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12:00 PM on 10.29.2014

FlixList: The Ten Best Horror Films on Netflix Instant (2014 Edition)

The tradition of watching scary movies during the Halloween season is now easier to keep up with than ever thanks to Netflix Instant. But with all the content available on the service, how do you know which ones are truly wor...

Nick Valdez


Mistwalker Announces Upcoming Terra Battle Concert

Terra Battle concert planning is now underway as the popular mobile-RPG surpasses 1 million downloads in less than a month. For more information on upcoming milestones and recently unlocked milestones, please visit Terra Battle's Download Starter.

FlixList: Ten Cartoons that Deserve Big Movies photo
FlixList: Ten Cartoons that Deserve Big Movies
by Nick Valdez

Cartoons are great. Growing up, I loved to get up early weekend mornings (Fox Kids on Saturday, WB Kids on Sunday) and rush home from school during the week to catch all the best cartoons. Before the advent of DVR, piracy, and YouTube, it took a special kind of commitment to be a cartoon fan. But these days, cartoons are everywhere. 

They have their own stations, conventions, and movies. With Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Popeye, Scooby-Doo, even Underdog having a movie all their own, cartoons are far more worthy of the attention. But what about all of the forgotten shows? There are shows still primed for the big time, and it's only a matter of time before we'll see these of the big screen. 

At least we should anyway. 

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Six filmmakers who should direct Star Wars spin-offs photo
Six filmmakers who should direct Star Wars spin-offs
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

When Disney killed the Star Wars Expanded Universe last month, they negated decades of side stories that fleshed out the galaxy far, far away. But they left open the door for a new Expanded Universe, one filled with canon spin-offs that may have to cede some creative control for the sake of narrative consistency, but could allow for some amazing stories to be told that make the “real” Star Wars universe a much more consistently quality world for those who wants to dive into everything (assuming, of course, you ignore the prequels).

Gareth Edwards, director of the just-released Godzilla remake, is the first director to try his hand at this whole spin-off thing, with a film set for December 16, 2016. And while Edwards will probably do a fine job (especially if they give him something involving giant monsters), there are some other directors we’d love to see tackle the Star Wars universe and really expand it in an interesting way.

And once you’ve read through our list, let us know who else you’d like to direct and what you think they should do with the franchise.

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10:00 AM on 03.04.2014

Here are your 2014 Razzie winners and losers

The Academy Awards have come and gone, and while they were full of pleasant moments (the super selfie, the pizza, Lupita Nyong'o and Matthew McConaughey's speeches), the Razzies also happened but were full of not so pleasant ...

Nick Valdez

Alec's Top 15 Movies of 2013 photo
Alec's Top 15 Movies of 2013
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

As our unofficial two weeks of arbitrary best of 2013 lists comes to a close, it seemed fitting to cap the whole thing off with a couple of actual Best Of lists. Nick posted his picks earlier in the day, and now I'm doing mine. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see (and I list a bunch that would likely have made this list quite a bit different than it is), but that's just the way it is sometimes. There are just too many movies.

As with any list, the numbers you see below are somewhat arbitrary. The top ten is pretty solidified (I think), but the last five could have been switched with nearly any of the honorable mentions and I would have still been happy with it.

All told, I recommend nearly thirty films, and if you've missed any of them, you've done yourself a disservice. So check this out, tell me what films I might have missed (and not acknowledged missing), and then go see everything you've missed. It's gonna be awesome.

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Nick's Top 15 Movies of 2013 photo
Nick's Top 15 Movies of 2013
by Nick Valdez

You're probably thinking, "Who's this Nick guy and why should I care about what movies he liked the most?" Let me introduce myself. I'm Nick Valdez, News Editor of Flixist. I'm the guy who wrote about 25 Christmas flicks last December, someone who really likes movies, tight pants that show off my sweet bod, and listening to songs about butterflies on the Internet. 

Throughout 2013 I had reviewed 18 movies, and although it may not seem like a lot in retrospect, it's a huge step up for me. I've gotten comfortable with my taste in film and matured my sense of criticism. The reason I bring any of this up is because 2013 was an excellent year for me to plunge completely in. It was full of spectacular successes and failures. There have been some bad movies, but even those films were average at worst. Every film is trying harder to stand out, and they'll need to leave a mark, given that the next two years are going to be swarmed by blockbusters. And 2015? Anything non-Disney related can call it day. 

