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4:00 PM on 12.01.2014

Red Band Trailer for Unfinished Business starring Vince Vaughn

Unfinished Business (formerly titled Business Trip) stars Vince Vaughn as some kind of business man who starts his own company (with partners Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson) after getting fired. Then they travel to Europe in ...

Nick Valdez

8:30 AM on 11.19.2013

See Delivery Man early and free

Sorry for the late warning on this, but we've got passes to a screening TONIGHT for Delivery Man. Could Vince Vaughn finally be in a truly funny movie again or is it just more of the same from the actor (and the same is getti...

Matthew Razak

Review: The Internship photo
Review: The Internship
by Matthew Razak

You may have seen The Onion skewering of The Internship as a fantastic film for 2005. It's pretty funny, but the truth of the matter is this isn't a 2005 film. It isn't a 2013 film either. This is an 80s movie and it's damn proud of it. There's everything an 80s film could want: a sports montage, a preppy enemy, romance, underdogs and a ridiculous competition. 

If you've seen the trailers for the film you were probably expecting some of the same old pap that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have been delivering for the past 10 years. It was funny once, but the shtick is getting old, right? Well, The Internship is the same old pap, but it isn't their pap, it's the 1980's pap.

Now that we've used the word pap more times than it should be used ever, we'll find out if the 1980s are worth revisiting. 

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9:00 AM on 04.19.2013

Trailer: The Internship

The newest trailer for The Internship (starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) is admittedly cut a lot better than the first one. There's a bit of new footage mixed in with footage from the first trailer, and the new footage ...

Nick Valdez

5:00 PM on 02.14.2013

Trailer: The Internship

If you're not a fan of "fish out of water" comedies, then don't expect to The Internship to change your mind. As Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn lose their jobs and get an internship position at Google, they realize through som...

Nick Valdez

7:00 PM on 07.30.2012

Aasif Mandvi joins cast for The Internship

I've always liked Daily Show heartthrob Aasif Mandvi, who has signed onto upcoming Shawn Levy comedy The Internship. While, in my opinion, his talents for comedy are significant, he's also been quite endearing as both a ...

Jason Savior

Review: The Watch photo
Review: The Watch
by Sean Walsh

Sometimes, a trailer comes out for a film and my body is rocked. There have been a few of those this year, namely 21 Jump Street and Sinister. 21 Jump Street is one of my favorite movies of the year, and Sinister looks like it will chill me to the bone.

Then there's trailers that drive me up the wall after I see them a third or fourth time, like The American. The original American trailer had Sidekick Pat and myself considering double-suicide, and that trailer played before what felt like everything.

Finally, there's middle-of-the-road trailers like The Watch. Its teaser was brilliant, but the first full trailer, which gave away too much (re: that there were aliens in it) and they showed it way more than the newer trailer, and I never saw the redband trailer (peep it below). The trailer wasn't bad, but by the time I plopped my butt in the theater seat last night I was glad to never have to see it again.

How does the full film match up to my sentiments towards its trailer? Let's find out.

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3:00 PM on 07.26.2012

Vince Vaughan investigates The Risk Agent

Having seemingly dedicated the bulk of his career to playing one type of character in one type of comedy, Vince Vaughan may finally be looking to try his hand at something new. He's bought the rights to novel The Risk Agent, ...

Xander Markham

8:00 PM on 02.29.2012

Trailer: Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch, starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade, directed by Akiva Schaffer and written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, tells the story of a rag-tag group of suburban dads who spend the...

Liz Rugg