The Iron Giant: Signature Edition Returns Animated Classic to Theaters

A second chance to prove your love
Jul 08
// John-Charles Holmes
Fathom Features announced today that the cult-classic animated film, The Iron Giant, will be making a return to select theaters in a new Signature Edition for two nights only. This new release of the film will be fully remast...

Anchorman 2 getting R-rated re-release

Reportedly features 763 new jokes
Feb 21
// Matthew Razak
It appears that when we all went out to the theaters to see Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues we weren't getting the legit version of the film. You know the one that was rated R and had all the bad words in it. That movi...

First 13 of 300: Rise of an Empire to be shown before 300

That's the most numbers I've ever written in a headline
Jan 31
// Matthew Razak
So first things first. 300, the first one directed by Zack Snyder, is having an event screening in 10 cities around the country on February 1. Those cities are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Dallas, Washi...


Gravity re-releasing in theaters this weekend

A second chance to get lost in space
Jan 14
// Matthew Razak
You have to see Gravity in theaters and in 3D. I'm pretty sure everyone has been screaming this since it released. It will just not be the same at home. Unfortunately for you the movie left theaters before you got a...

See The Wizard of Oz 3D early and free

Washington DC screening
Sep 03
// Matthew Razak
The Wizard of Oz, you say? But I've seen that a bajillion times. Yes, that may be true, but have you seen it in 3D and the big screen all digitally remastered? No, because that would be impossible until now since it was never...

Wizard of Oz getting 3D re-release

Runs for one week starting Sept. 20
Jun 04
// Matthew Razak
It's hard to imagine how stunning The Wizard of Oz must have been to someone seeing it on the big scree 75 years ago. The incredible color and spectacle weren't really matched back then, but for a modern audience seeing the c...

Cleopatra getting 50th anniversary re-releases

May 06
// Matthew Razak
Cleopatra, the epic film known as much for its off screen issues as it was for its grandeur, is turning 50 this year and 20th Century Fox isn't about to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate it. They've remastered the...

Review: Jurassic Park 3D

Like that picture but the dinosaur is farther away
Apr 04
// Matthew Razak
It's in 3D! It's like the Jurassic Park you have at home on DVD or Blu-ray, but with more depth. You also have to wear glasses or else it's just blurry Jurassic Park. Also, the dinosaurs win. At the end there's just a bloody pile of human body parts with the raptors standing over them laugh maniacally. Yea, they learn to open doors and laugh maniacally. 

Rumor: Dr. No coming to IMAX 3D

No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to re-release
Feb 19
// Matthew Razak
Through a convoluted series of events it appears that James Bond's first on screen adventure, Dr. No, will be receiving a 3D IMAX re-release. Blooding Cool was first hinted to the possibility when the Taiwanese Blu-Ray r...

Beasts of the Southern Wild to be re-released this week

Jan 17
// Liz Rugg
Beasts of the Southern Wild was this year's breakout independent movie, as favorite among the Flixist staff that have seen it, and also probably the longest review we have to date. In the light of the dark horse candidate's f...

Independence Day not being re-released in 3D after all

Nov 21
// Xander Markham
With sequels reportedly on the way, Fox has surprisingly opted to shelve a 3D re-release of 1996 alien invasion blockbuster Independence Day, which had been set for release on July 3rd 2013. No word has been given on any reas...

There's a whole lot of Quentin Tarantino going on at the end of the year. There's Django Unchained on Christmas Day and there's the Tarantino XX: 8-Film Collection Blu-ray in late November. Sandwiched between those, however, ...

Trailer: Miami Connection

Sep 25 // Hubert Vigilla

Behold, the official re-release trailer for Miami Connection, the Citizen Kane of Taekwondo new wave band movies. The trailer was edited by Hobo with a Shotgun director Jason Eisener, and it makes great use of the song "Agai...

Trailer: Wake in Fright

Sep 24 // Hubert Vigilla

Well-regarded in its native Australia but virtually unseen in the United States, Ted Kotcheff's Wake in Fright is getting a special stateside rerelease to celebrate it's 40th anniversary. The film has been likened to Deliver...


John Carpenter's Halloween returning to theaters

Sep 14
// Alec Kubas-Meyer
I don't know if re-releases are a new thing or if I had somehow just missed their existences. Either way, they certainly seem to be getting more and more frequent. Such is the case with the 1978 classic Halloween, which will ...

The Avengers is back in theaters for one week only

Aug 31
// Hubert Vigilla
Starting today, The Avengers returns to theaters in a big way for one week only. If you're one of the few people who hasn't seen the movie yet and you don't want to wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray release on September 25th, her...

Drafthouse Films gives Miami Connection back to the world

Jun 01
// Hubert Vigilla
Drafthouse Films has gotten their hands on the 1987 cult martial arts movie Miami Connection, written, directed, and starring 9th degree black belt Grandmaster Y.K. Kim. It'll be released theatrically and on video later this...

The Bodyguard returning to theaters to profit on a death

Mar 15
// Bob Muir
Fathom Events can give whatever justification they want for why the 1992 film The Bodyguard is returning to theaters. They say it's to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film's release, and there is a 20th anniversary edit...

Casablanca turns 70 this year. To celebrate, you have a chance to catch it on the big screen for one night only. Turner Classic Movies is hosting nationwide screenings of Casablanca on March 21st at participating theaters. Th...


Why in God's name would you want to see The Phantom Menace in 2D, let alone 3D? No, you shouldn't see The Phantom Menace in 3D. Stop asking stupid questions.


Titanic 3D to screen in select cities for Valentine's Day

Jan 31
// Geoff Henao
Two weeks from today comes every man's worst nightmare: VALENTINE'S DAY. The Hallmark holiday comes with overhyped expectations for those in relationships, as well as a psychological blow to the heart for those desperate to s...

More than 30 Hammer horror movies getting HD treatment

Jan 20 // Hubert Vigilla
Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) [embed]206645:37722[/embed] The Reptile (1966) [embed]206645:37723[/embed] The Plague of the Zombies (1966) [embed]206645:37724[/embed] The Devil Rides Out (1968) [embed]206645:37725[/embed]

When I worked at a video store in the 90s, I always enjoyed the VHS Hammer releases from Anchor Bay -- plastic clamshells, notes on the interior sleeve, and some extras at the end of the tape. I still have quite a few of them...


Want to know if Ghostbusters is playing near you?

Oct 07
// Alex Katz
Because I am the master of all Internet Fact, I proved in my last article about the Ghostbusters re-release that if you don't like Ghostbusters, you deserve to be eaten by wolves and stapled into a human centipede. Also, the ...

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