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Studios v Rotten Tomatoes photo
Studios v Rotten Tomatoes

Movie studios fear bad Rotten Tomatoes scores, are trying to thwart the Tomatometer

Attaaaack of the rotten tomatoes!
Aug 02
// Hubert Vigilla
Bad reviews can potentially hurt a movie's box office in the same way that good reviews can potentially get more butts in the seats. As more and more people turn to Rotten Tomatoes to see what the critical consensus is on a m...
Legendary/Universal photo
Legendary likes Universal, so they put a ring on it.
Legendary Pictures has left Warner Bros (their deal produced such hits as The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, and The Hangover trilogy) since their deal expired last June. There was an attempt to re-negotiate, but that fel...


G.I. Joe 3 is definitely happening. Go Joe!

Because money
Apr 02
// Thor Latham
As someone who has not seen G.I. Joe or the recently released Retaliation, I'm not sure whether this should be taken as good or bad news. Either way, it's kind of nutty for Paramount to announce that they've green-lit a ...

Gore Verbinski to direct and produce Pyongyang

Adaptation of graphic novel with
Jan 30
// Matthew Razak
I'm not the comic book guy around these parts so my knowledge of the graphic novel Pyongyang is limited to cursory information, but it sounds like one of the most interesting graphic novels one could read. That's probabl...


Trey Parker and Matt Stone found studio

Creators of South Park do non-South Park stuff
Jan 15
// Matthew Razak
Those wacky guys from South Park are at it again. Well, they've really just be at it for a while now, but now all of Trey Parker and Matt Stones work will be made under their new studio, Important Studios. One assumes th...

Ubisoft teams with New Regency for Splinter Cell film

Dec 06
// Matthew Razak
Ubisoft is all about making movies out of their gaming franchises these days, but with Splinter Cell they aren't going alone. The gaming company, which has its own film production arm, announced that they will be partnering w...

Martin Scorsese sued over lack of Silence

Aug 24
// Xander Markham
Everyone loves Martin Scorsese, don't they? He's one of the few great '70s directors to keep developing his outstanding talent into old age, rather than tailing off into ignominy like Lucas, Allen, Coppola and (to a lesser ex...

Shia LeBeouf turning away from the studio system

Aug 16
// Thor Latham
Here's an interesting bit of news. One of Hollywood's biggest young stars has decided that he's had enough of being jerked around by the system and that he wants out. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shia LaBeouf ...

Touchstone's future to be mulled over by Disney

Jan 09
// Matthew Razak
It appears the studio who released What About Bob?, Blaze, Mad Love, He Got Game and Wild Hogs (to name a few i randomly selected off their Wikipedia page) is on the outs at Disney. Touchstone Pictures, an imprint Disney orig...

Paramount spending $700 mil to remake Hollywood studios

Sep 21
// Matthew Razak
Major studios, like actual physical studios, in actual LA are pretty much dead. Hell filming in LA is a dying breed as well. Hollywood has figured out that there are cheaper places to film than... Hollywood. That doesn't mean...

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