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4:00 PM on 04.16.2014

First trailer for Obvious Child, starring Jenny Slate

Obvious Child is one of the films I regret missing out on during SXSW. It stars Jenny Slate, in her first starring role (though she's played numerous, fabulous supporting roles), as a comedienne who's life takes an unexpecte...

Nick Valdez


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11:00 AM on 04.16.2014

Red Band trailer for Walk of Shame, starring Elizabeth Banks

As Flixist's News Editor, I've seen so many trailers they eventually start bleeding into each other. Premises start sounding the same, jokes sound the same, and then things stop being entertaining. And then there's Walk of S...

Nick Valdez

9:00 AM on 04.11.2014

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team up again for The Nest

In a move that should end world conflict and have people dancing in the street out of sheer happiness, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are teaming up for Universal's The Nest. The film will follow Foehler and Fey as they return home...

Jonathan Wray

8:00 PM on 03.28.2014

Check it out: female Disney characters redesigned as pixel art Street Fighter characters

Artist and designer Mike V has been making an awesome set of pixel drawings of Disney princesses and other female Disney characters as classic Street Fighter and Capcom fighting videogame characters. From Belle, Jasmine and S...

Liz Rugg

SXSW Interview: Kathryn Hahn (Bad Words)  photo
SXSW Interview: Kathryn Hahn (Bad Words)
by Nick Valdez

This was my first time covering the SXSW festival, so I was very nervous. My first big press job was to sit in a roundtable interview (where a bunch of press folks get to interview an actor/actress) with Kathryn Hahn for her film, Bad Words. Thankfully as the interview went on, I had no reason to be nervous as Hahn was energetic, fun, and full of humor. 

During our roundtable we discussed curse words, Hahn's favorite curse word, what it's like to wor for your friend, and the dynamics of the two sex scenes Bateman and Hahn share together. 

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SXSW Review: Que Caramba es la Vida photo
SXSW Review: Que Caramba es la Vida
by Nick Valdez

Growing up as a young Latino boy in San Antonio, Texas, I've had quite a few experiences with Mariachi groups. There was a Mariachi club in my high school, and on several occasions, my great uncle would hire groups to sing at his parties. While I know little Spanish myself (being 5th generation Mexican, Spanish, and Native American), there's always been something special about Mariachi music. It helps me feel closer to the culture years of assimilation have separated me from. 

But there's one perspective I shamefully admit I've never considered: the women. How do the women of Mariachi exist within this male dominated field? And as bad as it is to say, men are and have always been a dominant part of Mexican culture stemming from some passed down belief that women are supposed to stay home and raise the children. 

Que Caramba es la Vida paints a new picture of the previously homogeneous term "starving artist" with wonderful results. 

[From March 7th - 15th, Flixist will be providing coverage from South by Southwest 2014 in Austin, TX.  Prepare yourselves for reviews, interviews, features, photos, videos, and all types of shenanigans!]

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3:00 PM on 02.10.2014

Expendabelles gets a plot description and director

As we all knew -- because we keep up on important thing like this -- The Expendables is getting a all female cast spin off called The ExpendaBelles. It's be in the works for bit, with our last news on it coming a few mon...

Matthew Razak

2:00 PM on 02.10.2014

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson returning for Pitch Perfect 2

I highly expected these two to return given how Pitch Perfect's unexpected blow up helped springboard Wilson's career (nabbing her the TV show, Super Fun Night) and Kendrick's single "Cups" made lots of music chart money, but...

Nick Valdez

Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire photo
Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
by Nick Valdez

I'm a pretty big fan of The Hunger Games series of books. I tore through them in a day and while Catching Fire isn't my favorite in the series, it does have the most intriguing setups in the trilogy. The production for Catching Fire has notably gone through a bit of trouble with its change of directors (now helmed by Francis Lawrence), and most fans (including myself) were worried about the nature of the adaptation given the original Hunger Games film had a fair share of problems. 

The trailers for Catching Fire showed a film that seemed to learn from its predecessor's mistakes (less shaky cam footage, more balanced use of color, Phillip Seymour Hoffman joined the cast), so does the final product hold up to the potential of the series? Is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hotter than a fantasy or is it filled with catastrophe? Read on for the answer!

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Review: Paradise photo
Review: Paradise
by Nick Valdez

Diablo Cody is quite the opinion splitting screenwriter. Her fast paced, biting, and pop culture infused dialogues have been used as a deterrent in the past to keep most folks away from her work. However what those folks don't realize is underneath that layer of heavy dialogue, there is a creamy nougat center of fine character work. With Cody's directorial debut, Paradise, a major concern of the film is whether or not that strong character work is discernible beneath Cody's sometimes cumbersome dialogue exchanges. 

Should you book two tickets to Paradise? Or is Diablo Cody's slice of heaven too sweet?  

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10:00 AM on 10.07.2013

Sandra Bullock is so over horrible sequels

Assuming after Gravity's mind blowing success that my boo Sandra Bullock gets the respect she deserves, Bullock will no longer have the time to degrade herself with cheap comedies and their even cheaper sequels. A sequel to T...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 10.01.2013

Flix for Short: Wonder Woman

While DC Comics continues to flounder about with twenty more Batman and Superman movies, I suppose this fan film from Rainfall films is the only incarnation of Wonder Woman we'll see on screen. Well, not including the Linda ...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 08.05.2013

Trailer for Diablo Cody's directorial debut, Paradise

Diablo Cody is a divisive screenwriter. She's always had films that you either love or hate (like Juno, Young Adult, or Jennifer's Body) thanks to her quickfire pop culture infused dialogue. I like her work, so I can't wait ...

