Jupiter Review photo
A descending pun would not even come close to being harsh enough
I am a Wachowski defender. I have enjoyed if not down right liked every film they've made. Yes, even the second two Matrix films. If you insult Speed Racer I'll flip some tables. That movie was a kinetic and frantic mast... read feature

Jupiter Trailer 3 photo
Jupiter Trailer 3

Latest Jupiter Ascending trailer has the plot details

Sep 29
Jupiter Ascending may be the most unique science fantasy coming our way. Too bad the trailers don't really paint it in a good light. As the latest film from the Wachowskis, we should expect all kinds of craziness. The visual... read

Jupiter Ascending gets bumped to February 2015

More like Jupiter Descending. No one else used this pun, right?
Jun 04
This has got to hurt the ol' Wachowski siblings egos. Their big budget, science fiction film crammed full of stars like Channing Tatume and Mila Kunis has been abruptly moved from opening this July to February 2015. That's qu... read
Jupiter Trailer 2 photo
Jupiter Trailer 2

Second trailer for the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending

Mar 27
The first trailer for the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending left a weird impression on me. It looked good, sounded good, but ultimately seemed hollow. It just felt like something was missing within all of the glitz and glamour o... read
Jupiter Ascending Trailer photo
Jupiter Ascending Trailer

International trailer for Jupiter Ascending

Mar 03
The first trailer for the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending came and went with little fanfare, but it at least showed off some promise. Can you believe this year we'll get a Summer blockbuster that isn't spawned off an existing ... read
Jupiter Ascending Trailer photo
Gorgeous mediocrity
We've had very little to go on for Andy and Lana Wachowski's follow up to Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, for the last few months now as everyone involved has been pretty tight lipped about the situation. But now that we hav... read feature


Photos give first look of Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending

May 13
The Wachowski Siblings’ newest film Jupiter Ascending is under way as the two shoot a chase scene at London's Natural History Museum that involves a skate ramp that jumps over a giant dinosaur. That's probably... read

Cloud Atlas gets heavily cut by Chinese censors

Jan 23
Apparently Cloud Atlas was not the easiest film to understand depending on who you talk to. Some people in the general masses thought the same thing when Inception came out, talking about a convoluted plot and whatnot. Good n... read
A prolific triumph mired only by its own scope
I tore through Cloud Atlas this past week in preparation for seeing the film, and I want to dedicate this entire introduction to motivating people to read the book before seeing the movie. Cloud Atlas is big and com... read feature


New Cloud Atlas videos try to explain what it is

Oct 22
These two new behind the scenes videos for Cloud Atlas reveal how demanding the story will be for each of the actors. Each one has to play several different characters in erratic environments (so much so, that several of the... read

Trailer: Cloud Atlas

Sep 06
Here's the first trailer for Cloud Atlas that's actually going to be running in theaters, as opposed to the previous one that was a bajillion years long. It's basically just a condensed version of the previous trailer, ... read

Ben Affleck told 24 Hours Vancouver that he will NOT be directing the Justice League movie. You may recall a previous report that Affleck was under consideration for the film. He said the following in the interview: "I'm not... read feature


New Cloud Atlas images and first reactions

Aug 14
Here we have a few new stills from the Wachowski's/Tim Tykwer's upcoming sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas. There's not much to say about them other than they seem to each be from one of the several stories the film will be telling sim... read

Images of the various Cloud Atlas characters

Aug 03
David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas doesn't easily lend itself to a screen adaptation, but based on the almost six-minute trailer for the film, it looks like The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer are giving it their all. Six interconnected/... read

Note: this is technically a leaked version of the trailer, which isn't "officially" available until 10AM Pacific, so we're going to host this now and keep it up for as long as possible, then we'll put up the official version... read feature


First Cloud Atlas photos show Halle Berry and Tom Hanks

Jul 25
Cloud Atlas is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and mysterious movies of the year: it's an interconnected story spanning several eras of human history, with the same actors playing different characters in each one. ... read

Cloud Atlas comes out stateside on October 26th

Jun 20
For a while it appeared that the ambitious adaptation of Cloud Atlas from Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis was going to come out December 6th. There's been a bit of change since last month, however. Warner Bros. has officially a... read

Possible plot details for Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending

May 31
With Cloud Atlas, their first writer-director outing since 2008's abysmal Speed Racer, in the can and set for an end-of-the-year release, new details have supposedly emerged regarding the Wachowskis' next project: Jupiter Asc... read

Cloud Atlas by Wachowskis/Tykwer out December 6th

May 18
Cloud Atlas is probably the riskiest and most ambitious literary adaptation of the year. Warner Bros. picked up the Wachowskis/Tom Tykwer film at Cannes and have it slated for a December 6th release date. The movie runs 2 hou... read

Wachowskis plan Kunis and Tatum for Jupiter Ascending

Mar 27
With their expansive and mysterious adaptation of David Mitchell's novel Cloud Atlas set for release later this year, the Wachowskis are getting ready for the next project, said to be an original sci-fi piece entitled Jupiter... read

Natalie Portman eyed by Wachowkis; planning vegan doc

Jan 05
Natalie Portman has taken time off acting since giving birth to her son Aleph last June. This year could mark her return, however. There's Alan Taylor's Thor 2 on the horizon, but there's another possibility as well. While th... read

Pics and concept art for Wachowskis/Tykwer Cloud Atlas

Dec 28
Thanks to the people at Collider, we've got a new image and some concept art for the film version of Cloud Atlas. The novel by David Mitchell is being adapted to the big screen by The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer, and it could b... read

Cloud Atlas obtains Hugh Grant

Sep 13
The film adaptation of Cloud Atlas, which is set to start filming this week, has just received another acting talent, Hugh Grant. Hugh is just one in a long list of well-known actors joining this film, including Tom Hanks, Ha... read

Rob Cohen set to direct Korea's biggest budget film ever

Jul 29
I think I have made it pretty clear that I am a big fan of Korean cinema. Unfortunately, I now have to add a stipulation there: I like Korean cinema directed by Koreans. Why? Because Rob Cohen, director of such masterpie... read

Trailer: Retreat

May 06
Now this sounds interesting. Retreat tells the story of a couple (Cillian Murphy and Thanadie Newton) that go to a small cabin on an isolated island for a vacation, and possibly to heal their struggling marriage. As these th... read

Wachowskis and Warner Brothers' next project is Hood

Dec 08
Looks like Russel Crowe might have something else to Tweet about today. The unnamed project that the Wachowski Brothers -- err, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry Wachowski -- have been working on is Hood. It ... read

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