Robert Rodriguez to direct Jonny Quest

What is a "Jonny Quest" then?
May 26
I have never seen Jonny Quest. I can only assume it is about a boy, named Jonny, who embarks upon some sort of quest. From the two images I saw on google, I thought "ah, this looks like The Mummy: The Animated Series" so that... read

Rockstar Games sue BBC over GTA movie

Who knew Rockstar were possessive?
May 21
First things first: lol. Second things, the very fact that Game Changer, the movie staring Daniel Radcliffe as Sam Houser and Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson is even happening at all, blows my mind. I simply can't handle the fac... read

Cinematographer Roger Deakins will shoot Blade Runner 2

May 20
Okay, look – let's rap here for a second. We live in a cinema landscape where there are basically two kinds of movies (not really but bear with me): superhero flicks and arguably unnecessary sequels to classics from 20 ... read
I Am Wrath photo
I Am Wrath

Saban Films picks up Travolta's I Am Wrath for NA

Rock that cut-off, Travolta
May 20
If you're an older actor right now then you basically have to be making an action movie/revenge movie where you kick a lot of people's asses with your special skills of ass kicking. The latest to join the pack? John Travolta ... read

Tim Meadows added to The Lonely Island movie, Conner4real

He did not leave the south side for this
May 20
Production of the then known as Top Secret Untitled Lonely Island Movie began last week! And yet, in those few short days, so much has already changed. We have a for real title and synopsis for the movie: conner4real, in whic... read

Miller Making More Mad Max Maybe

Next film to be titled The Wasteland
May 19
Mad Max: Fury Road is amazing. It's my favourite of the Mad Max movies, and it's almost certainly going to go down as one of the best action movies of this decade. I can only hope it will be massively influential, too, b... read

Check out the new trailer for house-music tribute EDEN

We up all night to get lucky
May 18
If you're into house music, EDEN might just be the movie for you. Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve, EDEN centers around Paul, a teen in the Paris music scene in the early-90s – a culture dominated by raves. As he... read
Steve Jobs Trailer photo
Steve Jobs Trailer

First trailer for Steve Jobs

Michael Fassbender's voice is inspiring
May 18
It is not the first, nor will it be the last movie to take a look back at the visionary creator that was Steve Jobs, but the first trailer for Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs is beautifully inspiring. Whether you like him or no... read

Check out the first image from the new Nick Park movie, Early Man

Check out these easter eggs dawg
May 14
If you've been craving British humor filtered through the wonderful art of claymation, Nick Park is once again here to bail you out – he's directing a new movie, Early Man, and the first image from the film has been rel... read

Ava Duvernay to direct Black Panther or Captain Marvel?

Marvel may hire Not A White Guy?!
May 13
Selma was one of the best films of last year, a pointed and affecting film about the importance of protest and the systemic and violent systems of racism that the US still runs on to this day. Director Ava Duvernay crafted an... read
Ratchet and Clank photo
Ratchet and Clank

Paul Giamatti, John Goodman and others join the Ratchet and Clank movie

The Italian Stallion is also cast
May 13
It has been two years since Sony announced their plans to make an animated movie based on the immensely popular series of PlayStation games, Ratchet & Clank, and today we learned that Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Sylveste... read
Besson on Valerian photo
Welcome to the Internet, Luc
Evidently Luc Besson is not much for the social medias, but something has brought him on board and that something is an adaptation of the French science-fiction comic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Evidently it'... read feature


Some guy from Game of Thrones will be in Independence Day 2

None of the guys you're thinking of
May 12
Game of Thrones is one of the biggest things in the world right now, so it's no surprise that some of its stars have gone on to relative big screen success. Emilia "Daenerys" Clarke is set to portray Sarah Connor in this summ... read
Christopher Plummer  photo
Christopher Plummer

A24 acquires Atom Egoyan's Remember

Starring Christopher Plummer
May 12
My (our) love for A24 is well documented, and thus, it's always fun to follow news about their distribution plans - especially when it comes fresh from the Croisette in Cannes.  The latest news comes to us from Deadline,... read

