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Zack Snyder

Turkish Batman v Superman photo
Turkish Batman v Superman

Watch the Batman v Superman v Turkish Airlines Super Bowl TV spots

Do you bleed... or offer bonus miles?
Feb 08
// Hubert Vigilla
Even though I've been generally down on the grim and gritty tone of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, these two Super Bowl TV spots were lots of kooky fun. It's a little bit of levity in a dour world of adolescent power fan...
Life-sized Batman photo
Life-sized Batman

For $8,000, you can buy a life-sized Ben Affleck Batman collectible

Batman: The Real Doll
Feb 07
// Hubert Vigilla
As the hype builds for the March 25th release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, news came in of a new movie tie-in collectible. If you have ever wanted a 1.95 meter (6'4") statue of Ben Affleck as an armored Batman, it c...
Batman v Superman photo
Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman TV spots and poster show how much our heroes hate each other

(But are secretly crushing hard)
Jan 25
// Hubert Vigilla
It's just two months until Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters, which means we're getting a steady string of TV spots until then. In the most recent two TV spots, we can see our heroes seethe in each other's presence. Batman and Superman are so into each other. Check out these new Batman v Superman TV spots below.
Batman v $uperman photo
Batman v $uperman

Batman v Superman may be most expensive movie ever made

On my planet the S means "all in"
Oct 22
// Hubert Vigilla
DC Comics and Warner Bros. are sinking a lot of money in their own cinematic universe to compete with Marvel Studios. How much exactly? Well, according to speculation from Latino Review, the current budget for Batman v Superm...

Zack Snyder's Pretty Mean photo
Zack Snyder's Pretty Mean

Zack Snyder talks up DC's movie universe, down Marvel's

Particularly unimpressed by Ant Man
Sep 11
// Alec Kubas-Meyer
Zack Snyder has an obscene amount of influence on the future of superhero cinema. Between Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and the eventual Justice League movie, he is pretty much single-handedly shaping what the DC filmic g...
Batman v. Superman pics photo
Batman v. Superman pics

New Batmobile and Wonder Woman costume pics from Batman v. Superman

Pics from The Licensing Expo in Vegas
Jun 09
// Hubert Vigilla
There's a bit more Superman v. Batman news today in case you haven't gotten your fix yet. In addition to the official plot synopsis for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Collider snapped some pics of the Batmobile and the ...
BvS photo

These Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice posters are badass

Apr 20
// Nick Valdez
So what did you think of that first trailer? The majority seems to swing toward apathy, but I really dug it. It looks a bit weird, more sterile than anything, but I'm hoping that'll ease up during the year. If the film can ca...
Aqauman  photo

First look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Feb 20
// Nick Valdez
After getting our first look at Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder has revealed Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the upcoming, Man of Steel follow up, Batman v Superman: Dawn o...
Wonder Woman photo
Wonder Woman

First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

You folks don't realize how long it takes to type out that title every time
Jul 28
// Nick Valdez
After teasing for months with two pictures of Batman and a Superman with zero changes from Man of Steel, it's now Wonder Woman's time to shine. After Gal Gadot was cast as the Amazonian princess/goddess/badass in Batman v. Su...
Snyder League photo
Snyder League

Zack Snyder to direct Justice League movie

Apr 28
// Nick Valdez
While we've known about Snyder's involvement with Warner Bros' Justice League team up movie for awhile (since Man of Steel's initial release), it's finally been confirmed. You could say WB is putting all of their money on one...