With that being said, I tried to pick the 15 films I loved the most. The order may be true as of this writing, but it's most likely to change over time. But this is definitely what I feel right now. I may have missed out on some of the bigger gems like Gravity, Blue is the Warmest Color, and F**king Planes, but I'm sure I've made the right decisions. Let's get to it. 

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The Top 6 Korean Films Released on Netflix in 2013 photo
The Top 6 Korean Films Released on Netflix in 2013
by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Nearly every time I tell people that I'm a fan of Korean films, I point them to the Korean subgenre on Netflix. It's easy, and even though many people won't ever check them out, I'm happy that the option is there. I understand that some of the films I see will probably never get a wider release, but there are others that people will get to see. And it makes me happy that I'm not the only white guy watching some of these things.

This past year was an odd one, though. It's not so much that there weren't many great releases (although there were definitely fewer than in years past), but that there weren't many releases that really impacted me personally. I saw the films that the films below hit the service and thought, "Yeah! Awesome!" Not, "Oh thank god! Now everyone else will know what I was talking about!"

What I'm trying to say is that 2013 didn't have a Sunny. (If you haven't seen Sunny, fix that right now. Nothing on this list is as good as Sunny is. Heck, nothing in life is as good as Sunny is. Except for the director's cut of Sunny, which is even better.)

But even though there was no Sunny, the following six films are all well worth your time. In no particular order, here are the six best Korean films added to Netflix in the past year.

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Nick's 10 Best Movie Music Moments of 2013 photo
Nick's 10 Best Movie Music Moments of 2013
by Nick Valdez

I'm a sucker for a good soundtrack. Your film could be the worst thing since sliced bread and I'd still love it if the songs were nice. But the best movies take their song choices (or original works) and use them in spectacularly interesting ways. This list is meant to celebrate the films of 2013 that made sweet musical love to our ear drums. 

Although I missed out on last year's big musical hit, Inside Llewyn Davis, I'm pretty content with my choices. While I'm sure the film might've knocked a list item or two off the list, this list is definite. I'm entirely confident that I'll defend every single choice until I get bored and do something else.

With that being said, let's get on with the Ten Best Movie Music Moments of 2013. 

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Matt's 10 best 2013 movies you can watch on Netflix photo
Matt's 10 best 2013 movies you can watch on Netflix
by Matthew Razak

Netflix is awesome. Streaming movies is great and they've got tons of classics and a decent amount of more recent blockbusters. However, Netflix isn't actually known for being super up to date with the movies on it. While it gets some great stuff eventually you'll be hard pressed to find too many films recently released. 

That's why we've created this list of movies you should watch from 2013 on Netflix. Now we're not saying these are the best films on there or even the best ten of 2013 on there, but more the movies that you should see because you can without paying extra money or leaving your couch. Maybe they're just fun or maybe they're so bad that you should watch them just to see how bad they are. So pop on Netflix and enjoy 2013!

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FlixList: Top 10 Worst Grossing Movies of 2013 photo
FlixList: Top 10 Worst Grossing Movies of 2013
by Sean Walsh

Since the dawn of time, there have been winners and there have been losers. There's no question about that. Sometimes, the winners deserve to win, like those damnable Colonial upstarts fighting for their freedom during the Revolutionary War. Sometimes, the winners decidedly don't deserve their glory (re: Edison v. Tesla). But the indisputable fact is that if there is to be a winner, there must be a loser.

Every year, hundreds of movies open across the country, across the world, and some will make a killing and others will limp their way through their times in theaters. And every year, for better or worse, there are some losers that lose harder than all the others. Below is the list of the ten worst grossing films of last year*. Some won't surprise you. Some might. Some might anger you. But that's the way of life. For every Iron Man 3, there must be a Movie 43. And that, dear friends, is why I drink.

*shown at at least 1000 theaters

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Michael's 10 Most Unnecessary Nude Scenes of 2013 photo
Michael's 10 Most Unnecessary Nude Scenes of 2013
by Michael Jordan

Some times the film world likes to take things to the extremes, sometimes they just want to see if they can get a way with it, and sometimes they just don't give a flying poo about what they put in their movies as long as people are talking about it. Here enters nudity. Whether you just want to have an excuse to have two young(ish) French girls doing the dirty or a burnt-out celebrity train wreck grabbing that last string of Hollywood fame she could, 2013 had you covered.

