Wreck It Ralph


Wreck-It Ralph composer confirms sequel in the works

He's gonna wreck it .. again!
Apr 07
// Jonathan Wray
In a surprise to very few, Disney is apparently hard at work on a sequel to 2012's phenomenal Wreck-It Ralph. In an interview with Collider, Wreck-It Ralph composer Henry Jackson said, "I can’t tell you more, not becaus...

Flix for Short: Garlan Hulse: Where Potential Lives

Mar 08
// Nick Valdez
In the same vein as the cool retro marketing Wreck-It Ralph had done for its fictional Fix-It Felix Jr. game, Rich Moore has made a short "documentary" to celebrate WIR's release on home video this past week. Garlan Hul...

Check out these snazzy Wreck-It Ralph caricatures

Feb 18
// Nick Valdez
Wreck-It Ralph was one of last year's pleasant surprises. It was predictable, but completely filled to the brim with charm. What especially won me over though was WIR's videogame cameos. While the brunt of the story was withi...


Fresh Wreck-It Ralph deleted scene, plus sequel details

Feb 12
// Nick Valdez
With Wreck-It Ralph's home video release only a few more weeks away, IGN grabbed this deleted scene from the film featured on the Blu-ray. In the scene, Ralph finds himself in a prison, and Felix is a guard...somehow. I can ...

Liz's Top 5 Date Movies of 2012

Jan 07 // Liz Rugg
5. Something to put on so you can tune out and make out: Here Comes the Boom, the story of a high school teacher-turned wrestler in order to raise money for his students, has just enough feel-goodery in its plot to put you lovebirds in a happy mood, but is also silly and forgettable enough to be ignored when the moment strikes. For real, putting on a movie that neither of you care too much about actually paying attention to is one of the best ways to initiate some snuggle time. 4. A movie to make sure you're both on the same wavelength: Prometheus is one of the biggest movies to come out in 2012, and opinions on it vary. While it generally doesn't matter a whole lot if you and your partner have the exact same tastes about everything, having generally aligning interests certainly helps. If you totally loved Prometheus and your date absolutely hates it (unless they have some pretty coherent reasons as to why) you may want to reconsider that second date offer. Also it's just a really cool movie and you should watch it. 3. For the Gamer: Wreck-It Ralph was one of my favorite movies of the year. Not only was the animation flawless (with the play between 3D, 2D, 8-Bit and high definition ever at play) but the storyline was relatively refreshing and downright adorable. Wreck-It Ralph is on this list as a great idea for a date movie if your date is into video games (even if they aren't) because of that nostalgia factor. All of the inside jokes and Easter eggs incorporated into the movie make it a joy for video game fans to watch. Thankfully though, I'd say Wreck-It Ralph is a strong enough movie to stand on its own even without that added level of acknowledgement. 2. The Cabin in the Woods. Period. I'd like to officially attest that Joss Wheadon and Drew Goddard's film The Cabin in the Woods is a nearly perfect date movie. The off-the-rails horror movie somehow strikes a perfect tone of scary, funny and smart all at once and has the added benefit of probably causing your date to jump into your arms a little bit at the scary parts. Plus you can always listen to the Flixist Movie Club podcast about The Cabin in the Woods and impress your date with the knowledge and hilarity you can glean from it. Just sayin'. 1. Best date movie of 2012: Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is the best date movie of 2012. It has everything; young love, puppy love, kids discovering love for the first time and also Bill Murray. Seriously, everything about Moonrise is cute and loveable, and it's a surefire way to woo that romantic date you've got. There is simply something so pure and sweet about the fresh, young love between protagonists Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop that it basically makes anybody who watches Moonrise Kingdom long to regain, or possibly discover, a piece of that innocent first love.   Happy watching everyone, and don't forget that Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
Top Date Movies of 2012 photo
Which 2012 movies are best for your next date?
So, you've finally landed a date with that cutie you've had a crush on for a while, but he/she just wants to hang out and have a chill night-in? All your fears start rushing into your mind - what do you watch together, do you...


Wreck-It Ralph featurette has more John C. Reilly

Oct 25
// Nick Valdez
Wreck-It Ralph is out in just a little over a week now, so more WIR the better! Also this behind the scenes video has more John C. Reilly, so that's even better. For serious though, this short video has a few extra scenes an...

Wreck-It Ralph's Hero's Duty gets a dubstep commercial

Now featuring Skrillex! *wubwubwubwubwubwubwub*
Oct 19
// Nick Valdez
Now we get the (final?) commercial for Wreck-It Ralph's fictional Litwak's Arcade. This time it's for the Halo-inspired Hero's Duty (just like I asked for last time), and it's got all the essentials of a modern day commercia...

Wreck-It Ralph's Sugar Rush retro commercial is so 90s

Oct 16
// Nick Valdez
"All new for 1997" has got to be one of the best taglines in ever. Just like how Wreck-It Ralph got a retro commercial made for it's titular fictitious game and arcade, here we have Sugar Rush, one of the worlds Ralph t...

Wreck-It Ralph's arcade game gets a retro commercial

I'm sorry, I meant "totally rad wrecker."
Oct 08
// Nick Valdez
Honestly the more and more I see of Wreck-It Ralph, the more I want to have its beautiful babies. Then Disney has the nerve to do something as charming as promote its fictional game Fix-It Felix Jr. as a "state-of-the-ar...

Trailer: Wreck-It Ralph

Oct 04
// Nick Valdez
Fair warning before you watch the international trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, one of our most anticipated films of the upcoming months. If you wanted to go in blind (and not know any of the plot details), then you shouldn't wa...

New Wreck-It Ralph posters with vidyagame villains

There's more than one this time!
Sep 18
// Nick Valdez
Last time I mentioned a Wreck-It Ralph poster I kept myself from spoiling who was on the poster because of my sensibilities. This time, I could give a whozit since I figured like a day has passed since then and that is at lea...

New Wreck-It Ralph poster has vidyagame characters on it

Sep 17
// Nick Valdez
To follow up that awesome vidyagamey trailer from the other day, here's Disney's new poster for Wreck-It Ralph. And as you can see in the gallery below (which I totes didn't want to spoil in the header), this poster chooses t...

Three international banners for Wreck-It Ralph

Jun 25
// Jenika Katz
Three new international banners for Wreck-It Ralph (or, as he's known in Spanish, Ralph El Demoledor) have just been released. Each banner showcases what seems to be the major characters. Wreck-It Ralph and Fix-It Felix each ...

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