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Hollywood sucks

Simon Pegg says Start Trek 3 script scrapped for being too Star Trek-y

Because philosophy doesn't sell
May 20
// Matthew Razak
You'd think that a franchise like Star Trek would have some pretty clear sailing after two successful films released, but the third movie is proving to be troublesome. Originally Robert Orci was going to direct, but Para...

Metal Gear Solid adaptation to be written by Jay Basu

Mar 31
// Per Morten Mjolkeraaen
As Deadline reports that Jay Basu will write the screenplay for Sony Pictures feature film adaptation of the hugely popular Metal Gear Solid video game, it seems the pieces are finally falling into place.  We've hea...

E.L. James wants control over next Fifty Shades screenplay

Nope. Not doing it. No joke about "control." I'm taking the high road.
Feb 19
// Jackson Tyler
Fifty Shades Of Grey was a movie without a country. Sam Taylor-Johnson attempted to craft a feminist subversion out of the novel's infamous tale of abuse, whereas E.L. James wanted her work to be faithfully adapted, and clash...

World War Z sequel starting with a clean slate

Can we go back and erase the first's ending as well
Jan 20
// Matthew Razak
We here at Flixist actually dug World War Z despite it's horrible third act, which was rewritten and abandoned many of the book's themes to give us a happy ending. Despite all the troubles the movie had it still came out...


Warner Bros. has two Aquaman scripts in the works

What's better than one Aquaman? Two Aquaman! Aquamen?
Aug 13
// Matthew Razak
Warner Bros., in a desperate bid to catch up with Marvel, is being crazy aggressive with its release schedule over the next few years. While we're pretty sure there will be more Bats, Superman and Wonder Woman we didn't know ...

Del Toro writing Pacific Rim 2 right now

Still no money to actually make it
Jun 09
// Matthew Razak
At ATX this weekend Guiellermo Del Toro made fans of his Pacific Rim a little excited as he announced that he's working on the sequel's with The Incredible Hulk writer Zak Penn script as if he already had funding fo...

Tarantino drafting new Hateful Eight script

Did anyone really believe he wasn't going to make it eventually?
Apr 21
// Matthew Razak
The drama over Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight has been pretty crazy. After the script leaked online he swore he was going to put the film on the back burner, and then decide to hold a one-time only reading of the ...

Lauren Shuler Donner talks Deadpool script

You should be scared by this.
Mar 11
// Michael Jordan
So it turns out that our favorite merc with a mouth (who had his mouth surgically shut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has a script out there and Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says its "really good." Here is why you sh...

John Logan talks Bond 24 and the return of S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

Is it too early to get far too excited?
Mar 05
// Matthew Razak
Sometimes do you just sit around and wonder why there isn't more news about the next James Bond film, momentarily titled Bond 24? No? Well, I do and so it's with great pleasure I bring myself (and you by proxy) news from scre...

You can download all these rad screenplays for no money!

The only problem is choosing which one to download first!
Jan 02
// Mike Cosimano
Reading screenplays is always really cool. It's fascinating to see where the vision of the director and the intent of the screenwriter diverge. If you're interested in reading the screenplays for The Wolf of Wall Street, Froz...

There are two scripts for Independence Day 2

One is jiggy with it, the other is not
Oct 24
// Matthew Razak
Will Smith has been all over the place in terms of Independence Day 2 (officially titled ID Forever Part 1). He wasn't returning and then he was in talks and then he wasn't again. It's all a bit confusing as it's unclear why ...

Illustrated Moonrise Kingdom script available to download

Jan 23
// Liz Rugg
Focus Features has released online an illustrated version of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola's Academy Award nominated script for their 2012 film, Moonrise Kingdom. You can click through the script on their website and downloa...

Beasts of the Southern Wild to be re-released this week

Jan 17
// Liz Rugg
Beasts of the Southern Wild was this year's breakout independent movie, as favorite among the Flixist staff that have seen it, and also probably the longest review we have to date. In the light of the dark horse candidate's f...

Warner Bros. wants to make a "Space Odyssey"

Jan 15
// Logan Otremba
No it’s not a rip-off of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, but rather “The Odyssey” by Homer. Yes, the same epic poem that follows Odysseus and his very long journey home after the fall of Troy ...

