Kickin' it old school, rockin' it full frame
Here's the first trailer for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, and it looks old-timier than usual. Note the full frame aspect ratio throughout most of the trailer, which was probably a conscious decision to help evoke... read feature

Rewind This! Review photo
The home video revolution will not be demagnetized!
Even though there are some holdout shops in certain parts of the country -- notably cities with major movie scenes -- the video store is now a dusty ruin of history. A downright ancient part of these Parthenons and Acropolise... read feature

Rewind This! Interview photo
Josh Johnson, Christopher Palmer, and Carolee Mitchell talk VHS love
With the documentary Rewind This!, director Josh Johnson has created a fine overview of the VHS era, covering the many different facets of the home video revolution. It's not an easy task to tackle the whole format from diffe... read feature

Frankenstein Interview photo
Director Richard Raaphorst discusses the music and mayhem of Nazi zombots
Even though I had issues with the found-footage aspect of Frankenstein's Army, there's a great anarchic imagination in the film, and it belongs to director Richard Raaphorst. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Raaphorst... read feature


Flix for Short: The Mad Scientist (Fleischer's Superman)

Let's kick it old school with Fleischer Studios and Famous Studios
Jun 10
With Man of Steel coming out this week, it just makes sense to highlight something with Superman. And where better than the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons? These are bona fide classics that feature some of the best Superman... read
The Machine Review photo
You probably rented this on VHS in the 1980s
Retro-style futures sometimes look more futuristic than modern approximations of what the future will be like, and there's a definite retro aesthetic at work in The Machine. In some ways, it's similar in style to Beyond the B... read feature


Help fund the documentary Chuck Norris vs Communism

How VHS piracy helped make life more tolerable in Ceausescu's Romania
Apr 09
You may remember last year that we shared a promotional trailer for Chuck Norris vs. Communism, a documentary on how a woman named Irina Nistor dubbed thousands of illegal foreign blockbusters in 1980s Romania. This act of V... read
Check out Gordon Liu, Lau Kar-wing, and a secret screening at Anthology Film Archives
If you live in New York and are a fan of old school kung fu movies, you need to head to Anthology Film Archives next weekend. From April 19-21, the team behind the New York Asian Film Festival is putting on the Old School Kun... read feature

Partake in the Citizen Kane of Florida-based taekwondo movies
Rediscovered by Drafthouse Films, Miami Connection is the kitschy action gift that keeps on giving: the best VHS action movie you never rented at the videostore when you were a kid. I mentioned in my review that the ideal way... read feature

Blancanieves Review photo
A silent film-style retelling of Snow White set in 1920s Spain (with bullfighting!)
Pablo Berger's Blancanieves will inevitably draw comparisons to Michel Hazanavicius's The Artist since both are silent films. (Blancanieves was Spain's official Oscar entry last year, and I suspect the silent film form was pa... read feature


Details on Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel

Fox Searchlight may release film at the end of the year
Mar 28
Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom was our pick for the best comedy of 2012. Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is another period piece and it may lead to back-to-back Golden Pterodactyls for best comedy. Fox Sear... read

Flix for Short: Rediscovered Empire Strikes Back doc

A vintage Star Wars making-of by Michael Parbot from 1980
Mar 01
Long thought lost, this making-of documentary on The Empire Strikes Back is the bee's knees. It features lots of never-before-seen footage of the Battle of Hoth, stuff with tauntauns and wampas, and Mark Hamill choreographin... read

Iron Man editor develops iPad editing app

Feb 19
Dan Lebental, editor of the Iron Man series, apparently misses touching real film while he is editing. So he has been developing an application for the iPad called TouchEdit which will bring us a step back closer to the simpl... read
No Review photo
The true story of how the revolution was televised in Chile
[This review was originally posted as part of our 2012 New York Film Festival coverage. It has been reposted to coincide with the theatrical release of No.] Sometimes I'm glad I don't live in a swing state. If I did, I'd have... read feature


V/H/S coming to VHS in USA

Three letter acronyms abound
Jan 17
Back in December it was announced that one of the best horror films of last year, V/H/S, was going to get a limited edition release on actual VHS tapes. The downside fro anyone living outside of the UK was that it was on... read
The Cult Club photo
If you were me, you'd be good lookin'
[The Cult Club is where Flixist's writers expound the virtues of their favourite underground classics, spanning all nations and genres. It is a monthly series of articles looking at what made those films stand out from the pa... read feature

Give me the letter!
Miami Connection (the Citizen Kane of Florida-based taekwondo movies) continues to open in theaters across the country this month, leaving destruction and joy in its wake. The people over at Drafthouse Films decided to create... read feature


Wreck-It Ralph's Sugar Rush retro commercial is so 90s

Oct 16
"All new for 1997" has got to be one of the best taglines in ever. Just like how Wreck-It Ralph got a retro commercial made for it's titular fictitious game and arcade, here we have Sugar Rush, one of the worlds Ralph t... read