Nick Valdez

1:00 PM on 08.02.2013

Ellen DeGeneres hosting the 86th annual Academy Awards

For awhile it seemed that The Academy just wanted Seth MacFarlane to host the 2014 Oscars (despite his use of anti-women jokes), but then he dropped out because he was too busy. Scrambling to find a host with the same amount ...

Nick Valdez

10:00 AM on 07.02.2013

Trailer: Passion

This newest trailer for Passion features two gorgeous women (Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace) making out several times while they each want to murder each other or something. It looks fantastically schlocky like some Lifetim...

Nick Valdez

Review: The Heat photo
Review: The Heat
by Nick Valdez

The Heat is an odd movie. It's a buddy cop film with two women at the center. That alone should be a breath of fresh air thanks to the alarming lack of female led films this Summer (or at all), but unfortunately, The Heat tries to distance itself from any sort of originality thanks to its lack of creative character work, well thought out plot, or jokes that don't involve appearance. 

But hey, The Heat is a comedy isn't it? It shouldn't matter if the plot is generic as long as the jokes are funny and the chemistry between the two leads is enticing, right? Unfortunately despite it's notable attempt at something different, we've already seen The Heat numerous times before.

Watching The Heat is like warming a day old slice of pizza in the microwave. You remember what it tasted like the night before, and it sort of looks the same, but all you get when you bite is a rubbery mess. 

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Chick Flix Club: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion photo
Chick Flix Club: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
by Nick Valdez

[Chick Flix Club examines films within the female driven comedy/drama genres (otherwise colloquially referred to as "chick flicks") in order to understand why we may or may not adore these flicks despite not being in the intended demographic] 

I first saw Romy and Michele's High School Reunion when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Back then I laughed at the jokes and sexual innuendo, but I had no real idea what they were really trying to do. I had no true comprehension of the high school reunion, nor did I truly understand concepts like "popularity" or the need for it. 

14 or so years later, I've had my own high school and college experiences where I too dealt with the very same things. And as my colleagues and I begin going are own separate ways, it's interesting to think about where my life could go from here. Romy and Michele is an interesting chick flick in that happiness or success doesn't hinge on gaining a male-centric relationship, but instead discovering your own power without need for outside validation. It's a wonderful deconstruction of the genre.

How exactly does Romy and Michele's High School Reunion deconstruct the chick flick genre? Do Romy and Michele truly have a happy ending? Does any of this matter? Please read on and find out!  

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11:00 AM on 05.28.2013

Trailer: Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes, the very first Judy Blume (best known for Superfudge) book to get an adaptation, is about a young girl named Davey whose mother had relocated them to New Mexico after the death of her father. After feeling lost f...

Nick Valdez

Review: Aroused photo
Review: Aroused
by Nick Valdez

Aroused is an odd documentary. It's essentially an advertisement for director Deborah Anderson's art book (which she makes sure to plug in the film), and although at times the entire film seems disingenuous, it's hard to deny the emotional impact of its cast. 

Aroused rounds up 16 famous names (ranging from veterans like Lisa Ann to relative newcomers like Allie Haze) in the adult film industry and intends to shed light on the women themselves, rather than their personas. It's surely a lofty goal as the personas of these women are manufactured in order to avoid this very thing. 

Does Aroused dig into these women and discover their feminine power as it aspires to? The answer is a very strong maybe. 

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11:00 AM on 05.01.2013

Trailer: Violet & Daisy

Violet & Daisy seems like a movie that was always meant for me. It stars Saorise Ronan (Byzantium) and Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) as the titular Violet and Daisy, two teenage hitwomen who take on a big job given to th...

Nick Valdez

Chick Flix Club: The Powerpuff Girls Movie photo
Chick Flix Club: The Powerpuff Girls Movie
by Nick Valdez

[Chick Flix Club examines films within the female driven comedy/drama genres (otherwise colloquially referred to as "chick flicks") in order to understand why we may or may not adore these flicks despite not being in the intended demographic] 

What? A cartoon about little supergirls? That's right. Thanks to the recent explosion of classic Cartoon Network cartoons on Netflix recently, I've been inspired to write about The Powerpuff Girls, which played a big role in shaping a lot of my feminist views and arguments. Now does the film version (which is essentially an origin story) share a lot of the same great qualities as the show?

Hey, it was either this or Spice World. You should consider yourself lucky. Although it's a skew of the original formula (as a male character creates the female rather than becoming an influence in their life), is The Powerpuff Girls Movie just as much of a chick flick as anything else?

How does The Powerpuff Girls pro-equality message translate to the big screen? What is a grown man doing watching cartoons? Does any of this matter? Please read on and find out! Oh and if you haven't seen The Powerpuff Girls Movie yet, be known there are spoilers ahoy hoy. 

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2:00 PM on 04.19.2013

Seth MacFarlane asked to host the Oscars again

After a very controversial run as last year's Oscar host, The Academy has reportedly asked director and comedian Seth MacFarlane if he would like to host next year's show too. Now, what's important is that MacFarlane's Oscars...

Liz Rugg