Review: 300: Rise of an Empire

Mar 27 // Nick Valdez
[embed]217517:41370:0[/embed] 300: Rise of an EmpireDirector: Noam MurroRated: RRelease Date: March 7, 2014 300: Rise of an Empire runs concurrently with the events of the original 300.  As King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans fight to defend a strategic point miles away, Empire follows Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) and his Athenian naval battles against Xerxes’s right hand commander, Artemisia (Eva Green).  That’s pretty much the entire story. Like the original 300, Empire isn’t a complicated tale. Written by Zack Snyder (producer and director of the first film), it’s a point A to be Point B story with very little in the way of intelligent conflict. Fortunately, Empire does not really need something like a serviceable plot to hold it together. Empire’s intelligence comes from the intuitive way it exploits its violent imagery. Unfortunately, your entire enjoyment of Empire rests on how much you enjoy that violence. That's where the film gets a little sketchy. The attacks are filmed in the same fashion which made 300 famous, quick paced movements followed by harsh slow motion leading to a volcanic bloody finish. As entertaining as it is to see, the film does repeat itself quite a bit in this manner. It's not completely overblown, the film at least waits a few minutes before repeating the same sequence, but it's indeed noticeable after the first couple of times.  I usually prefer to avoid making comparisons to the original as it's not fair to the sequel, but it is impossible to distinguish these two from one another. While Rise of an Empire is a step above its predecessor (and is directed by Noam Murro rather than Zack Snyder), a lot of the film is essentially a film we saw already. When you strip the film to its bones, they're exactly the same. Both films feature a small group of men defending a single point, both climaxes involve the enemy leader trying to tempt the main character, both have awkward sex scenes at times where they don't make sense, and both endings involve a big rousing speech before the final battle. You can argue that most films will look similar to one another when stripped down to the bare essentials, but these two a bit too close for comfort. It's hard to get invested in this new film when so much of it feels like a retread.  I will give credit where it's due, however. One of the biggest problems I had with the original 300 was its skewed, male dominant perspective. Empire finally lets the women take center stage. In fact, Eva Green as Artemisia is one of the best women in film I've seen this year. She knows exactly how to play it. Green heartily makes up for Stapleton's lack of charisma as a lead and completely chews the hell out of the scenery. Her performance is somehow hammy, yet genuine. She commands attention in the best way possible when she's on screen in not only her performances, but her look (she gets the entire costuming budget), and in her combat scenes. Credit to Snyder's writing (honestly never though I'd get to type that in a review) which spins the one problematic sex scene into the best one liner this year.  300: Rise of an Empire is a refreshingly good time. Although it's a retread of a film we saw eight years ago and won't bring any new fans to the now existent franchise, Empire is exactly what it desires to be. Bloody, visually distinct (instead of the oranges of the first film, Empire is draped in a blue hue), simplistic, and steeped in uncomfortable amounts of male fantasy (the men notably lack the six packs and speedos of the Spartans though). But that's okay because not every film needs to reach for the stars every time.  It's odd to praise a film for aiming low and precisely hitting that mark, but meeting one's goals definitely deserves recognition. 300: Rise of an Empire isn't going to conquer and start a new empire any time soon, but the battle's worth a watch. 
Rise of an Empire Review photo
This! Is! Okay!
When a not-sequel/prequel to 300, a film that hit theaters over eight theaters ago, was first announced, I was the first to complain about how boring the whole thing looked. And as time went on, and trailers were slowly ...

X-Men sequel photo
Zack Snyder is a dirty tease
UPDATE: According to Twitter, Fox's next X-Men movie is titled X-Men: Apocalypse and is releasing May 27, 2016. No other details have been released at the moment. Original story below. Are somewhat obscure Tweets a valid news...

300: Rise of a Meh-pire photo
300: Rise of a Meh-pire

Second trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire sure does exist

Dec 05
// Nick Valdez
For the three of you still interested to see what the not-prequel/sequel to 300, 300: Rise of an Empire, will bring to the table, this second trailer for the film sure will probably interest you...maybe. After a delay from l...

Snyder offers up a BS excuse for the end of Man of Steel

Aug 30 // Matthew Razak
Before the mini-rant starts I want to say that Snyder's action was awesome to watch. Awesome enough that I thought it made the movie enjoyable. No ding on his ability to annihilate an entire city. It's just that he annihilated the character as well. This little, and suspect, attempt at calling the massive destruction an attempt to create myth is utter crap. Here's what actually happened: Snyder wanted action and WB/DC wanted to show they could be epic like Marvel did with The Avengers. However, they just screwed it all up by forgetting the character they were telling the story about and ignoring context for more destruction. Now Snyder has to defend his callous disregard for both human life and logical plot points by making something up about mass deaths being mythic. Superman is already an American myth and part of that myth is that he's all about saving people. If you're trying to make something mythic you stick to its themes and ideals because that's what myths are for. We're supposed to learn from myths about how we should live life. By turning Superman into a giant wrecking ball he's actually destroying the myth, not making it better. Of course that assumes he was intentionally trying to make the film mythic in the first place, which is clearly not the case since the rest of the story line doesn't build the myth either, but instead steers Superman away from myth in it's attempt to have grittiness. The only aspect even remotely trending towards myth is the lines taken from the original Superman movie, where Superman might have been played more comically, but maintained the mythic stature because of it. In short, Snyder is retreating behind a bunch of "smart talk" in order to excuse the ending of a film that people are realizing didn't make any sense and worse lost the character of the very myth he claimed to be attempting to create. 
Snyder Excuses photo
Big words don't actually make things smarter
The conclusion of Man of Steel was a bit off putting for many people as Superman is basically responsible for the deaths of thousands without blinking an eye until suddenly he cares for a random family in front of h...