Disney's Tron 3 finds a another new writer

David DiGilio gets the boot
Dec 06
// Thor Latham
It looks like whatever work David DiGilio accomplished is now being handed off to a new scribe for another go around. Jesse Wigutow has been hired as the new writer for the sequel to Tron: Legacy and will conti...

Michael Arndt may be writing Star Wars VII

Another day, another Star Wars post
Nov 09
// Thor Latham
As far as all of the Star Wars news everyone has been reporting on, this little tidbit is a bit more substantial. According to Deadline, Michael Arndt was brought in sometime ago by Lucasfilm before all of this hubbub&nb...

Warner Bros. picks up Somacell, produced by David Goyer

He sure looks snazzy in that sweater
Oct 30
// Thor Latham
In what can be described as just barely news, Warner Bros. has just picked up a spec script from first time screenwriter Ashleigh Powell titled Somacell. The story "chronicles a female prison guard in the near ...

John Logan taking on writing duties for Bond 24 and 25

You better be ready for more Bond
Oct 26
// Thor Latham
Bet you didn't expect news about a Bond sequel so soon did ya? Hell, Skyfall hasn't even released in the states yet! Of course, that doesn't really mean anything when it comes to the Bond franchise, because it's not like we'r...

Wanted 2 still happening, getting new female lead

Oct 25
// Nick Valdez
Did you watch the first Wanted and afterwards think, "Man, I could really go for some more of that"? I certainly have good news for you! The sequel is still chugging along with a screenplay going into second draft stages (and...

John Spaihts shares secrets from his Prometheus script

Oct 09
// Thor Latham
Ah, Prometheus, how I detest that you keep finding your way back into my life, especially with news like this. Jon Spaihts, the screenwriter who worked on several drafts of the script before it was handed off to Damen Lindelo...

Chan-wook Park to direct a crime drama from Bond scribes

Sep 18
// Thor Latham
There is no shortage of love around Flixist for the brilliant Chan-wook Park. A master of his craft, he has directed several amazing films, most notably Oldboy, and has established a pedigree of Korean film making that is rar...

World of Warcraft script getting rewrite by Leavitt

Aug 02
// Matthew Razak
Videogames are serious business and serious business means that videogame movies need serious screenwriters. World of Warcraft is so serious that the original screenplay, written by Saving Private Ryan screenwriter Robert Rod...

Alan Moore to work in film of own volition

Jun 22
// Jason Savior
In the sad way that certain artists come to be known more for succulent ancillary gossip rather than their actual contributions, Alan Moore, like an actor who happens to enjoy rodent-based anal pleasantries, has seen the most...

Comic scribe Mark Millar says JLA is dark and mature

Jun 07
// Matthew Razak
With word of a screenwriter being brought on to make a Justice League of America film we all assumed that things were just getting underway on the project, but in fact Will Beall has been writing the screenplay for nearly a y...

