because it has a recipe for success. The cast is actually pretty great. The above four are excellent, some (Ayoade and Hill) more than others. Evan's dutiful albeit bland wife is played by United States of Tara's Rosemarie DeWitt, R. Lee Ermey plays a hilarious crotchety resident with a shotgun, Will Forte plays a douchebag cop, and the Lonely Island (of which director Schaffer comprises one-third of) all appear in a cameo that's too good for me to spoil for you. The writing is, if nothing else, humorous. I mean, what would you expect from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg? Lots and lots of dick jokes, as I mentioned, but they also attempted for some real emotion at times. Maybe that was to the film's detriment. I felt that the climax was all just a set-up for an all-you-can-eat dick joke buffet. Just to clarify, when I say dick jokes, I mean dick jokes. Seriously, if you asked me to describe the humor of this film, I'd choose the word 'phallic.' At the end of the day, The Watch was not a bad film. It just isn't a good one, which I really hoped it would've been. I guess in a year where the comedy gods reached down from above to deliver unto us a film like 21 Jump Street, it's got to be hard to get out of that film's shadow. Those involved performed admirably, but in the end, The Watch is worth a Redbox rent at best. If you are looking for something to tickle your funny bones this weekend, check out Akiva Schaffer and the Lonely Island's earlier offering, Hot Rod. That is the first (and best) film I ever watched twice in one day.

Sometimes, a trailer comes out for a film and my body is rocked. There have been a few of those this year, namely 21 Jump Street and Sinister. 21 Jump Street is one of my favorite movies of the year, and Sinister lo...


Vince Vaughan investigates The Risk Agent

Jul 26
// Xander Markham
Having seemingly dedicated the bulk of his career to playing one type of character in one type of comedy, Vince Vaughan may finally be looking to try his hand at something new. He's bought the rights to novel The Risk Agent, ...

Trailer: Neighborhood Watch

Feb 29
// Liz Rugg
Neighborhood Watch, starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, directed by Akiva Schaffer and written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, tells the story of a rag-tag group of suburban dads who spend the...

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