And so have we. Below, you'll find the ten most unnecessary examples of nudity in last year's films.

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Isabelle's Top 5 Movie Romances of 2013 photo
Isabelle's Top 5 Movie Romances of 2013
by Isabelle Magliari

Romantic comedies are all well and good, but who doesn't love a movie that tears their heart out through their chest? Heartache is an integral part of romance, and 2013 provided movie-goers with a plethora of strange, sad, and beautiful relationships to emotionally bleed over.

These are my tentative romantic picks from films I have seen over the last 365 days. That is to say, I'm sure Blue is the Warmest Color would be present here if I had gotten a chance to see it. Everything is prone to change! Life is not a fixed path! Life is an inscrutable mystery! So, for now, take out those tissues, make yourself a drink, and resist the urge to call up that old flame from years gone by. Here are my Top 5 Movie Romances of 2013. 

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Nick's Top 5 Animated Movies of 2013 photo
Nick's Top 5 Animated Movies of 2013
by Nick Valdez

2013 was a great year for film. Due to the lack of straight up blockbusters, other genres had to step up their game to present something interesting. That of course means even animated films, a genre that's been heading more and more toward mediocrity in years past, have greatly increased in quality. Last year, you were more likely to enjoy the fact you were dragged by your kids to see any of the films you'll find the list below. 

My list of animated films may not surprise you, but each film has earned their spot here on the list for various reasons. To be fair I haven't seen Hayao Miyazaki's The Wind Rises yet, so I'm sure that film is so great, it'll change any item on this list. So let's call this list more tentative than definitive. That being said, I'll defend each choice full-heartedly. So, let's get on with it. 

Here are my choices for the Top Five Animated Films of 2013. 

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FlixList: The Ten Worst Trailers of 2013 photo
FlixList: The Ten Worst Trailers of 2013
by Nick Valdez

Bad movies are bad, no ifs or buts about it. But a good trailer could make even the worst movies at least look interesting. The ten trailers featured today are not those trailers. You see, a trailer is the most important thing for a movie. When not done exactly the right way, that could mean millions of dollars lost for a production company. So what's a trailer to do? 

A good trailer would fight on and try to distinguish itself in a world full of Netflix, internet porn, Redbox, Blockbuster, internet porn, cats, and internet porn rather than fade into obscurity. You won't find those here.

These are ten trailers that decide to give up in the face of adversity, the ten worst trailers of 2013.

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FlixList: The Ten Best Trailers of 2013 photo
FlixList: The Ten Best Trailers of 2013
by Nick Valdez

A lot of very good movies released this year, and boy have they been advertised. In fact, so many films had trailers this year I once tried to round them up every week until I abruptly gave up because the mountain was way too steep to climb. But here we are at the end of 2013, so now's the best chance to look back on which films featured the best and worst trailers. 

A good film trailer inspires you to see a film regardless of whether or not you were interested in it in the first place. An average or badly put together trailer could turn you off a film completely. The best ones remember that they're going to be the only thing we see or hear from a film for awhile, so they're going to stick. While my perspective may lean toward bigger movies, they're just the ones that affected me most (although one trailer in this list completely came out of nowhere to surprise me). 

Here are the ten best trailers of 2013.

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FlixList: The Ten Best Modern Box Office Turkeys photo
FlixList: The Ten Best Modern Box Office Turkeys
by Flixist Staff

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! To celebrate the carving of the bird, we here at Flixist decided to look into the recent past at box office failures (also called "turkeys") and list off some of our favorites. It's never fun to hear that a film has failed at the box office, but if an objectively terrible movie bombs then there's a glimmer of hope that maybe audiences are wising up and choosing things that are good.

But then you look at this list and see that that's not really the case. All of these movies should have made their budgets back and more, but the unfortunate reality of the box office meant that they will be looked down upon forever. But in the spirit of the holiday, we're thankful that at least these films got made. 

What are your favorite box office turkeys? And while we're on the subject: do you prefer white or dark meat? And how do you feel about fried vs. baked turkey?

