X-Men: Apocalypse and Wolverine 3 to conclude Brian Singer's X-Men universe

As long as something like X3 never happens again
Apr 28
Some unclear news coming from the old rumor mill. El Miyambe reports that once X-Men: Apocalypse and Wolverine 3 are done so is the Bryan Singer X-MEN universe that started back in 2000. You can read his full q... read

Rumor: Chris Miller and Phil Lord wanted for The Flash or Ghostbusters

Apr 06
Chris Miller and Phil Lord are awesome. Everything (about them) is awesome. So whatever project they take next will most likely be awesome, and they seem to have some choices. WB is courting them for the upcoming The Flash&nb... read

Rumor: Batman v Superman trailer to play before Mad Max: Fury Road

As if you weren't already going
Apr 01
It's a big week for trailer news. Yesterday we heard that the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens would run before Avengers: Age of Ultron and now we hear word that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will get its first... read

Toy Story 4 might be a romantic comedy separate from original trilogy

How could you possibly follow an act like that?
Mar 06
In a recent interview with Disney Latino, Pixar's president, Jim Morris discussed some of the earliest details about the upcoming Toy Story 4. According to Morris, the sequel to the original trilogy won't continue the story, ... read
Terminator 5 photo
Terminator 5

Rumor: Naked Schwarzenegger will be sans Penys in Terminator: Genisys

Feb 26
We try to stay away from rumors as much as possible, but as in the past, sometimes something so ridiculous pops up, I just have to tell you about it. Case in point, the craziest thing I've heard about Terminator: Genisys (bes... read
Spidey and Marvel photo
They all come (web)crawling back
After Sony was soundly disappointed by The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the company was struggling with what to do with the character. As some leaked documents (that we did not cover) showed they even reached out to Marvel ... read feature


Frozen 2 is a thing in the works

Frozen 2: Freeze Harder
Dec 01
Did you think Disney was just going to let the incredible success of Frozen sit there and... well continue to be successful thanks to toys, television and marketing? No, that's not how they play. Idinia Menzel says that ... read
Fast and Furi-YES photo
Fast and Furi-YES

Rumor: Justin Lin returning for Fast & Furious finale?

Nov 13
I've reached a crossroads. Writing so much about the Fast and the Furious franchise makes me feel like such a hypocrite. Take the first trailer for Furious 7, for instance. Here I am celebrating a series' seventh installment ... read
Spooderman photo

Rumor: Sony is coming up with a bunch of random Spider-Man movie ideas

Nov 12
We like to steer clear of most rumors here on Flixist because if we told you all about each one, we'd be writing about outlandish stuff every day. But Sony's discussing so many crazy Spider-Man movies, we gotta talk about 'em... read
Doctor Doom  photo
Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom's going to be quite different in The Fantastic Four movie

Nov 11
With the deluge of comic book films coming our way the rest of this (sigh) decade, anything that'll make one film stand out from the rest is good. Fox's newest Fantastic Four reboot has been getting quite a lot of attention a... read

William Shatner has a role in Star Trek 3 if he wants it

No. No. No. No. NO!
Sep 23
Rumors are coming in that screenplay for the third Star Trek film may have a crucial part for William Shatner that will reteam him with Leonard Nemoy. Evidently the part is a pretty integral part of the film and thus won... read

Obi Wan Kenobi rumored to be getting a Star Wars spin-off

This is not the spin off you're looking for
Sep 15
We've pretty much heard a spin-off rumor for every character that exists in the Star Wars universe. We know they're coming and we know the directors of some, but they're still shrouded in mystery, thus more rumors. The n... read

Is this what Storm Troopers will look like in Star Wars Ep. VII

It's like they hired Apple to design them
Aug 15
Despite the fact that J.J. Abrams might be the best in the business at keeping his films secret when you're dealing with Star Wars things are going to leak. These Stormtrooper helmets might be the first real big things i... read

