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true story


Your homeboys, Winnie da Pooh, Tigger, Yore, an Lil Roo get a trailer in Goodbye Christopher Robin

Jun 16
// Rick Lash
If you've ever wondered, 'What crazy son of a bitch invented these talking stuffed animals that are obsessed with fly honeys and terrified of heffalumps and woozles,' you're in luck my friend! Fox Searchlight Pictures UK brings you the unadulterated true story of Winne the Pooh creator A.A. Milne and how he stole the idea from his kid and never gave him a dime. I know: f'd up. Peep the trailer.

A24 ready to make their first original movie

... and they're teaming up with Cary Fukunaga
Apr 30
// Per Morten Mjolkeraaen
It's official! Everybody's favorite film distribution and production company, A24, is finally set to make their first original movie, and they've hired none other than Cary Fukunaga to direct. The untitled project will be wri...

See the Fifth Estate early and free

Baltimore and Washington DC screenings
Oct 14
// Matthew Razak
I'm not a fan of biopics coming out withing a few years of the film's subject, but The Fifth Estate just looks too great to be upset about the fact that it's about Julian Assange and that stuff went down all in the past two y...

Trailer: Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks early Oscar bait
May 13
// Matthew Razak
The dramatic and thrilling ordeal of the Maersk Alabama was ripe for movie making the second it started splashing across news screens. The first American ship to be boarded by pirates since the 19th century? Navy Seals?...


Read the even weirder true story behind Pain & Gain

Apr 24
// Matthew Razak
After watching Pain & Gain last night I hopped online to find out just how true the story was. Usually movies embellish a bit to make it more entertaining, you know. So imagine my surprise when I come acros...

A game of tag to turn into a movie

Feb 14
// Logan Otremba
Have you and your friends ever played a game of tag? Have you and those same friends been playing it for 23 years? There is this group of friends from the state of Washington that have kept up a game of tag for that long. Bas...

So following the success of Raging Bull, one of Robert DeNiro's best performances and a fine film from Scorcese, the real Jake LaMotta, along with Chris Anderson and Sharon McGehee, wrote about the rest of his life after...

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