Wreck-It Ralph's arcade game gets a retro commercial

I'm sorry, I meant "totally rad wrecker."
Oct 08
Honestly the more and more I see of Wreck-It Ralph, the more I want to have its beautiful babies. Then Disney has the nerve to do something as charming as promote its fictional game Fix-It Felix Jr. as a "state-of-the-ar... read

New Miami Connection poster is like classic VHS box art

Sep 13
I have fond feelings toward VHS box art, which may be why I'm bananas about this new poster for the 1987 cult film Miami Connection. It was created by Quebec-based artist, François Simard, a member of the RKSS Collecti... read

The Ghostbusters theme played on eight floppy drives

Aug 22
This is Ray Parker, Jr.'s theme song to Ghostbusters played on eight old school floppy drives. In other words, this is now your new jam. It's like a proto-Sega Genesis sound card octet. This bit of ingenuity comes courtesy o... read

Sizzle reels for Joe Carnahan's dead Daredevil reboot

Aug 15
For a while it seemed like a Joe Carnahan Daredevil reboot was on like Donkey Kong, but yesterday we found out that Carnahan's Daredevil reboot is dead like... Donkey Kong. As the director of The Grey put it on Twitter, "Thi... read

Flix for Short: Bizarro Classic

Jul 03
Robb Pratt is back with another lovingly made animated Superman short, Bizarro Classic. Pratt's a veteran animator for Disney, and his credits include Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Hercules. With Bizarro Classic, he uses his charm... read

Mondo teams w/ Drew Struzan for Thing screen print

Jun 21
About a month ago we highlighted Jay Shaw's Rocky III Mondo poster as part of The Alamo Drafthouse's Summer of 1982 film series. This Friday, they're showing John Carpenter's The Thing, and as a special treat, Mondo has some ... read

Tim Anderson pulps Alien, The Matrix, Blade Runner

Jun 19
There's something about pulp art I really enjoy, whether it's on Argosy, Black Mask, Amazing Stories, or Weird Tales. It's lurid, it's striking, it's all enticement. A few months ago I saw some Mexican pulp art that was just ... read

Play the videogame Fix-It Felix Jr. from Wreck-It Ralph

Jun 11
Last week the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph debuted, and the film looks like a lot of fun -- kinda like Videogame Story, if you will. Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) is the villain of a fictional arcade game called Fix-It Felix... read

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you probably have fond memories of going to the local mom and pop video store. You'd wander the shelves a while, discover new titles and filmmakers, talk with clerks about movies, and event... read feature

Moonrise Kingdom Review photo

[This review was originally published last weekend. The film is now getting a wider release.] When I wrote about the retro aesthetic of Wes Anderson, I mentioned ideas of homage and influence, precocious children, arrested de... read feature


Drafthouse Films gives Miami Connection back to the world

Jun 01
Drafthouse Films has gotten their hands on the 1987 cult martial arts movie Miami Connection, written, directed, and starring 9th degree black belt Grandmaster Y.K. Kim. It'll be released theatrically and on video later this... read

[At the end of this week Wes Anderson will release Moonrise Kingdom. That means all this week we'll be celebrating by diving into his past films with a slew of features on the distinctive director and his films. Head here to ... read feature


Beyond the Black Rainbow is a divisive film. A friend of mine who caught the movie a while back said he couldn't make it past the 20-minute mark and just gave up. At the screening I caught not too long ago, there were a handf... read feature


8-bit movie posters give you a pixel porn fix

Mar 26
As I get older, I find myself more and more drawn to retro gaming. (Full disclosure: I'm almost 97 years old.) Not that I don't dig new games or anything, but there's something to be said about the warm feelings I have toward... read

The first trailer for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom hit back in January, and it looked like another promising bit of intelligent quirk. A painted poster for the film was just released, and it's a real thing of beauty. The w... read feature


There are a lot of reasons to love Saul Bass. His work in graphic design and movie title design is legendary and influential. Homages to his work can still be found in everything from the end credits of The Incredibles to the... read feature


Flix for Short: Space Stallions

Feb 07
This opening to the fictional 80s cartoon Space Stallions is a Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop in Denmark. It uncannily evokes the feel of those cartoons from my childhood, like Silverhawks, Thundercats, He... read

Trailer: Comin' at Ya! 3D

Feb 06
There's something about this trailer for Comin' at Ya! 3D that makes me downright giddy. Maybe it's because this is a revival of a 30-year-old 3D spaghetti western. Maybe it's because it looks like the kind of movie that wou... read

Movie posters from an alternate universe by Peter Stults

Jan 16
You've probably thought about recasting movies with classic stars before. Or maybe you've thought about which classic filmmakers could do a good job at the helm of more recent movies. Artist and graphic designer Peter Stults ... read

Retro Woman in Black poster looks like vintage Hammer art

Jan 16
It's always nice to see a poster with craftsmanship in it. None of that simple Photoshop nonsense that was done in an afternoon, but art with some actual personality. Since The Woman in Black is Hammer Studios's return to the... read

Watch The Karate Kid in rehearsal style

Nov 29
This is pretty much one of the coolest things never put on a DVD ever. See, back in the day before anyone knew that The Crane was the greatest karate move in the world John G. Alvidsen was just putting together a little movi... read

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