Brad Bird to disappoint us all by making The Incredibles 2

A Short Story, by Jackson Tyler
May 11
"How would you like to make an incredible amount of money?" Brad Bird finally looked up from his desk. He hadn't gone home in two days - editing on Tomorrowland had been gruelling, and he wasn't even sure if the two... read

Mallrats 2 is called MallBrats, seriously

I Want To Believe
May 11
Kevin Smith tweeted out earlier a screenshot of his completed first draft for Mallrats 2, in which was contained the movie's new title: MallBrats. Which, one: that's goddamn amazing. In my dreams, it's a prequel about Brodie ... read
Baby Driver casting photo
Baby Driver casting

Lily James cast in Edgar Wrights Baby Driver

Still not Ant-Man
May 08
Edgar Wright promptly moved on from Ant-Man -- even though the rest of us are still sad about it -- and dove into some more awesome original content with his next film Baby Driver, which will be led by Ansel Elgort as dr... read
Beverly Hills Cop Delay photo
Beverly Hills Cop Delay

Beverly Hills Cop 4 pulled from Paramount's release schedule

A heh-heh-heh-heh
May 07
Getting Beverly Hills Cop 4 off the ground has been quite the struggle, so much so that it seems to be staying right where it is, which is in development hell. Paramount, which had the film slated for release March 25, 2... read
Christ of Waltz  photo
Christ of Waltz

Christoph Waltz to make directorial debut

Ooooh, that's a bingo!
May 07
The man it is impossible to dislike, Christoph Waltz, is set to make his directorial debut with a true crime drama based on the New York Times Magazine article, The Worst Marriage in Georgetown, written by Franklin Foer. Walt... read

Martin Freeman joins Captain America: Civil War

This makes the Avengers look small
May 06
The Avengers: Age of Ultron finally premiered last month, and albeit The Avengers: Infinity War is quite a few years away from our screens, it seems Captain America: Civil War is basically the next Avengers movie in all ... read

Power Rangers delayed into 2017

Someone make sure Nick's okay.
May 05
Not all that long ago, Power Rangers (the movie based on the TV show Power Rangers), looked like it had its director. Now, the film's been pushed six months from the prime summer release date of July 22 2016, to the "thr... read

Shaun The Sheep is coming to America!

He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat
Apr 28
Shaun The Sheep is so far, one of the best movies of the year. Here in the UK, I saw it back in february, enjoyed it thoroughly, and sang its praises everywhere that I could. "It'll never come out in America though," I'd... read

Star Wars: Rogue One now has a synopsis

But how many Bothans will die tho, tell me that.
Apr 20
I don't know if you know, but those Star Wars movies are kinda a big deal at the moment. There was a new trailer for Star Wars; The Force Awakens that the internet is still dissecting line by line, there's a new video game th... read

Ryan Gosling to star in Blade Runner sequel

"With eyes like these, how can I be a replicant?"
Apr 16
I feel weird about this Blade Runner sequel. On the one hand, yay Blade Runner! It's a great film, with a great world, and it'd be amazing to return to it. On the other hand, what possible reason is there to make a sequel to ... read

Cabin In The Woods crew hit with copyright lawsuit

Apr 15
Author Paul Gallagher is filing a lawsuit against those involved with The Cabin In The Woods: Lionsgate, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, claiming the movie infringes upon the copyright of his novel The Little White Trip: A Nigh... read

Pitch Perfect the third on the way

Apr 14
Pitch Perfect 2 hasn't yet reached cinema screens, but if Marvel can pre-announce every sequel from now to the heat death of the universe, then there ain't nothing stopping the Barden Bellas from getting ahead of the gam... read

Lionsgate in negotiations with Dean Israelite to direct Power Rangers

Apr 13
The world is unfortunately not ready for my man Joseph Kahn, relegated to directing ridiculous viral parodies and the odd music video, when if his prior efforts clearly prove the man is a genius, but alas. A real, feature len... read