Cabin in the Woods: Joss & Drew's writing process

Apr 13 // Hubert Vigilla
From The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion: How long was it between the original idea and writing the first draft? GODDARD: It could have been as long as a year in terms of us talking about, "Hey, we should write a movie together!" "Hey, what if we did a horror movie?" "Yeah, that'd be fun." My memory is kind of hazy. I was writing Lost. We were just working on other stuff, and we'd trade emails and phone calls. WHEDON: It was a while. It was a long time before we had the opportunity. I had the idea for a couple of years. GODDARD: There was like a month-long period where we really got serious, talking about the story every day. "Okay, what would the story be?" "What are our character names?" and all of those things. WHEDON: We had a lot of meetings and sat down to dinner a lot of times to make sure that we were ready, and I wrote out a cast lift and an outline and the first 10 pages. GODDARD: And then after that, we made the hotel reservations. I think we checked in on a Thursday night, but we didn't write anything Thursday night. We checked in on Thursday night and then checked out Monday morning. You actually checked yourselves into a hotel together to write this? GODDARD: Yes. It's in Santa Monica somewhere. And it was great -- we had a bungalow with an upstairs and a downstairs. So I would just sit upstairs and Joss would write downstairs and I remember, we would get up at 7:00am and have breakfast and figure out the stories we wanted to deal with that day, and then he would write downstairs and I would write upstairs and we'd pass pages back and forth and we'd finish about 1:00am and we'd go to bed and then do the same thing the next day. It was very intense, but it couldn't have been more fun. Joss and I both work very well around our wives. It's not that. But when you're at a hotel, everything can be taken care of. You don't have to think about, "Where am I going to get food?" [laughs] Or "When do I have to drive to the office?" We knew we wanted to be near each other, because in order to write like this, if we had a problem, we had to be in close communication all the time. We wanted to take all the problems out of it, sort of go in a bubble, so that all you have to worry about is writing. WHEDON: You know, the dream, the fantasy -- and I've had this fantasy before, as have other writers -- is that you lock yourself in a hotel, partially because it is more exciting to say, partially because I have children, and partially because your focus is absolute. Based on the fact that we had 10 pages written, we knew we each had an obligation to turn out no less than 15 pages every day for three days in a row. And that can't be done if you have anything else to do. So when we got to the little bungalow, and he took the upstairs and I took the downstairs, we basically would talk in the morning about the acts, break it, divide it, and then go down. In a writers's room, there are hours of gossip and chatting and personal stories, and there was none of that. For three days, we never talked about anything except the story.When we'd eat, if we decided to have dinner at the restaurant of the hotel, we'd only talk about the story. We had real focus. And you remove yourself from life to get that kind of focus.   *       *       *   CONTEST REMINDER Don't forget that you have a chance to win the Mondo poster for The Cabin in the Woods. The Escher-ific limited-edition poster (pictured below) is completely sold out, so this is your chance to actually get one.

[For the next few days, we'll be looking at The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion from Titan Books. It features an in-depth interview with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, the film's complete screenplay, cast int...


Super Troopers meow 2 script finalized meow

Mar 13
// Matthew Razak
This one comes straight from out lovely community blogs, folks. Manasteel88 is down at SXSW and sat in on a talk that Super Trooper creators Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan gave after showcasing their new film The Babym...

Charlie Kaufman was invited by BAFTA to deliver a speech as part of their "Screenwriters on Screenwriting" lecture series. It happened back in late September, though it only came to our attention through /Film yesterday. One ...


Flixclusive: Bellflower follow-up similar to 'Malkovich'

Aug 18
// Glenn Morris
I'll soon be posting an interview that I conducted with Evan Glodell, the writer/director/producer/star of Bellflower. Everyone on our staff who's seen the film has applauded it, despite the $17,000 budget and not as a handic...

Chilean miners sell script to Black Swan producer Medavoy

Jul 26
// Tom Fronczak
It's hard to believe it's been almost a full year since the 33 Chilean miners were tragically trapped underground. Mike Medavoy (Black Swan, Shutter Island) has successfully reached an agreement with the representatives of th...

Alex Tse gives wings to The Crow remake

Jun 23
// Geoff Henao
You know that remake of The Crow that's been floating around for awhile? The one with Bradley Cooper set to star as the titular character? News has come out that Watchmen scribe Alex Tse is on board to write a new script for ...

TMNT gets M:I screenwriters J.A. and A.N.

Jun 08
// Matthew Razak
Did you check out the last installment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen. Remember it was digitally animated and called TMNT? I actually kind of dug it, but it didn't reignite the franchise on screen like it w...

Candy Land movie is like Lord of the Rings

May 24
// Matthew Razak
Sometimes you write a headline and then you have to stare at it a while and make sure that you're still alive and that the world hasn't actually gone through the Rapture. This was one of those headlines. Speaking recently abo...

Flixist Film School: A DIY filmmaking primer

May 19
// Sam Membrino
Flixist Film School is proud to present the third installment of our ongoing production series. Part one brought us a great lesson in editing, and part two filled us in on how to write an ending.  In this lesson, we will...

Jay Baruchel: screenwriter

May 06
// Sean Walsh
I love when actors branch out into other facets of film-making. Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, and Zach Braff have done it! Now it's Jay Baruchel's time to shine! Yeah, you know, the guy with the maple leaf on his chest.In addit...

Pirates 5 script is in, that is all

May 05
// Matthew Razak
Rejoice for yet another Pirates film is on the way and Disney can continue to count its large piles of Johnny Depp flavored money (tastes like chicken). The fourth film hasn't even hit theaters yet, but when you're on a roll ...

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