Marvel moving forward with Inhumans

Another team you probably know even less about
Aug 12
With Guardians of the Galaxy a record breaking hit, Marvel is feeling pretty damn good about their ability to take lesser known characters and turn them into awesome. That means that the long-ago-teased The Inhumans... read

Two more LEGO movies may already have release dates

They're the building blocks of a franchise
Aug 07
With The LEGO Movie being awesome and also destroying the box office WB was quick to announce a sequel and a spin-off based on their Ninjago line of LEGO. Two upcoming movies should be enough, but the want more. THR... read

Rumor: Mark Wahlberg to play the Six Million Dollar Man

We can reboot him, we have the technology
Jul 07
Ever wondered what happened to that Six Million Dollar Man reboot that kept trying to get off the ground? Only vaguely, right? I mean of all the reboots possible who is this exciting? We've got enough super powered peopl... read

Tina Fey may be producing a Hocus Pocus sequel

A muck! A muck! A muck!
Jul 02
If you grew up in the 90s then you most likely are a fan of Hocus Pocus, the Disney Halloween movie that was awesome and starred Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. You've probably rewatched it and found it actually stands... read

John Turturro wants to make a Big Lebowski spin-off about Jesus

No body F**ks with the Jesus... except to make a sequel
Jun 25
Of all the films in the known universe The Big Lebowski might be the one that the saying "Leave well enough alone" applies the most too. A sequel would be idiotic. But what about a spin-off? Evidently John Turturro has a... read

Rumor: Rambo V is something that maybe possibly might still happen

This times he's going south
Jun 24
If the subtitle for the story isn't the tagline for this film, which is only a rumor and evidently only a screenplay at this time, then I'm out. See Sylvester Stallone is reportedly pitching a fifth Rambo movie, though there'... read

Rumor: Robert Pattinson front runner for Indiana Jones

Unfurl that brow, it could work
Jun 03
Star Wars wasn't Disney's only moneymaker it scooped up when it acquired LucasFilm. Indiana Jones has some legs left in him and we know we'll be seeing more of him at some point. Right now that point isn't clear, but rum... read

3 Star Wars spin-off movies in development right now

Marveling the crap out of the franchise
May 07
It appears that everyone wants of a piece of that sweet, money-making Marvel universe building action. A Disney executive recently revealed that side from the upcoming trilogy of Star Wars films fans can expect at least ... read

Rumor: Star Wars: Episode VII titled The Ancient Fear

And we all know what fear leads to
May 06
Have to slap this one with a rumor, but Ain't It Cool is usually pretty solid when it comes to leaks so we're leaning towards the truth. They've been informed twice now that the current working title for Star Wars: Episode VI... read

The new Star Wars has its first villain

Adam Driver to turn to the dark side
Feb 26
If you watch Girls then you probably know Adam Driver. You've probably never thought that he should be the villain in a massive science fiction space opera, but now he is. Variety is reporting that the actor is close to ... read

Karl Urban says Dredd 2 conversations happening

Can't... get... hopes... up
Feb 25
OK, OK. Let's all just settle down. Just because Karl Urban says that talks about a sequel to the insanely awesome Dredd are actually occurring does not mean anything will come of it. In fact, the chances are nothing wil... read
Bay's TMNT leaked photo
Be ready to be Shellshocked
Thanks to a few leaks springing up around the Internet, we've got a good (but completely unofficial) look at what Michael Bay's upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot might look like. While none of this is confirm... read feature

TMNT  photo

Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles might look super ugly

They ain't got no alibi.
Jan 23
I'm not the hugest fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I understand the very thought of Michael Bay going through a franchise I enjoy and possibly mucking up the whole thing for everybody. And even if I'll stick by M... read
Sandman Movie photo
Totally up in the air, but lets get really excited
Where there's a whole bunch of names you should be excited to see together. David S. Goyer, who wrote the new Batman trilogy and Man of Steel, is pitching a new adaptation of Neil Gayman's graphic novel series Sandman&nb... read feature


Rumor: Chiwetel Ejiofor for Star Wars Ep. VII?