Nolan won't have creative input for Batman vs. Superman

He will serve as an executive producer rather than a producer
Aug 26
// Hubert Vigilla
The times, they are a-changing. With Interstellar underway, it seems like Christopher Nolan won't have as much (if any) creative input on Batman vs. Superman. Rather than serve as producer on the film, Nolan is now an executi...

Rumor: WB offers Bale $60 million to return as Batman

The latest rumor about high-priced superhero casting
Aug 14
// Hubert Vigilla
A number of names have been floated to play the Caped Crusader in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Some possibilities include Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Scott Adkins, and Orlando Bloom. Time to add another name ...

Scott Adkins has apparently auditioned to play Batman

The case of the disappearing tweet
Aug 12
// Hubert Vigilla
UPDATE: New rumors suggest that both Orlando Bloom and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are also being considered to play Batman. Last week's rumors about Superman vs. Batman involved some older actors portraying the Dark Knight, includin...

Rumor: 40-year-old Batman sought for Man of Steel sequel

Zack Snyder is apparently meeting with Frank Miller about the film as well
Aug 05
// Hubert Vigilla
A few rumors have been brewing over the weekend concerning the Superman vs. Batman movie. First of all, there's a report that Zack Snyder and Frank Miller will meet to discuss the new film, which fuels lots of speculatio...
The (Movie) Question photo
We answer The (Movie) Question!
With the next Man of Steel film confirmed to be featuring Batman (and potentially being called Batman vs. Superman), it seemed only appropriate to ask whether or not that makes any sense. The world that Zack Snyder and his t...

Just-us League photo
Just-us League

Justice League movie still 2017

And The Flash is getting his own movie? Before Wonder Woman?
Jul 21
// Nick Valdez
While adding Batman to Man of Steel 2 is a great step forward, looks like DC Comics is taking two steps back when it comes to the big Justice League team up. Since the Man of Steel sequel is releasing in 2015, JL's tentative ...

Man of Steel features $2 trillion in overall damage

It's not an "S." On my world it means "hundreds of thousands missing or dead."
Jun 24
// Hubert Vigilla
I'm probably the only person on staff who outright hates Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, which Matt enjoyed but also found problematic as a Superman movie. To me, Man of Steel is a film so joyless and unheroic that it makes Super...
Rise of a Meh-pire photo
Rise of a Meh-pire

Trailer: 300: Rise of an Empire

Anyone still interested in a presequel to a six year old movie?
Jun 13
// Nick Valdez
Here's the first trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire (which I still want to refer to as 299) and it's everything you should expect from a 300 movie...if you can remember back that far. Since the new film will take place at th...

Trailer: Man of Steel

The fate of your planet...
May 22
// Hubert Vigilla
A new trailer dropped last night for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. It uses the General Zod viral video as a starting point and builds out from it to showcase a little of the mayhem to come. Now, I might be in the vast minority...

Snyder confirmed to be asked to direct Justice League

Apr 24
// Logan Otremba
This comes with a big if however, this will only happen if Man of Steel is a success. Seeing as it was received rather well during early screenings, I don’t think this will be an issue. To clear up the confusion, in the...

Trailer: Man of Steel

Apr 16 // Nick Valdez
Man of Steel Trailer photo
Superman's steely resolve
Everyone, this trailer for Man of Steel does everything, and I mean everything, right. It gives a better look at the man behind the cape, gives you plenty of quick looks at Superman punching guys real good, Michael Shannon l...

