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James Gunn: Guardians 2 is about fathers

Get ready for a heaping helping of daddy issues
Apr 15
The true parentage of Chris Pratt's Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord (who?), was a running subplot throughout the original Guardians of the Galaxy – well, OK, his dad was mysteriously mentioned a couple of times. That movi... read
FCD: Guardians photo
Diesel or Dud-sel?
Guardians of the Galaxy has caused quite a stir in the Flixist Community. It's blown up on Twitter, Facebook, and I've even heard some of my non-fan friends discussing it for some reason. It's got the kind of pull I haven't s... read feature

The Book of Life Trailer photo
The Book of Life Trailer

Trailer for The Book of Life continues to look bueno

Aug 08
The Book of Life, produced by Guillermo Del Toro and directed by Jorge Gutierrez (who once created one of my favorite cartoons ever, El Tigre), looks absolutely stunning. I've completely fallen for this Die de Muertos film s... read
Guardians Review photo
Good-ians of the Galaxy
I should admit this outright. Whether it's the nature of my job, or the seemingly endless deluge of Marvel Studios news that we write on everyday, I've succumbed to Marvel fatigue. That's why I was instantly drawn to Guardian... read feature

GOTG photo

See Guardians of the Galaxy early and free

Washington DC, Baltimore, and Norfolk screenings
Jul 18
Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my most anticipated Marvel movie in ever. It looks like it's finally shaking up the stale franchises for good. And if not, at least it's got a great cast at the center. So for some lucky fo... read
Book of Life Trailer photo
Book of Life Trailer

First official trailer for the Del Toro produced animated film, The Book of Life

May 30
The Book of Life is definitely on my list of films to keep an eye out for. Produced by Guillermo Del Toro and directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez (who created one of my favorite past Nickelodeon cartoons, El Tigre, which Book of ... read
Guardians Trailer 2 photo
You still hooked on a feeling?
I'm still trying to figure out the hype for Guardians of the Galaxy. While I'm looking forward to it (the cast is phenomenal), it seems so much attention is being paid to this. To be blunt, when we usually post a second trai... read feature


Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in Avatar forever

Guess which characters aren't going to die
Jan 15
There is more Avatar coming. A lot more. It may be taking a while, but that's because these are really big complicated movies and James Cameron's ego has to be appeased. No matter how long it takes it appears that tall, blue ... read
Guardians of the Galaxy photo
Guardians of the Galaxy

First official image of Guardians of the Galaxy is great

The usual suspects are here...
Jan 02
Guardians of the Galaxy is quickly shaping up to be my most anticipated film of the year. While I may have begun feeling fatigue from comic book movies as 2013 provided lots of brilliant, non-comic book films, I think I'm rea... read
Out of the Furnace Review photo
It probably should have stayed in the furnace.
When I sat down to watch Out of the Furnace, I had nothing but high hopes for the film. The trailers looked amazing and suspenseful and the premise seemed engaging. Plus, how could I possibly get burned on a film that stars some of my favorite actors? Before I knew it I was already covered in gasoline, and writer-director Scott Cooper was lighting a match. read feature

Uhura is Gamora? photo
Uhura is Gamora?

Zoe Saldana might play Gamora for Guardians of the Galaxy

Uhura, Gamora, Alohomora
Apr 04
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zoe Saldana is in talks to play Gamora for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, the make or break Phase Two Marvel film. Although most of the time a report like this means Saldana's clinc... read

Trailer: The Words

May 17
In The Words, Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who has to deal with the desperation of his failing career, when he makes a decision in order to be successful that plunges his world into further turmoil. My fear with ... read

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