Because we just don't have enough Star Wars casting rumors
Nov 04
Star Wars casting rumors are about as rampant as a bad case of the tribbles (SCI-IF UNIVERSE CROSS REFERENCE), but this one is both too good and too random to pass up. A The Times reporter walked into a interview w... read
Star Trek Into Greatness photo
Star Trek Into Greatness

Rumor: Joe Cornish could direct Star Trek 3

This could be the best thing.
Nov 04
If this rumor turns out to be true in some fashion, allow me to title the next Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Greatness (or maybe Star Trek Into Something Less Full of Bologna?). According to the good folks at Deadline, since... read

Rumor: Friday the 13th to found footage?

Will Jason return to claim the lives of some amateur filmmakers?
Oct 03
My life has been lived in semi-constant agony in the years since the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies came out, due in no small part to the fact that there's been nary a word about sequels. In fact, if I r... read

Rumor: The Wolf of Wall Street may be delayed to 2014

The latest from Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio might be moving from November 15th
Sep 26
The trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street makes the movie look like an energetic exploration of the amoral douchebag culture in stock trading and corporate banking. This adaptation of Jordan Belfort's memoir seems like a s... read
New Willenium?  photo
New Willenium?

Could Will Smith get jiggy wit Independence Day sequel?

Big Willie Style returning to Earf?
Sep 09
Consider this bit of news with the heaviest, heart attack causing salt as this is merely Roland Emmerich mentioning some things. According to an interview with Digital Spy, Roland Emmerich said he and Big Willie Style are "ba... read

Jack Nicholson supposedly retiring... supposedly

You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Sep 04
Oh blimey. This is pretty heavy news. A 'source' has apparently suggested that Mr Nicholson has been suffering some memory loss recently and has chosen to retire from acting altogether. Nicholson's last film last came out ove... read
Luthor Casting photo
Luthor Casting

Rumor: Bryan Cranston cast as Lex Luthor

A bit more popular than Affleck
Aug 27
Update: No, no he is not... yet. A few days after the Internet blew up with unwarranted hate towards the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, now we have news that we're guessing is going to go down a whole lot smoothe... read

Rumor: WB offers Bale $60 million to return as Batman

The latest rumor about high-priced superhero casting
Aug 14
A number of names have been floated to play the Caped Crusader in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Some possibilities include Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Scott Adkins, and Orlando Bloom. Time to add another name ... read

Rumor: Jackman offered $100 million to remain Wolverine

Four more Wolverine films at $25 million a pop
Aug 13
Get that salt ready, everyone: The National Enquirer says that Fox is looking to pay Hugh Jackman $100 million to play Wolverine in four more movies. Given the amount of money involved, this probably means four Wolverine-cent... read
Vin Treesel photo
Vin Treesel

Vin Diesel in talks for Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot

Vin Diesel's Facebook page gets a little antsy
Aug 12
Once again, Vin Diesel made another announcement via Facebook. Except this time, he might've jumped the gun a little bit. Vin Diesel has been recently letting on that he's been talking with Marvel about a possible role in one... read

Rumor: 40-year-old Batman sought for Man of Steel sequel

Zack Snyder is apparently meeting with Frank Miller about the film as well
Aug 05
A few rumors have been brewing over the weekend concerning the Superman vs. Batman movie. First of all, there's a report that Zack Snyder and Frank Miller will meet to discuss the new film, which fuels lots of speculatio... read

Rumor: Gosling and Efron rumored for Star Wars

The force just got damn sexy
Jul 25
Things are gearing up for the new Star Wars films and if this rumor turns out true then things are gearing up to make ladies swoon. Both Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling may be cast in the film. Both actors supposedly went in for a... read

John Lithgow joins Interstellar

Jul 16
This may possibly be a rumor. But let's hope it isn't because John Lithgow is awesome. An individual that is involved with Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar project told TheWrap that John Lithgow signed onto the film. At... read

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