300: Rise of a Meh-pire photo
300: Rise of a Meh-pire

First look and details of 300: Rise of an Empire

Let's all call this 299 from now on, okay?
Apr 10
// Nick Valdez
Now that Xerxes 300: Battle of Artemesia 299 300: Rise of an Empire is set to release this August, it's about time that we get our first look and plot details of the not quite sequel to 2006's blockbuster man meat parade...

Man of Steel receives positive feedback

Apr 03
// Logan Otremba
The Man of Steel has been on an uneasy slope since photos and the trailers were released. No one knows how much influence Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight has spread. It looked like Man of Steel may turn out to be a fair...

Man of Steel action figures for Zod and Jor-El

Michael Shannon as a CW star, Russell Crowe as space-armor Javert
Jan 31
// Hubert Vigilla
[UPDATE: Additional pics of Superman action figures, a Superman vinyl figure, and the Lego box added to the gallery.] We've been getting a lot of pics of Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, but we've yet t...

Check out these new Man of Steel pics

Catch a glimpse of General Zod and Jor-El
Jan 29
// Thor Latham
The folks over at Empire magazine have a special treat for subscribers this month (which of course immediately found its way to the internet) in the form of a special edition cover of the rather dashing Henry Cavill as Superm...

Man of Steel steals a PG-13 rating...obviously

Jan 24
// Nick Valdez
I hope you weren't expecting too much "grittiness" from a Superman film. Superman has always been a good, clean hero and it looks like that's not changing too much for Man of Steel. Despite Snyder and Nolan's gritty take...

Rumor: Zack Snyder developing samurai style Star Wars

Apparently inspired by Seven Samurai
Jan 14
// Nick Valdez
Because of the amount of confusing hubub surrounding this news, we'll be placing it in the rumor category until its completely settled one way or the other. It all started with a story on Vulture this morning that stated Zack...

Trailer: Man of Steel

Dec 11 // Matthew Razak
Superman as a man
Just start the slow clap now people and let it build until Man of Steel releases in June of 2013 because if this new trailer is any indication of the brilliance going on then we're in for a treat. Eschewing the big punc...


Today on the Facebook page for The Dark Knight Rises, the new poster for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel was posted. It's quite beautiful in its way, and conveys the suspicion that Superman will likely face in the film. There's al...


Man of Steel to be 'naturalistic,' says David S. Goyer

Oct 02
// Nick Valdez
I've been excited for Man of Steel for a while now. Although I'm still mad that DC rebooted the Routh version of Supes since he was awesome in Superman Returns. Superman has always been my favorite DC character too. Ther...

Trailer: Man of Steel

Jul 21 // Alex Katz

Here we are, at the long-awaited debut trailer for Zack Snyder's summer 2013 Superman origin story, Man of Steel. This time, Warner Brothers has actually released two versions of the trailer. Each features identical foo...


New Man of Steel poster; teaser before Dark Knight Rises

Jul 16
// Hubert Vigilla
At the San Diego Comic-Con they unveiled a new poster for Zack Snyder's emotional and edgy Man of Steel. They also played a teaser for the film which will run before The Dark Knight Rises. Wish I could have gone this year, if...

Hans Zimmer scoring Zack Snyder's Man of Steel BRAHWM

Jun 19
// Hubert Vigilla
Hans Zimmer will score Man of Steel rather than Zack Snyder's usual composer, Tyler Bates. As Heat Vision notes, this may be a sign of Christopher Nolan's influence on the production since Zimmer has scored the last three Bat...

El costumes from Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

Jun 12
// Hubert Vigilla
We're about a year away from Zack Snyder's emotional and edgy Man of Steel. We've run some photos of Henry Cavill on set in costume as well as the first official costume still for the movie, but now we've got another look at ...

Snyder's Man of Steel to be edgy, emotional

Apr 11
// Jason Savior
Dylan Sprayberry, who plays the young Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel, told ClevverTV that the film will have an edgy feel "like The Dark Knight." The recent Glee guest star says that Snyder was wary of pres...

Man of Steel Superman logo revealed, is shiny

Mar 30
// Alec Kubas-Meyer
The fact that Christopher Nolan is producing Man of Steel makes me feel much better about it than the fact that Zack Snyder is at the helm. It's not because I don't like Zack Snyder (I do), but Christopher Nolan has prov...

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