Logan's Run to be rewritten for female lead

Apr 09
They're trying so hard to get Logan's Run remade, but it just refuses to fall into place. It's almost adorable. You go, studio heads, you make it happen. Don't let the cruel forces of capitalism through which you exploit... read

There's Going To Be Another Need For Speed Movie

There are only two people on earth excited, and one of them is me.
Apr 08
My love for last year's Need For Speed is a love that can only come from friendship and circumstance. It didn't review well, primarily because it wasn't very good, And yet, upon hearing that EA are partnering with Chines... read

Marvel developing animated project for the MCU

A short play, by Jackson Tyler
Apr 07
Surprise indie hit Marvel's The Avengers is getting a sequel in less than a month, which means it's time for every bit of vaguely Marvel related news to burst into your info hungry eyeballs. You see, in olden times, Marv... read

Daniel Craig injured filming Spectre

"Just gotta give these tendons time to bond," said Craig's hilarious now ex-physician
Apr 06
Spectre is looking pretty darn good. But it isn't done shooting yet, and there's a few more bumps in the road for it to handle. Daniel Craig recently received surgery on his knee for an injury that occurred while fiming the 2... read

Mark Wahlberg is your man for another Boston Marathon Bombing film

You wait ages for an exploitative film of a recent tragedy, and two come along at once!
Apr 01
Deep Impact and Armageddon. Dr. Strangelove and Fail-Safe. Olympus Has Fallen and White House down. Since the dawn of time, it has been writ that an idea may not stand alone, when it can stand with a similar, c... read

Disney Developing Live Action Mulan

With all the strength of an etc etc.
Mar 31
Amy always hated the boardroom. It had the smell of cheap air freshener mixed with expensive furniture, the only trace of the minimum wage cleaners who worked tirelessly through the night so she could work tired during the da... read

Paramount building a Transformers writers room

More than meets the I, Robot
Mar 27
Paramount are bringing in Akiva Goldsman to head up a writers room developing future Transformers movies, including multi-part sequels, and spin offs. The last one was terrible, the next one will be too, but the fas... read

Super Troopers reaches crowdfunding goal

Broken Lizard raise a full 2 mil in less than 24 hours
Mar 26
It's been a long time coming, but thanks to the magical device known as the internet, Super Troopers 2 is actually going to be made! Now, I've never seen Super Troopers, so please don't all rush at me with sticks, but I ... read
Idris Elba: ST3 photo
Idris Elba: ST3

Star Trek 3's villainy said to be provided by Idris Elba

These are just going to be Bond Movies now
Mar 25
What's this? Two Idris Elba stories in a many day? These times we live in are bountiful, and we must be grateful for as long as they last. Such fortune flows rarely to these shores. The last two Star Trek movies are two of my... read

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star and produce Fraggle Rock

I mean, who knows? I'll believe it when I see it.
Mar 23
Apparently, there's still a Fraggle Rock movie! They've been trying to make it happen foryears and years, So understandably, I'm more than a little sceptical that this latest attempt has any real... read

Mark Millar's Chrononauts to be adapted by Universal

Sure to be feel good fun for all the family
Mar 20
Remember Kick-Ass? Remember Wanted? Remember Kingsman? You probably do, none of those films are old and one of them came out last month. But the point is: hey, there are still Mark Millar comics that haven't become movie... read

Stephanie Sigman is Spectre's latest Bond Girl

Yeah, but who's singing the theme tune this time? Let's get to the real meat of it.
Mar 10
There is a new James Bond movie out this year. I'm falling over myself with excitement, and I don't even like James Bond! Such an icon he is in my home country that the presence of a new Bond film tickles my soul in ways few ... read

Jennifer Lawrence joins Steven Spielberg's War Memoir movie

She's covered wars, you know?
Mar 03
Word on the street is the movie rights to the memoir of Lynsey Addario, well known wartime photojournalist, now have a home. It's What I Do has been snapped up by Warner Brothers, directed by Stephen Spielberg, with... read

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