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FlixList: Best of the Criterion Collection (Part 2) photo
FlixList: Best of the Criterion Collection (Part 2)
by Flixist Staff

It's that time again: the sun is up and both game and movie lovers go back into their caves to enjoy their respective hobbies. For gamers, Valve's Summer Sale is in full swing; for cinephiles, it's Barnes & Nobles' 50% Criterion Collection extravaganza. Last time the sale was in effect, we gave you a list of recommendations of what to buy. Everything we said in that list is true and they're all films well worth your money. But there are hundreds of films in the Criterion Collection, and more are added almost every week, so we're back to give more of our favorites. And yeah, next time the sale comes around, we'll probably be doing this again.

The Criterion Collection is great, you guys. Seriously.

The sale is running through August 5th, so there's plenty of time to take advantage of it, but don't let it pass just because you're waiting. Go go go!

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FlixList: The Top 10 Movie Robots  photo
FlixList: The Top 10 Movie Robots
by Nick Valdez

In honor of Pacific Rim releasing July 12, I, Nick Valdez (Flixist's expert in Besteverology), have, through exhaustive labor and sleepless nights, compiled this list of the top ten movie robots. The rules of the list are simple: one robot per movie franchise, that robot has to be featured in a movie at some point (you'll see what I mean later), and the list is set in stone (which means no going back and changing my mind).

If you disagree with me in any fashion, feel free to discuss your wrongness in the comments below.  

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FlixList: The best Star Trek movies photo
FlixList: The best Star Trek movies
by Matthew Razak

That title is a bit of a misnomer since I'm listing all of the Star Trek films here so really it's about ranking them from best to worst, but if we consider the fact that all Star Trek movies are awesome simply by being a Star Trek movie then it's entirely apt, right?

That might not be entirely true either. After watching through all 11 movies (again) I can say without a doubt that some of them are pretty bad, and yet even the bad ones have their redeeming values. As I ranked them I was often torn between loving a film for one reason and hating it for another. And while the franchise has had it's ups and downs in the theater if things continue getting better, as our review of Into Darkness suggests they are, I may just be adding a new number one to the top of the list.

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4 classic books that deserve the Baz Luhrmann treatment photo
4 classic books that deserve the Baz Luhrmann treatment
by Nick Valdez

With Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby adaptation releasing tomorrow in all of its big, loud, and (most likely) stupid glory. I figure it'd be a good time to go through a list of books that would benefit from the same Luhrmann treatment. Sure most of these have made the jump to the silver screen a few times, but as we've learned lately, Hollywood is reaching that cyclical point it always does. 

What do I mean by the Luhrmann treatment? I want these beloved stories to be gaudy, full of showmanship, and slightly genius. I'm tired of reading these stories the same way. They are way overdue for their dose of grandiose stupidity. 

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Flixist's Rockin' Totally Tubular Summer Movie Preview photo
Flixist's Rockin' Totally Tubular Summer Movie Preview
by Matthew Razak

Can you feel it? You can, can't you? If not just go to a release schedule of movies and start reading week by week. It's pretty amazing the glut of awesome that lands every summer, isn't it? This summer is no different and we're ready to tackle it, but are you? Of course not, because you haven't read our summer movie preview yet!

Like the summers before this one is looking pretty awesome with plenty of superheroes and comedy and a few smaller films creeping in (including one of the best horrors we've seen in a while). You'll notice we don't have every big film landing and are far from including all the small ones, but these are the movies that get our juices going. Hopefully by the end of summer we don't regret all the effort of getting excited for these films. 

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5 reasons Nolan should not control the DC universe photo
5 reasons Nolan should not control the DC universe
by Matthew Razak

Recently rumors have started to crop up that Christopher Nolan will be overseeing the new Justice League movie, and with that and his involvement with Superman, basically becoming the guy who controls the DC universe in film. He's the Joss Whedon of DC, but with a bit more control it sounds like.

This is not a good idea. Nolan is a brilliant director and there's no denying that the man delivered at least two of the best superhero films ever made. No one is going to argue that DC's films need a jolt in the arm either, but there are some very concerning problems with Nolan overseeing and defining the DC universe on film. These are those problems. Problems I'd be happy to be entirely wrong about. 

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